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  1. This math thingy has been around longer than snow white.
  2. It wasn't the people that ran it. As cyclone said I had issues with some of the players KM, sorry. I explained it all to cyclone so you can ask him if you want any further details. And to studmuffin, glad you had to the balls to talk shit when I was here?
  3. I've read this several times and found it to be 100% true. Dishonesty would make me a traitor. I'm not hiding anything so let me answer a few questions. Q) Did I leave for AH? A) NO! I did not leave for AH. I left for the reasons I stated in my resignation. Q) Will I be in AH? A) Yes, AFTER I resigned here I was talked to about a new division that I could help with, so I took a offer I thought would be good for myself. Q) Would I like to keep in touch with all of you? A) Yes I would, as well as play some fun games together. Q) How can any of you get ahold of me or keep in touch? A) Add my new account, Gigglio.of.ah. Hope this clears up some drama that it may of caused. I didn't leave OD for any reason but I don't enjoy playing in the dota division anymore. Sorry to all who I could of caused drama.
  4. T Thebo Add it if you'd like to loose.
  5. Later brah, hope to see you soon.
  6. It was great gaming with all of you, but ODD isn't the same as it once was. I remember the old days, man those were good. But the old days are past, and I don't like the new ODD. I would give shout out's but there are just too many. I'm going to run the tda all-nighter tomorrow night as my last night in Clan ODD. Goodluck to everyone, please disable.
  7. When your editing a topic and it allows you to edit but when you click post it won't edit it. Being forced to double post due to no edits. People who are in the overdosed dota division but haven't been invited into the clan yet per wc3 channel. Two-faced/Fake people. Price2010. The generals forum being a complete flame fest.
  8. Budah spamming 1 line topic to get to 1000 posts. People blocking the all the way when walking. People who walk slowly. Cigarets thrown on the ground, so dirty. Smokers Drug addict People who think im an eletric genius because I study in Computer Science. People who think I can fix anything on a computer for the said reasons. Facebook/Twitter Douche Bag in every club I go. People who don't know when to stop speaking. Teachers who think the only class we have is their. My parents (who don't have parents that don't pissed them off anyway) Late people or people who doesn't attempt to a said rendez-vous. Hairdresser (why they still keep talking to me, just cut my damn hair so I can go attend to an activity I prefer) Frenchies who can't fucking spell english correctly.
  9. Who was the one that banned you?
  10. Saturday night all night tda is still on. I won't let you down.
  11. Can someone re-write this trash into english? Please and thank you.
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