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  1. Godddd damnit... lmao So i'm assuming this is going to be a boy band? I have a pretty good name if you're interested: Laxative Lasagna You can pay me 25% of your gross profits as royalties for the name, a very reasonable offer if you ask me. I'll just go by Laxative Lasaña, and claim 100%
  2. Chobo was a great commander! =D Thanks for remembering him haha. Congrats to the new commanders!
  3. Possibly so! Just gotta get the material and learn something about the game. Any suggestions>?
  4. LoZeR(OD)

    My music!

    Hey everyone, it's been a while since I've updated the clan on my music. I haven't done very much over the past few years, but I do have a few things you could listen to if you'd like! First off, I'll start with the Starcraft 2 parodies that I have on YouTube. The first one is "Mass Roach," and the second is "Cheesy." Now, for my original music, I have some posted up at: https://www.reverbnation.com/ooocody I still have very much to learn about music/recording, and probably know the same amount today that I knew 3 years ago, lol. Any help would be greatly appreciated, feedback is welcome! =) The first stuff I did a few years ago, today, seems to be cringe-worthy in some aspects, and I will be re-doing them sometime (hopefully) soon. But, if you want to hear some of my first recordings, they are located here: http://www.myspace.com/o0oro Again, feedback much appreciated!
  5. well hello there =)

  6. I will match whatever Tris puts in for this, make it a little more interesting!
  7. Hello OD! Just here to let you know that the minimum requirement for joining OD is now platinum! That's right, platinum! This will allow us to broaden our clan as a whole, and eventually strengthen it in many different aspects. More info on the requirements of recruiting, voting, and joining may be found here: Also, check out the new promotion system in your console on the main website.
  8. In my many years of being a part of this clan, my activity has always been a roller coaster. It is because of this that I have always noticed the drastic differences between OD "eras." There always underlies a constant "tone" of Overdosed, yet things are constantly changing within the clan, in all games. Much like my activity, the success of certain divisions are also always roller coasters, no matter what someone does, it will always be this way... One thing I have noticed, is that OD always thrives strongest when there is a large spectrum of members. This allows for certain "groups" to form, thus increasing competitiveness and clan event activity. However, with this comes a lot of other issues, such as disputes and BM. For a more recent example, both Tris and myself have tried changing the standards of the clan, and tried changing the ways of attaining members, but it seemed to make the atmosphere even more shady, and definitely less comfortable for everyone. I'm not saying it didn't have its positive sides, but the negatives definitely overshadow the positives. I motion to open the doors of OD to Starcraft players of all caliber, so long as they are voted in, of course. I feel that this will allow for everyone to have a chance at becoming a part of a great community, and will also allow for everyone to gauge what they think they may want the OD community to be like. Too many decisions have been made by generals and officers on assumptions of what is best for the clan, so I feel that allowing for the community to naturally grow on its own with the help, and close monitoring by generals and officers will allow for the community to become exactly what everyone in the community wants it to be. If that makes sense. I feel that the management should be a little more strict, and less lenient in many cases. This will keep any tumors from growing within the OD community. OD has always been a big part of my life, more than many know, and I wouldn't mind seeing what it could possibly become with a different push in direction.
  9. To solve problems of loneliness: get D3. SC2 will be slow for a bit. You could always recruit some new members!
  10. And it's generals like you who make this an enjoyable environment for players such as forrest to make this a great clan!
  11. Tell me what you think of the song I made!
  12. I agree with banana. Must have more info.
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