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  1. I NEVER SEE YOU GUYS!! >< Let me know when you're all on so I can join you guys.
  2. I've particularly enjoyed the skeleton mage necromancer so far.. It works well,, but is pretty much a solo build as it tends to cause extreme latency (Not an FPS drop as I've maintained a constant 45-60 on the highest settings) This could just be a client bug, as It does tend to crash now and again. It kinda sucks though cuz my skeleton mage build revolves around auras, and is most effective with 2 or 3 other people.
  3. About freaking time.. I'm tired of neg voting everyone for obvious reasons :P
  4. Interesting, I'll have to take a look, thanks Terra. Still looking for anyone knowledgeable about how to cluster though.
  5. Hello Everyone, Alright so I set up my own cross-play Xbox/PC server on the map Ragnarok.. Anyone is welcome to join, it should appear on the list of player dedicated servers, Problem is you might have to have the windows 10 copy of the game in order to play on it. If you're able to play on it with Steam, well I haven't gotten that far in hashing out the details so if anyone has that portion already figured out, please post it below. Also, am trying to figure out how to cluster multiple maps without going through the hassle of buying Nitrado Servers, any help would be appreciated. (Preferably clustering with outside servers, not dual boxed.) Some things to note about the Server: On Xbox add to friends: kickmystix This should work for Windows 10 Variant as well through the Xbox app. You can then join via join game once I add you back. (I'm pretty on top of this.) Stats / Rates: 2x Player Stats 4x Harvest 4x Experience 8x Taming 8x Maturity 10x Breeding 10x Egg hatching Health and Melee compensated for a weird RNG glitch occurring since patch 774 Currently I am running NO admins due to an incident in the past. So please don't ask for admin. At one point the server was maxed out on connected players, though due to difficulties with an xbox/windows 10 update, I am down to about 15 solid active players on any given day, (dwindling fast :( ) Future: My plans were to have Nitrado Servers clustered and crossplay, but since they are quite costly to run and with the loss of potential donating players, I'm searching for alternative options in order to get all 5 maps available with a possible Procedurally generated Ark in the distant future. Thanks for reading! Hope to see you on the Ark!
  6. I've always liked Scrabble, and I do enjoy a good game of Boggle every now and again.
  7. Sounds like you have a secret admirer Terra.
  8. seconded. also I think fortnite vs pubg is already controversial as hell lmfao.. but it would be a good popcorn munching show.
  9. Heyyy people 8pm CST is 9pm my time and that's kinda cutting it late... even for a Saturday night -.- Could we possibly have like separate 30 minute sessions instead of 1 hour long session?
  10. @Dizzy not to burst your bubble here bud and while I do appreciate you taking the time to look at my material, I never intended it to be a point fingers match. My topic is more on the condition of "What are we doing in OD that can be changed in order to see better results regarding competitive game play?" and "How can we take competitive players to newer and farther heights?" While I disagree with the creation of "The Gamer's Lounge" I understand why it was created, and my talking points go from there. Terra, Badboi, DBZ, POPS, Triny, are all solid players and avid members of OD that contribute A LOT of their time to OD. While I think more could be done, I cannot ask just any one of them to take on a role more than what they are already doing without their consent. Basically put, when people tell me to do something on my own, It's quite insulting, because then that makes me feel like they want me to do EVERYTHING. What we need to focus on, is direction and sometimes helping your leaders find that direction is what makes you recognizable as a good leader too. I have gone too far in some scenarios, and a lot of that comes from the heat of debate, but don't let that sway you from a goal you want to see happen, especially in OD. Stuff doesn't happen overnight, but igniting the fire that starts it, definitely gets things going.
  11. AVG works relatively well, however, it has become cluttered with ads of pushing their own products.. Constantly it will ask you to upgrade to a premium edition. If you don't mind this it can work really well.. Malwarebytes - Works amazing, I used it on a windows 98 OS once and it surprisingly sped up the system to a point that I was awed. If your computer is slow, odds are it's because all of your OS updates are weighing down your system. Most windows 64 bit systems require a minimum of 2gb RAM now.. and a processor with at least 2.5ghz. Your harddrive or solid state drive matters too.. SSD is obviously better but are usually more costly in terms of amount of space per dollar. If all else fails, you may want to factory reset, but be sure to back up any data you want to save to a secure cloud service. You could also re-partition, though this is more for advanced users.
  12. Sorry I missed your Birthday Sassy :( Well Happy Belated Birthday!

    I love you.

    1. Sassy


      thankkkkkkkkkk you brad

  13. Technically no, but each person has their own differences and challenges that they must adapt and work around in order to play competitively. For women this can be more difficult, due to in some respects that the gaming world is dominated by male players. I don't feel like women should play in their own league though as many South Korean E sports try to do. There are many talented female gamers that are on the same level if not better than their male counterparts. I was simply trying to exclaim that I feel the differences in male and female brain activity play a huge part in how they play a video game. It all just depends on how each player compartmentalizes each task in a video game. For games like RTS (Starcraft is my example) Dexterity is just as important as the person's intellect, this is most likely why Koreans are in the leader-boards for games of this caliber. This is why age also plays a factor, because most players slow down. (I myself am not nearly as fast as I used to be when I was 19 and I'm only 28 now.) I used to rank B6 - B1 on starcraft tournaments, but now I would be lucky to make rank C. (If you're not familiar with these rankings, then you've probably never played WGT or PGT lol) I have played with multiple American and European players on Starcraft and while they are solid players tactically and strategically, they simply didn't have the speed as their Korean competitors. Whenever you watch Esports on television you most times see younger players who win (16-25). It's not impossible for someone older to win, it's just more difficult. Keep in mind this can all be improved by repetition and practice, however, most countries outside South Korea don't view video games like a sport in which you must constantly practice for like the Olympics. I imagine this is true for various other games, especially ones that require strong attention to detail in a timed situation. This is possibly one of the reasons why OD is very under competitive and has no real competitive platform in order for players who want to compete in national or international tournaments.
  14. You have it right on most of this, however, I would disagree that it doesn't count in esports, simply for the fact that is scientifically proven that men and women's brains work differently and this can affect dexterity, hand eye coordination, reaction time, etc, etc. Also with a lower muscle mass or a larger muscle mass this can play a difference as well. As a past WCG, WGT, PGT Contender, EVERYTHING matters and reducing those times depend on so many factors. I am glad that a woman is making headlines in the gaming community, as it should be, but much of the reason why it isn't most times is because gaming has a somewhat small community regarding female players. (This is slowly fading away though)
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