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  1. Pheonix I'll play against you. I have been out for a while now and my computer usually causes me to not do too well so we could practice. =p
  2. Aww sad to see ya go man. Good luck bro.
  3. I personally believe it's real because really why the hell would we fake it? And we had and still have the means to do such a thing pretty easily.
  4. Congrats guys! Thanks for setting this up, It was a ton of fun even though we got knocked out the first match. (I blame reg still haha =p) I'm looking forward to doing this again. =D
  5. Didn't know you before but welcome back. Already played you in the pub. See ya around!
  6. Any reason why? Or just because? Thread will die soon with more responses like that. xD
  7. Post your favorite weapon in counter-strike and tell me why. Maybe even give some tips on it as well. Should be a decent thread. =] Mine personally is the awp. I am terrible with pistols and alright with assault rifles/machine guns but I just have always liked the awp. I love the fact that it's pretty much an "if you miss you're dead" weapon if you're playing against decent players and not hiding. It adds fun and suspense to the game for me. To pick mid/doors well on t side dust2. Stay in t spawn like you normally would but instead of standing in the middle of the "hole" walk right until you can hardly see the doors and there is only a small line visible of the opening of the doors. Most of the time people can't see you from doors when you do this unless they just pot-shot at you. Also helps if you have a lower sens since you won't be moving much. Most people probably know this but just thought I'd help. (I know this might get repetative after a while since there are only so many guns but I'm just hoping to make this forum more active.)
  8. I personally don't mind the changes and to be honest I have just noticed more of the OD members in the pub lately and that in turn brings more non OD members. I'm fine and will be active either way.
  9. hahaha epic win! xD Wonder if any women use this?
  10. Was fun for when I was there. Activity really died after a while though and I accidentally fell asleep. xD Anyways looking forward to doing this again sometime.
  11. I'll most likely be there unless plans arise. In that case I'll edit my post to let you know what's up.
  12. Sorry for trying to be a little active and maybe getting some people to post something for once.. calm yourselves down... not like you see too many decent threads at all recently.. I find your thread about you having a crappy halloween just as useless..
  13. Our members have made a total of 544,382 posts We have 1,554 registered members The newest member is Pimpala(OD) Most users ever online was 1 on Apr 19 2009, 12:04 AM Most users ever online was 1 on Apr 19 2009, 12:04 AM Most users ever online was 1 on Apr 19 2009, 12:04 AM interesting....
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