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  1. Happy birthday drew miss you man 

  2. This is a really good point. Members who used to be in OD still play with active members quite a bit. We can definitely try and get something like this going.
  3. @Bones(OD) Getting inhouses going again and recruiting would be siiiick #Makelolgreatagain
  4. Like Pj said. If your makin hoodies.. I'm in!
  5. Going to be moving into my new house over the next few days. I expect to have interwebs fairly quickly so there isnt any need for an IA. In saying that, I will be away for a few days. ALSO, after 6 months of slowly going insane, In the next few weeks I will be switching back off night shift and back to a normal day shift. This means my activity in the clan and in-game will go back to normal! Thanks to everyone who have been patient with me and my spoty attendance lately. The light at the end of the tunnel is soon approaching!
  6. @chrishodge(OD) You don't wanna know
  7. a lot of sexual tension if you ask me...
  8. Spike flexed with me the other day, silver-goldish elo... left the game with 25 kills. Dudes a beast.
  9. This post is so old.. why just because we don't have 140 members, doesn't mean d2 isn't dead... The LoL interface doesn't support that volume of members in any way. Would basically implode if we were to get anywhere near that.
  10. Good for her! the world needs to stop hate and love a little more.
  11. Cant win every game! Even when we lose, you were a cool guy.
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