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  1. done. welcome back Commander Darkness(OD) re-enabled Staff Sergeant Devotion(OD) for requested to be re-enabled via forums. welcome back. enjoy your stay! was written into log.
  2. any other official website besides http://tera.enmasse.com/download because this one stops at birthday box. Can't go beyond that thus I can't download it
  3. Tried to download it, but the page doesn't go beyond the birthday box
  4. haha I believe I did. Thanks! =) Wow, didn't even know it was your Birthday. Sorry about that Ant! Happy birthday bro, I already took shots for both you, and Jeremy! now thats whats up! poor some liquor for your homie =D
  5. my beta experience was ruined by Fluffs. He is a bad person so don't play with him! p.s. he also lied about Cain! he has no monkey dick. lol
  6. 3:30am and still feeling the yam and the ballentine =D
  7. I agree. I think its time we put in some thoughts towards how we would like the clan to handle Dota2. Options are coming out for D3, might as well start thinking some for Dota2 as well. :thumbsup: Its a go to me.
  8. hopefully you won't come out of jail with your asshole looking like bartender's...
  9. eeeew noooo do not accept him back. he has diseases and its contagious. xD
  10. Rob, when I get to 3000 days I want my accomplishment post too! =D p.s. stop avoiding me on AIM, get yo ass on so we can talk. Baddie.
  11. If I wanted to come back... How would that work?

  12. Hello everyone, So uhmm title says it all. I am selling two WC3 cdkeys. RoC and FT. $9,99 each!!!! if interested please hit me up! :thumbsup:
  13. have you gotten to that part where your at some kind of dungeon with water and there this invisible monster attacking you and shit and you have to jump on top of barrels and stuff?? scuuury shit. :thumbsup:
  14. Check out this amazing video on how to get started!!! Opportunity Forever Hope you enjoy it.
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