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  1. NeO(OD)

    Game Times

    sorry for inactivity. If you didn't know, northern illinois got pounded on by a freak storm with 75 mph winds and there was no power for miles around me for days. But anyway, I am more of a night gamer, I have class in the morning and work till around 10pm (central) every night and I'll usually game after that.
  2. Adding to server list:
  3. NeO(OD) STEAM Accnt: 10_16
  4. 1. Silentkill 2. Outlaw 3. Dreamhack 4. NeO 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.
  5. Apparently I missed a lot while on vacation. Glad to see there's been some progress and I'll be on to check out the server today. At any point are we planning on changing the name of the server to include the clan name?
  6. I'm a very busy person during the day so I will idle the server most the day and will try to get on when I get home at night.
  7. NeO(OD)

    CS:S Squad

    I'm down. I can supply a private when the time comes.
  8. I've seen your signature some where else... SaveYourBreath.of.AH
  9. NeO(OD)

    Hello Again

    Thanks nub and Tim yea you joined just after nice to ere you again. and thanks terra, it is quite nice sleeping in my own bed instead of a hospital bed
  10. Hello ladies and gents, after an extended period of time I have decided to make my return to OD. I know many of you may not remember me so to refresh your memory, I left do to my own health problems along with my dad's about a year and a half ago, I played 1.6 an D2, aaaand yea, Born in Brazil, live in Chicago, 20 years old and that's me. Anyway, nice to be back, nice to see at least a few familiar faces still around, look forward to playing with everyone.
  11. sorry for double post but here's a good variety of rims. This is where i got my rims + tires. Wheels Next
  12. what kind of stang is it and how much you looking to spend? (ball park it) and rim size
  13. Chargers vs. Cowboys. Chargers Win
  14. i fear it is my time. not much i can do right now. beside my own health issues, my dad recently completely shattered his hip and is in a wheel chair, and i am left to take care of the fam. i'm sure i'll see you guys around. ill be sure to pop in every once and a while. thanks for the opportunity. Had a great time.
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