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    United States
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    ActioN.Her0 <-- thats a zero someone stole my name...
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    Knocked Up, Anchorman, Iron man, Dodge ball, Fight Club, Step Brothers, and I Am Legend Basically Comedy and Action
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    All Time Low, Panic! At The Disco, 3OH!3, Nickleback, Ludacris, T.I, Paramore I'm an any kinda music kinda guy.... expect metal
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    Twilight - Best book series of all time, "Real Men Read Twilight" The Seventh Tower, Eragon Series and of course, who hasn't read Harry Potter I do like reading though it is sometimes hard to find the time to
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    House, Scrubs, Family Guy, Futurama, and Psych TV better be makin me laugh or ima change the channel =P

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    San Antonio
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    I like hanging out and playing basketball<br />not to mention CS1.6 ftw!<br />I love the SPURS<br />If u rep the suns expect the cold shoulder from me<br />I also love Texas Hold'em, everyone in my entire family will hold a big torunament, last year i won 33 dollars off my uncle<br />PC >PS3* > XBOX<br />If its fun and exciting I'm probably down for it, and I can be talked into doing almost anything<br /><br />* - PS3 still rox your sox
  1. also action would like to be signed up
  2. i was there, and had been playing with him for hours before, there was no reason for him to get banned.
  3. ahahahaha! you can't keep my steam account either! FAIL MORE
  4. lol you should know better then that i mean really all ways check sorroundings
  5. back on topic... See ya later andy, it was fun playing with you, drop by the pub some time
  6. good luck dude maybe u can hang with Missy in Houston and me in San Antonio lol be safe
  7. I'm pretty sure that its over population
  8. he doesn't look that tough.... get a gun. well see ya later dude
  9. chicago-ventrilo.nuclearfallout.net 18800 You should know this by heart now lmao lol well i rememberd most of it, just wasn't sure about the placement of - and .'s
  10. okay thanks man i figured i'd reformat to be on the safe side and i couldn't do anything with the hacker pulling up everything on my freaking desktop every time i plugged in my internet lol anyways, Thanks alot
  11. yeah so reformated, reinstalled drivers, and reinstalled vent, thats it but i dont plan to re-download steam or reinstall counterstrike untill i can get the go-ahead from castigate lol
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