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  1. also action would like to be signed up
  2. i was there, and had been playing with him for hours before, there was no reason for him to get banned.
  3. ahahahaha! you can't keep my steam account either! FAIL MORE
  4. lol you should know better then that i mean really all ways check sorroundings
  5. back on topic... See ya later andy, it was fun playing with you, drop by the pub some time
  6. good luck dude maybe u can hang with Missy in Houston and me in San Antonio lol be safe
  7. I'm pretty sure that its over population
  8. he doesn't look that tough.... get a gun. well see ya later dude
  9. chicago-ventrilo.nuclearfallout.net 18800 You should know this by heart now lmao lol well i rememberd most of it, just wasn't sure about the placement of - and .'s
  10. okay thanks man i figured i'd reformat to be on the safe side and i couldn't do anything with the hacker pulling up everything on my freaking desktop every time i plugged in my internet lol anyways, Thanks alot
  11. yeah so reformated, reinstalled drivers, and reinstalled vent, thats it but i dont plan to re-download steam or reinstall counterstrike untill i can get the go-ahead from castigate lol
  12. lol well reformatting isnt a new thing for me, though I'm not completely sure that it got rid of the virus from what i heard from missy, it wouldnt matter anyway because literaly all he could do would be to play solitare but yeah lol can't hold me down that easy, you wouldnt happen to have the vent info would you?
  13. Wow thanks for the faith guys I won't be taken out that easily lol
  14. well i dont know what to tell you if price is apparently as stupid as your saying that he is.... price messages me something about a video i clicked on it, it sent me to metacafe, then he started pulling up shit on my desktop. like notebook, and he changed my password on vent, and when i first thought i was hacked i started a full scan and found him, but he closed it before i got a chance to delete him, then i unplugged my internet, ran the scan again, but the file was gone... any input would be good....
  15. well in steam price sent me a message saying something and then i clicked on it and then someone started talking to my in NOTEBOOKon my screen on my fucking computer so explain please
  16. Yeah my computer was definitely hacked, and i lost my Steam I.D. I'm like 90% sure that it was price, but i dunno.
  17. lol maybe good luck with that in the mean time lets play some football! (american style)
  18. its really not that hard to play rules are as follows dont cross line of scrimage till ball is snapped catch ball by jumping into it E button is turbo Q is dive say "/switch" to switch teams say "/qb" to become quarterback easy
  19. i will be there fun to be had when sleep we should
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