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  1. Foo$

    Nuh Bye

    Rob is mad that a 12yr old made commander before he did OD is now a better place.
  2. What corner you on? ill come throw you some ones
  3. do you work at a gasstation?
  4. Lets get a super awsome map maker to make a sc2 ver.
  5. Id have to find the disc's, scine for some reason bnet deleted all my cd keys but wow and sc2 off my battlenet account
  6. good job steveo, im proud of you sir.
  7. Good movie Check out Jedi Mind Tricks if you like rap like atmosphere, E & A, Aesop rock, Murs ect....
  8. Foo$

    Good lord

    it was effin vadka
  9. If only the Bush Administration had focused on him instead of filling pockets with our money. just sayin'
  10. newsflash! Vikings are taking a step back and lions are taking a step forward! woohoo
  11. very happy with detroits picks stack that line baby!
  12. wrong, US is no longer the "world power", but people are to hard headed to see that in this country. Then why are we the best military on Earth? Maybe you forgot but not to long ago the military was almost going to be an upaided service or an IOU program which would never get paided off. On subject, we havnt had a black plague ina while maybe its time for a new one
  13. wrong, US is no longer the "world power", but people are to hard headed to see that in this country.
  14. omg vass in OD again? get sc2 nub
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