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  1. Hey there big man. Remember me?

  2. I'm very sorry to hear about this, especially for Lozer and the rest of Chobo's friends and family. Although I never met him irl, Chobo was a great guy from what he did online . . . I remember he was one of the members who made me feel welcome when I joined OD, and made the clan fun to be in. He always exemplified the spirit of OD in how he acted and behaved. I'll miss Chobo's RWs too. It still cracks me up remembering the one time he decided that he, Thanks(OD), and I should have a workers-only RW.
  3. Present. This is more reporting on my inactivity, since I'm sorry I haven't really been active at all for the past 2 months. Unfortunately I'm not going to be able to change that for most of this school semester, since I'm trying to finish up college and graduate this year. I will still be logging in and checking my pms, so if anyone needs anything, I will see your message and can take care of basic requests (e.g. awarding DSL medals, giving recruiting privileges), but if there's a more involved problem that you need a general to look into, I can't promise I'll have the time to arbitrate any major issues. I know I'm failing my responsibilities there, so I apologize for that, for what it's worth. Tester, thanks for getting this topic together.
  4. I'm happy to announce that the League of Legends squad has now joined Modern Warfare 2 to officially become a new main game division, thanks to Omnom and G4ry_O4k's hard work and extremely active recruiting, with Furyoth's help. Thanks to all of them and the rest of the squad for their hard work and very strong activity. LoL will be added to the site with its own icon, trial members section, elite division, etc, once Hikato or others finish the scripting work, but in the meantime, its forum section has been moved up from Squads to where the other main games are. If you have any questions about the LoL main game, you can contact Omnom or G4ry_O4k.
  5. So I've only received 1 donation . . . honestly I don't care if people can't join the server because it's maxed out, but I've received complaints about that, so if you guys want the problem to be fixed, you're going to have to donate. I'm not upgrading the server if no one else donates, since the 1 donation so far will just cover our costs for next month.
  6. It seems we're hitting the 50 max slots at peak times now, in the vent server. I'm going to upgrade the server to 100 slots, but we need donations in order to do so. The 50-slot server currently costs $15/month; a 100-slot server will cost $30/month. We also need donations to pay our next bill due July 4th. If you'd like to donate to the vent server, visit this link: https://www.nfoservers.com/donate.pl?force_...ons@hotmail.com That will allow you to donate directly to the account we have with the company that runs our vent server, NFO. If you donate, please also post here, send me a forum pm, or e-mail overdoseddonations@hotmail.com saying how much you donated, when you donated, and your (OD) name. I'm looking to get about $60 in donations now so that we can pay for 2 months and get a slight discount. Also if you have any concerns or complaints about the server performance itself, post them here. If you have concerns or complaints about how the server is being moderated or server admin, contact me privately.
  7. I'm happy to announce that the Modern Warfare 2 squad has now officially become our newest main game division, after WhiteKing and the other squad leaders (ON-THIN-ICE, Fiddler, Silence, .KinetiC.) put in a great deal of work with the squad over the past 2 months. Thanks to all of them for their hard work, persistence, and commitment. MW2 will be added to the site with its own icon, trial members section, elite division, etc, once Hikato or others finish the scripting work, but in the meantime, its forum section has been moved up from Squads to where the other main games are. If you have any questions about the MW2 squad main game, you can contact WhiteKing.
  8. "2002 i joind u were alll fags then ur all fags now =]" is interweb reasons? It should be very clear who's in charge, the generals are, and I am. I stand by Rob's decision to setrank Aenima because his reason seems sensible to me, and because Aenima used his console actively and well when he was enabled before. It seems to me like you also used your console actively and well when you were enabled before, so if you had asked Rob to setrank you before and he had refused to, I would have investigated the matter. Now though you're kind of screwed because you've 1) posted about a stupid issue on forums where you could've easily asked a general directly about it, and 2) asked for a promotion, on forums of all places, which you can get demoted for. So if Rob or any other D2 general sees fit to refuse your request because of #2, I will support that decision. I've asked Skyking why he setranked Price, and if he doesn't give me a good reason in 3 days, I'll reverse it.
  9. That's what you were most recently disabled for. Here are the guidelines I use when setranking people after reenablement: These are not official clan rules. You would fall under level 2, so you should be reenabled at SS. If you wanted to be reenabled at WO2, then you should've asked some other general who didn't follow these guidelines to reenable you instead of me. From Rob: "because he has always been a good person and very helpful and I highly value his opinion at WO". This is a perfectly good reason to make an exception and change the rank at which someone's been reenabled. It's always been decided on a case-by-case basis whether or not to make an exception and give someone back part or all of their old rank people. If you feel these particular cases were undeserved, or that there are other cases where an exception should've been made but wasn't, contact a general.
  10. When when I pm most people, it doesn't work. That includes single pms to Omnom, Nirvana, ON-THIN-ICE, Silence, Fiddler, .KinetiC., Skyking, PhailureOf, Rob, and DarkStar. I also set myself down to 1* rank, and it didn't work when I pm'd WhiteKing. When Rob pm's skyking, it doesn't work. It does work when I pm myself, and it worked when I pm'd Hikato while he was set as having rank 25. When I set myself down to Colonel rank, it did work when I pm'd WhiteKing. Then I pm'd Omnom, Nirvana, ON-THIN-ICE, Silence, Fiddler, .KinetiC., Skyking, PhailureOf, Rob, and DarkStar, and it didn't work. When Rob pm's himself and Aenima, it does work. When WhiteKing and Omnom pm me, it works.
  11. It hasn't been updated in forever because none of the people who are best qualified to write it (R.ag, myself although I'm relatively young compared to where it leaves off) have had time in forever to sit down and write the whole thing. However, if someone writes something up and sends it to me, I will edit it and get it posted.
  12. Hi thigus. Seems you aren't checking this topic any more, but nice to see you around. Hope school and the gf's going well.
  13. Grow up. If you wanted to leave the clan you should of just told someone and leave it be. Who even logs in anymore once they ask to get disabled or when they tell someone there leaving. What a stupid excuse and waste of time. I told corgur I didn't want to be in the clan. He's too dumb to figure out his console to disable me. Yeah well, I thought I might still be able to persuade you to give us the $113 if I didn't disable you. Guess I was wrong about that. Anyway everyone's reenabled now -- if there are still other problems, leave me, a general, or Hikato a message on AIM or something. Could a general please help me with readding all the trial members Gringo deleted? I have to go to work and don't have time to sit and click right now.
  14. Don't worry we will just reset the clan website to a day before. Easiest way to fix it. Yeah. I don't know how to do that (R.ag and Hikato do), and I have to go to work, but sit tight and it'll be taken care of. I think I can reenable everyone right now though -- about to try that.
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