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  1. Possibly add this as a reminder to everyone on forums. *topics I'd like to talk about is : chat about website security and potential flaws adding a fallen OD member title on forums and/or add a section in history of our fallen members. official OD you tube channel ask the public for knowledge over the last 4-5 years of their experiences that's happened within OD to add to the OD history page.
  2. The only point cheaters are cheating is to earn the crowns/money faster to buying skins. Cheaters are getting reported and banned, so they at least now work on security measures. I faded away from this game because I played this game when it first launched and killed my vibe of trying to pursue wins. It's a very addicting game for sure, many good maps and modes, I only wished they had a little more to the game for $20. * a full game could last up to 35+ minutes * There we're many times where I lost the game because of my team and not my own faults, which made me upset after 4th or 5th time of re queuing and getting back to a teams mode just for your team not to do good. * It's only solely a game to grind many points/crowns to buy skins/features to your character. * If you win, you earn a crown and ~1,200+ points. * each week, they release new skins, face paints, customization to your characters. After that week, those skins disappear. No skin market, only weekly individual skin buys. * pay $$ to get crowns/points I only came here to bring my experiences of this game so far in order to give you a better understanding of the game before anyone buys it. :: But if anyone wants to play, I'm down.
  3. I have my mouse around the guy that's flying/speed walking around. As you can see everyone is down to the ground, but the other guy reaches very high heights without any interference. At this point, all you gotta do is look up Fall guys Flying on youtube and see tons of videos of people going for the win, top streamers will see them, stop, rage and watch the hacker fly to the crown..
  4. I play on PC, Is this game cross platform? Yes in the beginning it was tough, people were cheating left and right, with changing values for crown/points, flying and speed walking values. The company has implemented something into preventing many methods of preventing hackers from ruining other people's games but, I believe they're trying to be more discrete and not as noticeable when it comes to them cheating. Also, in the beginning, joining lobbies was a pain and kept getting connection issues. They've fixed that problem, but when you've made it to the top 8 so many times just to see someone fly to the crown, made me po'd and delete the game. This was only 2 weeks ago. :Why you build software with security in mind instead of just producing a beautiful product without any measures:
  5. Currently on Fall Guys, too many flying/speed cheats on to ruin it for everyone else. I don't recall having the opinion to host a private match, but that would be awesome if they did and we had an OD party game, similar to Mario Party or something. It's a fun game, but can get exhausting after trying to win so many times, losing because of your own teammates, and etc. I tried and tried to win, but it was extremely hard with having interference by others.
  6. God speed @Sassy. You will be missed. Do what is right, and take care of yourself. Remember, get out there and enjoy the fresh air and go for a walk. I enjoyed our talked and hope to see you around again ❤️
  7. It's been a while since I posted this. Just looking for feedback. @Commanders, @General, @Generals 1* - 3*
  8. type: netstat -n | find "4000"
  9. Good evening clanmates, I've noticed the history/heroes page hasn't been touched in a while. *We could add to our story of different game shifts the clan has encountered over the years, on top of the current games we play. *The general evals could be used towards referencing the good a former/present general has done during their time with OD, along with adding towards our history. *Many of our generals today have done wonderful things, no need to wait for their retirement to place them under our heroes tab if they have done something remarkable to the degree of being an OD hero. (ex: Has recruited over 300 members, never left the clan for 10 years, etc). *Add retired generals/commanders into heroes. *Commander Terra nor Commander BadboI don't have an intro under the Commander section. *I believe the current format does have spelling errors and should be tightened up and corrected by labeling titles using different colors, bolding, and underlining the text. *If we could gather the information/stories from the current division leaders/members to combine into our OD history. **OverDosed 20th year anniversary is in 15 months, so we got plenty of time to prepare and make changes to tell our 20 years of history. Make changes to the site for the celebration, images, contest member's best-voted picture to be placed on the front page, etc. Let's show off, we as a gaming community have survived over 20 years, tell our story and find a way to celebrate. I helped with the tightening up the history page over 6 years ago with Aerineth, I'm willing to collaborate and help again. This is just my advice, forgive me if y'all are already working on this subject. Thanks!
  10. I wouldn't mind playing with you. I'm down to learn.
  11. stay positive ❤️ I am always here if you need someone as well.
  12. Welcome Rendii, I'm a senior at the university of central missouri, working on my b.s. degree in cyber security. Keep up the schooling! Exciting to see a relationship come into OD together. I wish you and HoesBeTripping a great experience within OD and have fun!
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