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  1. Rest In Peace Julie, you will be missed dearly.
  2. OMG... 😵 This is a blow to our community! I never expected this coming back to the forums. Sassy was one of a kind, and such a sweetheart whenever we chatted whether it was music, or just regular chats on discord. Sassy god bless your soul, you will be missed dearly! You welcomed me with open arms after a long time of being MIA in Clan Overdosed. Our top recruiter, loyal, hard-working you were an icon in the Diablo II Division, and this community. I’m sorry for your loss. Love you Sas 💔 - S.K
  3. Everybody deserves a chance! Welcome back Blind, Good to see you're still around!! 🙂
  4. I’m still up for it, and I pop in from time to time. I got about everything setup and can still start our radio station. I’ll give a good test run, and see where this goes.
  5. I'm still here. 🙂 I also checked to see your Status & You're also set-up as an Officer!
  6. Always a pleasure bro, I’ll still be here if you need anything, and I’ll try to hop into d3 from time to time 🙂 However the D3 division is looking for a division leader, you think you’re up for the challenge? Unless Typereal has taken on the duties. @EdgiestWall(OD) anytime you’re free I’ll hop on discord to teach you the fundamentals
  7. Sony's new look for the PlayStation 5. Today Sony's finally revealed the PlayStation 5 in full. It showcased a fresh white design alongside a new suite of games that includes the return of familiar characters interspersed with entirely new titles, some of which looked dazzling. The games were shown alongside the new look for the device, which is tall and thin and colored white on its front and back, with blue light and black accent colors on its sides. The company said it will reveal a price and launch date for the PS5 later. The company also said there will be a dis
  8. Thank you Hari, it was fun while it lasted!! 😊
  9. I don't have anybody in mind btw, sorry for the late reply those that I did seem to be inactive unfortunately.
  10. I’m choosing to step down as Diablo 3 Division Leader, and going to give others the opportunity to those who have more time to commit to Diablo 3, and change the division around for a better outcome. I will still be around, but not as the current D3 DL. As for Officer Status, If it comes with being a Division Leader, and I shouldn’t be at this position.. I’d be gladly Demoted to MWO5 to give others a chance. I’d still love to attend the Admin Meetings, to listen in & discuss Clan Ideas, News, etc if that’s not an issue, as I enjoy talking to y’all, and lis
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