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  1. I never thought of that lools. Someone tell me what i have to do for that lols cuz i dont have a clue. thanks angel
  2. Forgot about you kevin damnit. My bad man yeah it was fun playing cs with you too. Ill be here and there ill probably play some right now
  3. I dont have internet at home anymore so basically i wont beable to get to a computer very easy. Ill be around here and there probably. If i get the internet back at anytime ill gladly come back cuz i love OD. This really sucks that it has to end this way but i dont have money at the moment. Heres my shoutouts. ~Tina~ You're like a sister i never had. You alwayz helped me when i needed it. Rawr much love <3 ~Keith~ One of my best friends in the clan. Was fun playing games and stuff with you when no one else was up. Good times and keep up with the L4D stuff. ~Matt(Puddin)~ Another person that alwayz stayed up and played d2 and stuff with me when no one else was on. Good friend to have. ~Matt(Phate)~ Good guy when he wants to be. Alwayz helped me out alot. Was fun when you were drunk on vent xD ~Bartender~ Funniest guy in OD but can be an ass sometimes. Good friend tho ~Mike~ Funny guy and also an ass at times. Was a good friend and fun to duel with. ~Angel~ One of my good friends. Let me use his acct when he came back cuz i didnt have anything. Text me sometime ~Jon(Kawi)~ Best listener if you need someone to talk to. Keep up with the L4D stuff man. You'll get that division soon enough. One of my best friends in the clan. Text me up sometime. ~Stuply~ Good guy had fun playing cs with you. That scrim we did was so one sided -.-. Ill see you on cs sometime ~Ezpk~ Idk if your still in OD but your kool as hell. Text me sometime bro For all those who have left and are no longer in OD regards to you aswell and the people that i might have missed good luck in OD. Ill be around when i can. Ill make sure i come back eventually. Just money problems at the moment. Good luck to all the new recruits and everyone else. Peace =)
  4. so it was your bitch ass that demoted me, I had nothing to do with the ODD2 Division at the time I had to change my main game do to World of Warcraft pulling a Rage quit on the OD division so I would like to appeal that Demotion Asshole This could've been handled through pm's. You didnt need to post this here. Also, you didnt have to call him an asshole or any of the sort. He was just doing his job as general. You didnt respond to the message or show up for the meeting so you got demoted. It's as easy as that. Gl with your appeal.
  5. Travis i would have to agree with needing some more cowbell. The funny thing is not many of these people will get the joke lol. Ok back on topic. Nick you son of a @#$@$. Why do you have to leave too? Man all the people that were here when i first joined are either leaving or not as active or have been demoted for some ridiculous stuff. All things aside. Nick you have my number text/call me whenever man. Was fun having you here and you will be missed. Dont be a stranger and your our new Cowbell boy so get to making them sweet noises of the cowbell xD.
  6. I met my friend Adam 2 years ago who is currently a Member under Worthless(OD) he was friends with our current General Rose(OD) Aka Tina and she joined. Then like 7 months later i started playing again after i quit for awhile and i joined OD. Ive been here since and its pretty awesome.
  7. Weedies(OD)


    Well Rob its been good having you here. You've tought me somethings that ill remember. You are defiantely the funniest mother fucker that ive ever met in OD. You are staying around whether you like it or not idc what you say even if your not in OD. If i had to pick out of all the OD ppl man you are one of the top best OD players. I love you and everyone in OD You will be missed as being an OD member
  8. Didnt know you at all. Sorry to see you go. Everyone else who have posted that was negative should stop being such a douche and just let shit alone. Kids like you are the reason alot of good people have left. You just never stfu. It gets old fast and i agree with Jon and everything he has stated. Gl Choiji and hope you keep playing sc so the people that are kool with you get a chance to still play the game with you and such.
  9. Aww Bedr you were like the nicest dude ive met in OD cept a few i talk to on vent. Im so gonna miss you :/ and im sorry bout your car crash man. I know you'll recover and get back on your feet cuz well your FREAKIN BEDR DUH xD. gl irl ofc. Hope to see you on d3 if i happen to buy it ^^
  10. Grrr...all the people i talk to and chill with on vent are freaking leaving...this is so gay :/. Well good luck to you and college bro. Hopefully you get on vent as often and play cs with us as often as possible. Ill miss you forsure bro xD
  11. Thats bogus as hell :/ Have fun with the xbox though xD. Obv get on to play cs with us every now and then . Gl w/ whatever you be doing.
  12. Happy Birthday you damn nom nomer O.O
  13. Hey Matt, I understand what your saying exactly. I would have to actually think for a little bit about changes. Im not in the state of mind right now to think really. Hmm i think me and you should talk about this and then bring whatever we come up with to one of the generals such as Keith or Tina. Whoever might be on at the time. Btw, what Jt said should be a guideline if you ask me. He states the things that officers,generals,Wo's should be doing at the least. Alot of them dont do what there suppose to do and i believe if someone notices they havent been doing there job or there out of line to bring it to the attention of a General. I believe there is alot of things that could be changed and looked at for change if a couple of us got together and actually thought about it. Well, having said all that i hope that the officers,Wo's,Generals that dont know if there doing there job or not opens up your eyes and makes you want to do better or work harder for the better of the clan.
  14. Im down just let me know what day so i dont miss it or something.
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