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  1. If anything, its probably bad to watch a stripper movie and be reminded of those days where I'm up @ 4 in the morning on vent with some crazy people... If time can go back, Lets live another night together, like its the "LAST NIGHT ON EARTH." Insanity, Ignition, Rose, foxxy, Darkness and many more. Lots of Love, ~NoName.
  2. yes, he Hikato is Bartender. He's actually not too bad, he just has impulsive motivation and a lame sense of humor. lol
  3. thats what ironic about it..... he didnt do it! this is something that tyler WOULD actually do...
  4. Can't sleep, need someone to cuddle.

  5. oh ur cute!!!!

    ME WANT!!


    Nice meeting you.

  6. I just want you to know, I came back solely, for you...


    P.S. Igini and I were talking for a while and I have nudes of him, lol

    <3 NoName

  7. LMFAO Tyler never stop the calamity and chaos does he?
  8. NoName(OD)


    Hi I Am NoName. I'm Pleased to Meet you all. I'm Not NEW. But do Re-enable me @ some1 leisure. Very Much Appreciated. <3 NoName.
  9. Don't expect me to cry when you get kill. I'll go straight down to hell and pull your ass back here! Have fun with the marine training! Before you go, Talk to me on AIM!
  10. Cody has a band o.o when?!!? lolx
  11. lmfao u forgot the pills and alcohols!!
  12. im ur friend -.- I live nearby ya know, im a bit weird, but im still human... I have lots of Margarita if you want some
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