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  1. Hello people.. this is the one who has recently hacked several (OD) members and i have read over the other thread earlier.. i felt it was necessary that i provide some feedback.. once again this is regarding the following thread: http://forum.overdosed.net/index.php?...46150&st=30 I'm reading from Page 2.. Now 1st off ive read that a user named 'Castigate" has been trying to track me down with the help of another member named SnowWhite.. I noticed it says you have found my IP and Location, this made me lul. Whats i think is funny is that i beleive you tracked a random IP and posted about it to make people feel that you were leet.. you also posted that it was somthing named "Poison Ivy" and that there was a rootkit that injected into 'explorer.exe' For the most part you are wrong, and there is no Root-Kit.. wtf makes you think theres a rootkit? I seriously doubt that you even know what a rootkit is. Also i beleive you ran my virus earlier in a Virtual Machine and began to speak to me on Notepad.. cute. Yet pointless. I have disabled the virus from working, that of which you know.. I saw Castigate and SnowWhite were argueing, i have to say SnowWhite, that if anyone here is the retarded one i would have to say it was you, all your posts were inaccurate and pure fail. CastiGate i have to say was atleast making progress, yet it was inevitable that he would fail, but he is quite correct in some fields. I beleive your trolling is rediculous. Also i wanna note that the "SteamWorm" that castigate posted was found on google.. theres not even a "SteamWorm" in my virus, i think that your making alot of your crap up to get kudos. Even though you did make a little progress.. "I R PROHAXXOR"? No. Your not. link removed. SnowWhite your funny because i know all your posts are complete bullshit. btw.. im not German. Your both script kiddies. Want to contact me? /b/ Also.. i was thinking that maybe you would think that this isnt the real 'hacker' as you say. as proof.. heres a screenshot.
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