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  1. My brain hurts and I'm kinda creeped out at the same time.
  2. If you're looking at how to abstractly define intelligence, then I would think it varies from person to person, country to country, continent by continent, etc.. I think it goes without saying that it's ignorant to measure intelligence by an "education" level. Personally, I would measure intelligence by one's willingness to change the world in a positive way. We have so many people destroying this world with money on their mind 24/7, with not a thought of how it is affecting other people, animals, and the rest of the world. The majority of us either take the earth for granted or are uneducate
  3. Hey Terra, I'm a bit of a forum junky as well. Haven't been an OD member in a while, and I don't even talk to many people from OD anymore, but it's cool to keep up with one of the most solid & stable clans battle.net has ever had. I don't think you need permission from everybody
  4. Noiceee. I'll bring my friends into the server when I can
  5. This game is cool. It's a slight learning curve since the controls are touchy, but it's fun to kill things. I suggest it. Add me up on Steam if you want to play; crazykujo Gameplay http://youtu.be/BKJ013O6ku4 http://store.steampowered.com/app/246700/
  6. kuj0(OD)


    Yeah Rob, still in Alpha. Garry and his team post improvements & projects on trello if you're interested in following. I think this game has huge potential. https://trello.com/b/lG8jtz6v/rust-main
  7. kuj0(OD)


    Actually purchased my own server. Let's play OD net.connect
  8. kuj0(OD)


    Added. We have almost 10 people on this server. Hard to get everybody on at the same time. We will destroy people if that happens
  9. kuj0(OD)


    Has anybody been playing Rust? This game is addicting. It's basically labeled as Day Z's counterpart. It started off as a Day Z clone, and they made it their own game. Any of you playing should add me up on Steam(crazykujo) and play with us a little. Once we have a large group ready, we're going to head in a more populated server. I believe we have 6 right now.
  10. Whatup Vicious. Not many people from old school ODCS hang around anymore. They very recently shut down this division. Which CS are you looking to get into?
  11. If nobody takes it over, then RIP to one of the great divisions of this clan. Unfortunately with CS:GO it's fairly hard to create a popular public server. Valve basically took over the majority of the CS community with their casual and competitive matchmaking servers, even though they're all shitty 64 tick. If you guys do end up keeping a server, I would suggest doing some kind of mod(s). Just a suggestion... but if you're sticking with 1.6 then, I can't help ya >_< Good luck OD
  12. crazykujo (http://steamcommunity.com/id/crazykujo) gaming PC out of commission at the moment, but when I'm back up I'll be able to play 1.6, Source, GO, L4D2, Killing Floor, and Borderlands 2
  13. Meh, not enough people play CS 1.6. I believe only two people on my friends list play it. I could probably find you a partner, but then again would you want to join a tournament for a game you have never or rarely ever play? Your teammate may hate you for that, haha.
  14. Diggin' the new website vibe. Simple and unique.

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