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  1. I NEVER SEE YOU GUYS!! >< Let me know when you're all on so I can join you guys.
  2. I've particularly enjoyed the skeleton mage necromancer so far.. It works well,, but is pretty much a solo build as it tends to cause extreme latency (Not an FPS drop as I've maintained a constant 45-60 on the highest settings) This could just be a client bug, as It does tend to crash now and again. It kinda sucks though cuz my skeleton mage build revolves around auras, and is most effective with 2 or 3 other people.
  3. About freaking time.. I'm tired of neg voting everyone for obvious reasons :P
  4. Interesting, I'll have to take a look, thanks Terra. Still looking for anyone knowledgeable about how to cluster though.
  5. Hello Everyone, Alright so I set up my own cross-play Xbox/PC server on the map Ragnarok.. Anyone is welcome to join, it should appear on the list of player dedicated servers, Problem is you might have to have the windows 10 copy of the game in order to play on it. If you're able to play on it with Steam, well I haven't gotten that far in hashing out the details so if anyone has that portion already figured out, please post it below. Also, am trying to figure out how to cluster multiple maps without going through the hassle of buying Nitrado Servers, any help would be appreciated. (Preferably clustering with outside servers, not dual boxed.) Some things to note about the Server: On Xbox add to friends: kickmystix This should work for Windows 10 Variant as well through the Xbox app. You can then join via join game once I add you back. (I'm pretty on top of this.) Stats / Rates: 2x Player Stats 4x Harvest 4x Experience 8x Taming 8x Maturity 10x Breeding 10x Egg hatching Health and Melee compensated for a weird RNG glitch occurring since patch 774 Currently I am running NO admins due to an incident in the past. So please don't ask for admin. At one point the server was maxed out on connected players, though due to difficulties with an xbox/windows 10 update, I am down to about 15 solid active players on any given day, (dwindling fast :( ) Future: My plans were to have Nitrado Servers clustered and crossplay, but since they are quite costly to run and with the loss of potential donating players, I'm searching for alternative options in order to get all 5 maps available with a possible Procedurally generated Ark in the distant future. Thanks for reading! Hope to see you on the Ark!
  6. Links(OD)

    The Key

    Hi guys! Here is something I wrote a few years ago, and is just a sample of some of my writings over the years. It's broken up into a few different perspectives. While I do write a lot, I'm not a professional, though I would like to be! Feedback is always appreciated, and please, keep the criticism constructive. :) Thank you! __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The mailman pulled up to my mailbox and shoved a handful of paper inside. "Wow!" I thought, "Haven't seen him put that much in there before," as I watched from my living room bay window. I looked at the clock, it was 9:30 AM, A bit early for mail, but I was excited to see what it was, I threw on a shirt, pants and laced my shoes, and proceeded out the front door. My neighbor across the street emerged from his house too, almost exactly the same time as me, which I found to be a little weird as his mail came nearly 30 minutes before mine, considering the mail man only delivers one side of the street at a time. It was almost as if he just came out to talk, and brag about his newest toy he had boughten once again. "Hello Jerry!" he yelled to me, "beautiful weather today." "Shit, I fucking knew it." I scoffed to myself. "Hello Mark, indeed it is." I said aloud. "Did you see my new boat Jerry?" I looked over to his driveway and there sat a brand new Nitro Z-21 250 ProXs Mercury 2016 Edition, a boat I had been dreaming about for fishing trips the last few months, but was way out of my price range. I liked to fish, but unfortunately, that was more of something I did with my grandpa when I was growing up. I more so stuck to my electronics and such nowadays. "Well shit Mark, how in the hell did you afford that?" I said. "Oh I got a promotion at work, Things are looking up for us over here." "Of course things are you fucking prick, they always have for you." I said to myself, as jealousy set in. "Well thats awesome mark, glad to see you're doing well, we'll have to go fishing sometime." "For sure Jerry! Just give me a time and day and we'll head on out!" "Alright mark, well I'll talk to you later." "Alri--" Just then a vehicle, which looked to be a suburban of a foreign make, hauling a large amount of boxes nearly falling out of the back of the trunk pulled into the driveway next to mine. "What's this, new neighbors?" Mark questioned. "Hmm, I don't know, let's go say hi." We walked over to the vehicle and to our surprise, there was no one inside. "What the hell? I didn't see them get out, did you?" Mark asked surprised. "Neither did I, thats strange, what the hell? I pondered, confused and bewildered, I scratched my head. A few seconds later a moving truck pulled into the driveway and a man got out of the truck. He looked of asian descent and had jet black hair waving in front of his face. He seemed quite athletic and proposed a sense of intellect as well. He walked up to us and greeted us. "Hello my name is Daki; Daki Nguyen. Pleased to meet you! Are you my new neighbors?" He questioned us. "Well yes we are!" Mark blurted out loud. Mark and Daki began speaking like they had known each other for years, talking about all sorts of different things, like computers, stocks, houses. I couldn't believe it, it was like I had almost disappeared. Maybe Mark had forgotten already, but I didn't, that the vehicle literally had no one in it. My curiosity exploded, and I interrupted their conversation. "Is this your vehicle here Daki?" "Yes it is! do you like it?" "Well, I'm more confused at where the person is, who was driving it!" "Ahhhhh, well you see, there was no one driving it!" "Wait, what? I don't understand what you're saying." "Yes Jerry, " He said my name in a strong asian accent, which made me cringe at the sound of it, "It's a brand new smart car, that I designed. It can drive by itself using sensory Detection." "Interesting." I thought to myself. I had remembered seeing something similar on television and that they were testing cars of such nature, but I never thought I'd see one so soon, let alone in person. "Well thats pretty damn cool Daki, so you're moving into our neighborhood eh? Need a hand with some of those boxes?" I asked genuinely. "Oh it's only a 'few' boxes, haha." Daki said in a half-hearted joke, but I could tell he was really appreciative. Mark and I helped Daki unpack his truck for the next hour and when I got back to my yard, I had completely forgotten about my mail which I left on the grass. "Crap my mail is all soggy, I left it in the dew on the grass." I yelled out loud. "Damn Jerry it's just mail, it'll dry." Mark said. "Yeah, but I got a package and I don't know what it is. Could be something important." "Like I said Jerry, It'll dry." He was right, I was over-reacting. I took it inside and set it on the counter. For the next couple of hours I watched television, waiting for the mail to dry so I could open it without tearing the contents. Finally, I checked on the mail once more and found it crispy to the touch. "It's probably ready to open now," I thought. First I opened the paper mail. Of course, bill, bill, bill, advertisement, deal offer, Chance to win vacation. Junk mail, trash. Then I came to the package. It was small, maybe 5 by 7 inches and in a brown envelope. I kept wondering where the hell it came from as there was no return address, and I didn't remember buying anything online or in a magazine lately. I grabbed a letter opener and began slicing the tape around the crevices of the package. It seemed very easy to open and I nearly dropped the inside contents onto the floor, unexpecting the top of it to just flop open. What fell into my hand was a small box, colored green. A type of box you’d normally see something like earrings in. It was taped shut. I was scared to open it. My paranoia was getting the best of me with all of the terrorist threats and bombings over the years. Then I wondered who the hell would want to kill me, I only worked at a piece of shit linen factory, even with a master's degree in Computer Science. I decided it would be worth the risk. Upon opening the green box, I found a solid object was wrapped in tissue paper. I unwrapped it, only to find a key and what looked like a small note attached to it like a keychain. "What the hell is this?" I wondered. As I looked at the key, I could tell it looked like a key for a car. It was silver with a line down it and the handle of the key had a strange black spiky handle almost like a custom design. I decided to read the note. It read, "It can unlock your heart." "What the hell did that mean?" I yelled. I was literally pissed off at this point, all that unwrapping just for a key, and a note that said some bullshit like that? I was disappointed that I got something that I didn't even know what it was used for. Then, I got a brilliant idea. I'd take the key to Daki and maybe he could help me figure out what it was for, after all, I did think it looked like a key for a vehicle, and he works with vehicles. I walked over to Daki's driveway, and he was still unpacking some of the boxes from the suburban. "Hey Daki, I know you're busy right now, but I was wondering if you could help me understand something really quick." I asked. I showed him the key, and he gave me a confused look. "Looks like a car key." he said. "Yeah I know, I was wondering if you could tell me what kind of car it would go to." "Well I work with cars Jerry, but keys aren't really specific to vehicles you know. I couldn't really tell you, although it does look strikingly similar to my suburban key here" He pulled out his key from his pocket and held it up next to mine. Almost everything was the same except for the nib on my key was slightly different as well as his handle didn’t have my spiky custom job. "Well how about that," Daki said intrigued. "Looks like it might be a key to a vehicle like mine, how did you get that?" "It came in the mail I said." "Well I don't understand, I mean I've only made three vehicles like this one, and two of those vehicles are still at the plant. This one is the only one fully tested so far." "Well is this for one of those cars Daki?" "Like I said, it could be anything, I mean we didn't put any logos on our equipment yet, so it could just be any old key. Why don't you take it to a keymaker and see what they say about it?" As much as I didn't like the idea of going downtown to find a key maker, I had literally nothing else to do as work was in its slow season, and I had a few days off. I thought maybe it might give me a chance to enjoy the beautiful day and maybe do a little shopping for myself. I've always had a strong passion for buying computer equipment and putting it together. I grabbed my car keys from the counter, as well as put the new key from the mail in my pocket and headed downtown. For a few hours I bought some new clothes as well as a new motherboard for a computer I was planning on making a few weeks later. I also bought a new camera for my front porch so not only could I have security for my house, but so I could maybe catch something funny and post it online. I was getting ready to leave the city until I remembered why I was there in the first place. I took the key out of my pocket and stared at it for a bit. While staring, I kept wondering what it would be used for, or maybe that it was just some prank a friend of mine did in order to make me think I won something. Suddenly I heard a high pitched electronic hum. "What the fuck?" I whispered to myself, curiously. I looked at my car radio to see if it was a station being interrupted, but noticed that the power wasn't even on. I looked around my car, only to find that it was only my car and a few others in the parking lot, but those cars were hundreds of feet away. Nothing could have made that sound so definitively from that far away. I was confused, and put the key back into my pocket. I drove to the keymaker shop. Once I walked through the door, there was no one at the desk. I rang the desk bell. I heard someone from the back yell, "Be right out!". I waited a minute or two before an elderly, round and bald man emerged from the back room. "What can I help you with?" he questioned in an irritated voice, "I'm just about to close up the shop." "I'm sorry mister, I'm just here to try and figure out what this key is for." I pulled the key from my pocket and the man took it from my hand. He squinted his eyes for a moment and then pulled a pair of glasses from his desk. After examining the key for a few moments, he looked at me with his head down and his eyes above the glasses. "Well boy, I'd say it's a car key." he mocked me. "I kind of figured that mister, What's your name?" I asked him. "You can call me Samuel, and you?" he asked "I'm Jerry, but, yeah I thought it was a car key, but I don't know what car it's for." "You don't have the car?" "No, I got that key in the mail." "Oh, well I tell you what, 'Jerry’” there it was again, someone saying my name in an accent, this time it seemed russian. I guess I never liked how people say my name. Something just felt off about it, especially if it was in a different accent from my own. He continued, "I'll take the key down to a distributor, and I'll see if I can't get a matching VIN number for it. From the looks of it, this key might have a computer chip inside of it, so it shouldn't be too hard." I thought about it for a moment, and I decided that it was no big deal, so I let him take It. "Alright so Ill be back tomorrow to pick it up?" "Make it two days, Jerry" "Okay." I left for home and was excited about my new computer parts and especially my camera. I read the side of the box, "Also includes Audio". I was happy for the entire night, setting up my camera on the front porch and thinking about what I would capture with it. I gave it the perfect angle from the corner of my eavestrough behind the drain. From a distance of more than 10 feet, you almost couldn't even notice it was there. Its' view range extended from Daki's drive way, all the way to marks driveway and back to the right side of my driveway. I thought to myself "Perfect." I went back inside; It was getting late, around 10 or 11 pm. I wasn't tired yet. Not working meant I had a lot of extra time to do whatever I wanted, so I decided to put together my computer while watching my camera footage on my already set up monitor. I nearly completed the computer over the next hour or so, but I was still missing a few parts. Over that time, nothing had happened on the camera, but I decided it's late, so I shouldn't have expected anything anyway. Finally, I checked my phone and it said 12:13 AM. I headed to bed. Police Report: Document AP1889397| Victim - Jerry Springvald - Deceased: Investigation Homicide. DOD - 6/3/2015 Detective: Gayle Irn Victim location: Car Depot. Police evidence: Document 1A The following events were documented and copied from Jerry Springvald's Journal: Each Entry is in correlation with the victim's own time entrances.: Entry: 9:49AM, 5/26/2015: I realize I clonked out almost immediately last night. What a hell of a day yesterday. I hope Sam can figure out what that key is all about. I think I'll grab some breakfast and watch some camera footage of last night. Entry: 10:52AM, 5/26/2015: I went over the footage from last night, nothing too interesting, except around 3:05AM I caught a glimpse of Mark heading over to Daki's driveway and what seemed like he was caressing Daki's Suburban. Fuck that guy is weird, I don't understand him. Maybe I should really stop talking to that guy. Entry: 7:14PM, 5/26/2015: Talked to Daki today; he seems like a stand up guy. Still, I feel as though he's hiding something, oh well, everyone has their skeletons I guess. Entry: 10:38PM, 5/26/2015: It's getting late, and I'm tired, Didn't do much of anything today but watch television and play video games. Entry: 11:14AM, 5/27/2015: God damn I slept a long time, I just woke up and I feel like shit. I guess it's time for some coffee. I feel like my stomach is about to flip upside down. Damn and I have to go pick up that key today. Guess I better get ready. Entry: 12:38PM, 5/27/2015: I went and got the key, Sam said he couldn't find a VIN number for any car, that it's too new or some shit. He said he kept hearing strange sounds coming from it; what a fucking fruitcake. I knew I shouldn't have trusted that guy, either way, I'm glad I got the key back. Somehow I feel like I'm drawn to it now. It's weird, like all day yesterday I kept thinking about it, and no matter how much games I played or Television I watched, my mind kept drifting back to the thought of the key. Entry: 7:15PM, 5/27/2015: Okay, so I tried to view footage of my camera last night and the power went out as soon as I plugged it in. I hate my power company. Guess I'll be turning in early tonight. Entry: 12:14PM, 5/28/2015: Holy shit, what in the literal hell is happening, I went to bed around 9PM last night and I woke up at noon today? Maybe I should see a doctor, yeah I think I'm going to go right now. Entry: 4:17PM, 5/28/2015: Okay so apparently, I am being sleep deprived, my doctor says that he thinks I may be waking up at night or something without me actually waking up. Kinda like sleepwalking. I told him I don't think I've ever done such a thing, But as soon as I get home, I'm going to check my camera and see. Entry: 6:14PM, 5/28/2015: The power is still out, looks like a transformer blew up down the road, I hope they are trying to fix it. Guess Ill just try to get some sleep. I can't watch the camera until the power is on, so I guess I'll just have to wait. I'm surprised mark isn't out there bitching the power company worker's heads off. Entry: 11:59PM, 5/28/2015: I woke up and went to get a glass of water. Something stinks, I think some of the food in the fridge is going bad. I'll clean it out tomorrow. Entry: 4:14PM, 5/29/2015: I don't know what to fucking do, I just woke up, and its quarter past 4 PM. It's really hot in here and this oversleeping shit is really playing with my anger. On the bright side, power company said they should have everything fixed by tonight. I saw Daki outside just now, and he looks a bit worse for wear as well, I wonder what's going on with him. Entry: 6:11PM, 5/29/2015: Daki pulled his suburban out of the garage a few minutes ago, the entire front end is fucked up, like he hit something hard with it. Some red shit is all over it too, almost looks like blood. I'm gonna go ask him about it. Entry: 6:49PM, 5/29/2015: So it's weird, but Daki said he hit a deer last night on his way home from work. I asked him why he didn’t report it to insurance. He said he doesn't have any on it because it's not a distributed vehicle. I guess that makes sense, but something just felt off, about the way he said it. Either way, I'm fucking tired and i'm going to sleep, The fridge will have to wait once more. Entry: 9:10 AM, 5/30/2015: Well I actually woke up at a decent time today. Fortunately my camera had a back up battery supply so it's been running for the last 3 days. I think i'll watch it after I clean out that fridge. Entry: 12:19 PM, 5/30/2015: After cleaning out everything I thought was bad in the fridge, I felt a little better about myself, but it's weird, It still smells horrible in the house, like a dead rat or something. Entry: 1:43 PM, 5/30/2015: That was fucked up; I was going to the bedroom to set up the monitor for the camera footage, and all of a sudden I caught myself just staring at the key, It had to have been about an hour or more that I was doing it too, because I went to go hook up the monitor shortly after I got done cleaning out the fridge. Entry: 9:19:PM, 5/30/2015: Holy shit, Holy shit, Holy shit! I don't even know where to start. Okay, so I finally get my monitor setup, and I start playing back the footage. For a while there's nothing, but around 2:17AM on 5/27/2015 I got up and walked out to the road. I just stood there for like 3 hours before coming back inside. I don't remember any of that shit happening. I only watched that video, and I've been looping it back over and over trying to figure out what the fuck I was doing. I'll watch the rest tomorrow. I'm tired. Entry: 10:14AM, 5/31/2015: As soon as I woke up, I made myself some breakfast and coffee, now I'm gonna spend the whole day watching another video. Tomorrow I have to work so. Hopefully I can get through both of them. Entry: 5:28PM, 5/31/2015: I did it again, I walked out to the road and I just stood there, This explains why I was so fucking tired. I haven't gotten through the whole video yet, but it looks like I stood there for hours and hours. Entry: 6:02PM, 5/31/2015: So I noticed at one point, it seemed like I was whispering, so I turned up the Volume to max and hooked up an amplifier,I still can't make out what I was saying, but it seemed like I was talking to something, I also noticed I was holding something in my hand. I can't quite make it out yet, i'll try to zoom in. Entry: 6:17PM, 5/31/2015: Oh my fucking god, I was able to zoom in pretty good and What I made out, is what I think is the fucking key. It's all making sense now, this shit didn't start happening until I got that fucking key in the mail. What the hell is going on. Entry: 7:19PM, 5/31/2015: I am at a loss for words right now. Mark is, Oh my god, Mark is dead. I, I just, don't know. I watched that video. It --- it's just so fucking scary. At around 4:30AM on 5/28/2015 I went back inside the house after just standing outside for hours, and I thought that would be the end of that video, but fuck no. Around 4:55AM mark comes tiptoeing out of his house and over to Daki's car. Again he starts caressing it like before. Then all of a sudden the car starts up and pulls out into the street and takes off down the block. Mark seems like he's confused as shit, and is just standing in the middle of the road scratching his head, looking in the direction of where the car went. A few moments later You can hear a car coming fast down the road and Mark, looks afraid. Mark starts running toward the curb, but the car just hits him so hard that Mark's legs fly out from underneath him. Mark looks like he was still alive on the pavement, crying out in pain, and then the car just drives over him, over and over killing him, pretty much severing his body in multiple parts I knew Daki wasn't telling the truth, but why? There's still 30 minutes left on this video. I'm almost too scared to watch it. Entry: 7:58PM, 5/31/2015: I watched the rest of the video. I don't know what to do. I am scared shitless right now. What I saw on the video can't be. Could it? After mark died by the car, the car just drove back up into Daki's driveway and left Mark's body on the road. I thought to myself at that instance what the fuck, then why wasn’t his body out there for people to find. Then I saw it... It was me, I walked back outside, and picked up Mark's remains and took them back inside. Legs first, then his torso, and other pieces, going out multiple times. The worst part of it all? I actually went out and cleaned it afterwards. I'm so scared of what I did with Mark's body, although I have a strong feeling, that that's what I've been smelling these past couple of days. Entry: 8:34PM, 5/31/2015: I grew enough courage to find Mark's body. Apparently I stuffed it in a couple of boxes behind my Freezer. I threw up multiple times. I don't know what to do. If I call the cops, they'll call me the murderer or at least an accomplice. I don't know what to do. I don't know.. what to do. I think I'm going to pass out. Entry: 5:30AM 6/1/2015: My alarm went off for work. I called in and said I wont be going, I have too much shit on my mind. There is one more video I want to watch just to see what happened. Entry: 8:26AM 6/1/2015: I watched the last video. This was on 5/29/2015. This time I walked outside and got inside Daki's car and it drove off with me inside. I don't know what I did after that, but I came home around 11:00AM and went back inside the house. Entry: 8:50AM 6/1/2015: I skimmed over the last two days of camera footage, and nothing really happened. It's almost as if all of the incidents just stopped for the last 2 days. Still, I don't want to take any chances. Tonight when I go to sleep, I'm going to put an alarm clock in my pocket, to wake me up regardless of where I am. I'll wear my personal button camera on me too. Police Evidence: Document 2A: Video Camera Footage found on Victim's person. Written in testimony by Gayle Irn. A man (victim) is seen in a mirror, adjusting the camera and wire on his person. He is appearing to get ready for bed. He then Walks into the bedroom and pulls out a key from his pocket. Apparently stares at the key for nearly an hour before placing it back into his pocket and proceeding to the bed. Roughly 3 hours pass and the subject appears to stand up and walk outside toward a vehicle in neighbors driveway. Subject proceeds to get into the vehicle in the back seat. Another man of asian descent appears to get inside the vehicle in the passenger seat. The vehicle starts and pulls out of the driveway. Driver is not seen throughout the video. For about a half hour they drive around through parts of the district that cannot be identified, and end up appearing at what looks like a vehicle factory. The victim gets out of the vehicle, followed by the asian man. Suddenly, a loud buzzer like an alarm clock is sounded and the victim seems to be startled and begins to be frantic now; Screaming, wondering where he is. The asian man shows the victim to another vehicle and says, "Use the Key." Reluctantly, the victim uses the key on the door, and the vehicle door opens. A sound from the car chimes and then an automated voice prompting the victim to enter, "Get in, Jerry." The victim refuses, but the asian man shoves the victim into the vehicle. The door shuts and apparently is locked from the outside. Now in the backseat of the vehicle, the vehicle starts driving. Driver of new vehicle is also not seen in the video, and again driving through parts of the district that cannot be identified. Shortly, the automated voice begins speaking to the victim, saying, "Enter the key, to unlock your heart Jerry". The victim questions and says, "I'm sorry say that again?" "Enter the key, to unlock your heart Jerrrryyy". The automated voice stampers. The victim appears to be breathing heavier now. He clenches his fist in front of the Camera. "I would appreciate if you didn't say my name please." The victim demands. "Please Enter the key, and you will unlock your heart". Again the voice pleads. "What will happen if I enter the key. Where do I enter the key? The Ignition? The car is already started! This doesn't make any damn sense! You killed my neighbor! What's going to happen to me?" The victim questions in a panic. "JUST ENTER THE KEY JERRY!" The voice demands the victim in a terrifying manner. A console arises from the floor of the vehicle with a key slot in front of the victim. The victim is then seen to be doing what appears beating on the rear driverside door window of the vehicle, trying to break free. Suddenly the car stops and the victim is thrown from the vehicle as the door opens, flinging the victim out onto the pavement of a car depot. From the victims point of view we see the vehicle take off in the opposite direction. The victim yells, at the vehicle "Yeah you fucker get out of Here!" The vehicle comes back into view and the victim stands up to turn around and appears to run away. The rest of the car depot is seen and the victim running toward an exit. The victim almost nears the exit about 15 feet away, and suddenly is thrown up into the air and landing hard on the pavement. The camera is facing the vehicle now and we see the victim crying for mercy. The vehicle revs its' engine and proceeds to run over the victim, killing him. The victim was found later that day. Police Report: Document AP1889397| Detective - Gayle Irn - Investigation Homicide. Narrative: Date - 6/3/2015 On 6/2/2015 we found the victim, (Jerry Springvald) and the Suspect (Daki Nguyen) both deceased at the Car Depot. It seems the victim was killed by a fast moving vehicle, while the suspect albeit no physical wounds was also found dead. After gathering all the evidence at the crime scene, Only the coroner can tell me more about what happened.I'm marking the case as Homicide under Investigation as of right now, but I doubt I'll have to do much investigation as the evidence so far clearly points to the deceased suspect. We still have no clue who the first driver was, but as they weren't present for the death of the victim, we can't charge them with anything even if we had them in custody. Police Report: Document AP1889397| Suspect - Daki Nguyen - Deceased: Investigation Homicide. DOD - 6/3/2015 Detective: Gayle Irn Suspect Location: Car Depot Coroner Autopsy Report: I started the procedure like normal but quickly found that this was not a human being at all, but what appears to be a cyborg. I've called in Computer forensics for analysis. Computer Forensics Analysis: This is unlike anything we've ever seen. It's quite amazing. While we were trying to extract data, a self terminating mechanism destroyed most of its memory banks, but we were able to retrieve a small memory copy. We are working on it now to see what we can find. Apparently its a video log of a camera positioned from the rear window of a vehicle. It shows a man who looks much like this cyborg inserting a key into a console rising out of the floor of the vehicle. Suddenly the vehicle clamped the man down using extremely intricate tools yet painful in nature. The tools slice open the man and remove organs while inserting mechanical parts into him. The man seems to be dead until a sound chimes from the vehicle, and the man sits up, body facing the front of the vehicle, and then the body twists completely around while legs still facing the front showing glowing eyes from the man. The video then cuts and goes to a new feed that appears to be from the eyes of the man in which he is placing a package into the mail. We've put everything back in order and returned the body back to the morgue. Detective Report: Personal report: 6/04/2015 My name is Gayle Irn, and I've found this case to be quite extra-ordinary, but I think we've solved everything here. The suspect is dead and no more can be done. We still don't know if the second driver was Daki Nguyen or someone else, but as Daki Nguyen was found on the scene with the car key in hand, and the only prints on the key to be his, we can only rule him to be the suspect. The first driver, whoever they may be, is irrelevent as they were not present for the time of the murder of the victim. I'll have to get the Coroner's report tomorrow as I haven't heard back from them at all today. Maybe they will have what I need for me so I can put this case to rest quickly. Still, I find this key to be quite intriguing. I can't seem to take my eyes off of it. This damn light keeps flickering like the power is surging; making it hard to get a good look at the key. If only I could pull it out of this damn evidence bag and get a real good look at it. As the light flickered a few moments ago, it was like I heard a weird humming sound coming from down the hall. Must be the Janitor. I just got a call from the morgue, I better go check it out; it's funny though, I don't remember any of the staff with an accent down there. Maybe it's a new guy.
  7. I've always liked Scrabble, and I do enjoy a good game of Boggle every now and again.
  8. Sounds like you have a secret admirer Terra.
  9. seconded. also I think fortnite vs pubg is already controversial as hell lmfao.. but it would be a good popcorn munching show.
  10. Heyyy people 8pm CST is 9pm my time and that's kinda cutting it late... even for a Saturday night -.- Could we possibly have like separate 30 minute sessions instead of 1 hour long session?
  11. @Dizzy not to burst your bubble here bud and while I do appreciate you taking the time to look at my material, I never intended it to be a point fingers match. My topic is more on the condition of "What are we doing in OD that can be changed in order to see better results regarding competitive game play?" and "How can we take competitive players to newer and farther heights?" While I disagree with the creation of "The Gamer's Lounge" I understand why it was created, and my talking points go from there. Terra, Badboi, DBZ, POPS, Triny, are all solid players and avid members of OD that contribute A LOT of their time to OD. While I think more could be done, I cannot ask just any one of them to take on a role more than what they are already doing without their consent. Basically put, when people tell me to do something on my own, It's quite insulting, because then that makes me feel like they want me to do EVERYTHING. What we need to focus on, is direction and sometimes helping your leaders find that direction is what makes you recognizable as a good leader too. I have gone too far in some scenarios, and a lot of that comes from the heat of debate, but don't let that sway you from a goal you want to see happen, especially in OD. Stuff doesn't happen overnight, but igniting the fire that starts it, definitely gets things going.
  12. AVG works relatively well, however, it has become cluttered with ads of pushing their own products.. Constantly it will ask you to upgrade to a premium edition. If you don't mind this it can work really well.. Malwarebytes - Works amazing, I used it on a windows 98 OS once and it surprisingly sped up the system to a point that I was awed. If your computer is slow, odds are it's because all of your OS updates are weighing down your system. Most windows 64 bit systems require a minimum of 2gb RAM now.. and a processor with at least 2.5ghz. Your harddrive or solid state drive matters too.. SSD is obviously better but are usually more costly in terms of amount of space per dollar. If all else fails, you may want to factory reset, but be sure to back up any data you want to save to a secure cloud service. You could also re-partition, though this is more for advanced users.
  13. Sorry I missed your Birthday Sassy :( Well Happy Belated Birthday!

    I love you.

    1. Sassy


      thankkkkkkkkkk you brad

  14. Technically no, but each person has their own differences and challenges that they must adapt and work around in order to play competitively. For women this can be more difficult, due to in some respects that the gaming world is dominated by male players. I don't feel like women should play in their own league though as many South Korean E sports try to do. There are many talented female gamers that are on the same level if not better than their male counterparts. I was simply trying to exclaim that I feel the differences in male and female brain activity play a huge part in how they play a video game. It all just depends on how each player compartmentalizes each task in a video game. For games like RTS (Starcraft is my example) Dexterity is just as important as the person's intellect, this is most likely why Koreans are in the leader-boards for games of this caliber. This is why age also plays a factor, because most players slow down. (I myself am not nearly as fast as I used to be when I was 19 and I'm only 28 now.) I used to rank B6 - B1 on starcraft tournaments, but now I would be lucky to make rank C. (If you're not familiar with these rankings, then you've probably never played WGT or PGT lol) I have played with multiple American and European players on Starcraft and while they are solid players tactically and strategically, they simply didn't have the speed as their Korean competitors. Whenever you watch Esports on television you most times see younger players who win (16-25). It's not impossible for someone older to win, it's just more difficult. Keep in mind this can all be improved by repetition and practice, however, most countries outside South Korea don't view video games like a sport in which you must constantly practice for like the Olympics. I imagine this is true for various other games, especially ones that require strong attention to detail in a timed situation. This is possibly one of the reasons why OD is very under competitive and has no real competitive platform in order for players who want to compete in national or international tournaments.
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