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  1. Good morning Sassy(OD), I would like to start by saying I appreciate your hard work and dedication that you've given to this clan. With an astounding 314 recruits and over 30 members that are currently active, you have shown great interest in making Clan OD great again! No other person, not even our current commanders have risen to a number such as yours. The clan's total number of members over the past decade has ranged between 200-300. That being said, you solely could have made your clan with those types of numbers, yet, you stayed loyal and committed to ours. You've brought in solid members that carry traditional values and pride, even your recruits have risen to general rankings. What I will assume, since I haven't been around for a while and considering the numbers of recruits you brought in and the many comments above me, that you show guidance for your recruits and kept them under your wing. You replied to my introduction with open arms and a warm welcome. You didn't have to do that, but you did and it made me feel welcomed, again. Although we do live in different time zones, I can see how it would be hard to find a perfect window, like you mentioned to correlate with the General Meetings. I wish this could be worked out and tried to be worked around, but shouldn't be punished if you're not able to show. While my time back, I have enjoyed every conversation we've had. Despite not being the Starcraft 2 division, you bring smiles and laughter to our discord channel. We enjoy you, I enjoy you, and doing things like that, shows you naturally go above and beyond to spread your wisdom and love to everyone with our clan. You've have been through a lot, and with all those burdens, you consistently keep moving. You're a strong woman. You have two families, the one in the United Kingdom and the second is Clan OD. Yet, you still find time to balance between the two. I'm proud you beat cancer and I'm also sorry about your loss, yet you stayed with us when the times were rough and the members showed how deeply they cared about you. Again, because of your love for the clan and how much dedication you've put into the clan, along with never leaving the clan, I applaud you for everything you've done for this clan and your division. I look at the incident that happened back in June 2019, despite her reasoning as a simple mistake. I ensure Sassy(OD) is remorseful about the incident and has learned from that mistake, yet we shouldn't let that dwell on her any longer. It's been over a year. Just like our old motto, "Respect is earned, not given". I believe, Sassy(OD) has earned back that respect, trust, and confidentiality and therefore I approve of her evaluation to the rank of Lieutenant-General. Thank you again, Sassy(OD) for how committed you are to our clan.
  2. I see a strong, passionate and very intelligent person within your words. Very beautifully explained and I applaud you for your hard work and dedication you've put into this clan. I wish to continue to see Terra(OD) as one of our commanders. Thank you!
  3. Then, I believe that general rule should be amended. To make it fair between all the ranks. But, then I don't know many generals who come and go, so. Just my opinion, don't get mad!! We do have many Diablo 2 generals, but not enough generals within our squadrons. 6/9 generals are affiliated with Diablo 2, yet I understand this clan has turned into an full blown Diablo clan. But... I will agree with you, it would be nice to of came back to the original ranking as before. Yet, again. It's does serve a purpose.
  4. I disagree on: Automatic Demotions - I proposed the change to the website to remove automatic demotions upon reinstatement. Officer and above: If an individual leaves the clan for what ever reason, he/she are choosing to leave behind their responsibilities and gives other members the opportunity to advance to those positions. Warrant Officer 1 and below: I feel like these ranks wouldn't matter much to reinstate them at their original rankings or at least demote them a single ranking. ------------------------------------ What I'm about to say, can be taking out of context and looked at as favoritism or someone who doesn't know the circumstances of a situation. Therefore, please don't upset. This is only my findings towards this specific subject. Commander Badboi(OD) re-enabled Commander Aerineth(OD) for Aerineth is ready to return. Welcome back. on Wed May 13, 2020 2:24 PM Commander Terra(OD) disabled Commander Aerineth(OD) for Has gracefully resigned of his own accord to focus on the developments of his life. on Thu Feb 13, 2020 5:30 PM In this example, we see a commander come back to the clan after having to focus on their own life developments. Many of us, OD members are always consistently working on our lives, yet we don't leave the brotherhood behind. I understand Aerineth(OD) has been around OverDosed and held the position of Commander for a long time. Yet, we're all held accountable for our actions. ------------------------------------ I believe it's time for those in the position of power (Officers and above) to be rewarded towards their sacrifices they've endured for their time in Overdosed. Therefore, if you take away Automatic Demotion, you are not only hurting those that have put in the time to get to a position of responsibility, but would be unfair to everyone that has taken the automatic demotion over the past 17 years. ------------------------------------ IA Policy Changes - Proposed and led the motion to relax IA policies and allow members to make IA requests to take a break from the Clan and/or focus on real life for a while You also have purposed this change. I would agree with you on this IA policies, but I've spotting high ranked members, playing games, chatting in discord, while being on IA. It's gotta be one way or another, You cannot be inactive with the clan, yet continue to play with the clan. This would rub off as, you don't want or have time to handle responsibilities, yet you have time to play game. I think IA should be strictly enforced, but loosely lengthy to allow members the ability to deal with any issue outside of Overdosed. I hope you enjoyed my opinion of this matter. Terra(OD), you've been with this clan for a very long time and have done great things. I give you my vote to remain as Commander, but I also give the other(s) generals my vote to advance to the position of Commander which would give members the opportunity to see if they could spread light within the clan. Thank you, MikeU1(OD)
  5. Warrant Officer 2 MikeU1(OD) ♥
  6. Hey, welcome to the family! If you play SC2, don't be shy and come on by!
  7. Raged, will do brother! Glad to see another oldie around 🙂 Sassy, I'm always down for story telling 😉 Thank you all, I do appreciate it. ♥
  8. I find it funny how 17 years ago, I was the fourth poster on this thread as G-Unit(OD). Although it doesn't load up the image of me at age 13 year old, here is me now at the age of 30. Alive and strong. I enjoy working out on my off time.
  9. My goodness, I am glad I had brought a crowd here. Thank you all for the warm welcomes. Clan AH was one of the few we attacked consistently. Gosh, it's funny to look back on all of this and just laugh. The good ole days of trying to get into the channel, just to get a message saying channel was full. The customization hammer bots each channel had, it's just not the same anymore. SK, I'm always down to play some CS:GO, that also applies to anyone else. I don't play competitively anymore, I actually enjoy playing custom servers w zombie escape mod. I miss 1.6 😉 Sassy, I noticed your from London. I'm sure we can get along just fine. I've always been curious of people outside the United States lifestyles and I'm sure that'd be a good icebreaker between us ;). TypeReal, I do remember an elegy. Sith was a good friend of mine back then, if i recalled he lived in Kansas or Missouri.
  10. Oh SK, ;). You are correct, hahaha. Thank you brother, glad you're still around as well. What I find amusing is that BB was in the Army, on his way to Iraqi. I joined the Marines, and went to Afghanistan and still never acted as egotistical childish as him. But everyone is different! Hi, Purplez, nice too meet you! Thank you for the warm welcoming, I played the hell out of Diablo 2 / Diablo 3 until i got bored. I do come back on every now and then. Since the coronavirus happened, I've been playing the hell out of Diablo 3. Got my Witch Doctor to Top 200 on the leaderboard but that's about it, I'm drained. Starcraft is where, I reside. I love the challenge, but then I get tired of the same ole concept without new expansions and things. I started off as a Toss, switched to Zerg and now I play random. Main is Zerg, tho. See you around Purple! Hi, Sassy! You are more than welcome to call me michael or mike. I have experienced a lot during my time in OverDosed. It's like a community I grew up with, and it's so hard to forget about. It's also a family of mine, I left behind, a place of open arms and friendly peers. I also like to talk a lot too, we shall see who wins the battle! 🙂 Take care sassy!
  11. Oh, yes. I remember like it was yesterday. Loading multiple bots with BotooH(OD) attacking other clan's channels on starcraft. Running Baal runs in Diablo 2 with Sith(OD). Playing counter-strike on the Over Dosed server with TheWalker(OD) and other players. And the days of being controlled and verbally harassed by an egotistical commander who disabled people because he thought they were idiotic morons, I'll won't mention his name. Ahh, the 2000's. How Over Dosed has evolved over the years! Now, 2020, the clan is still alive and being held by very familiar faces. I applaud all of you, for continuing the traditions of Over Dosed alive and running. Thank for keeping these memories alive especially within me. My childhood is something I cannot bring back, but being apart of the community has always been something I've always wanted to do. I enjoy talking with others and having a respectable conversation with other mature adults. I like to start off by saying, I first joined this clan back in 2002 on another account. I was 12 years old, gaming hard in my mothers basement with multiple titles such as the ones listed above and more. I used to be a little egotistical, power hungry, immature brat, Now, I'm 30 years old and completely different then I once was. I served in the United States Marine Corps back in 2008-2012, deployed to Afghanistan in 2010, at the age of 20. I did come back in 2015, but I was working out in the oil field and ended up afking out of the clan. Now, I am currently in school acquiring a bachelors degree in Cyber Security, only one more year to go. I am familiar with python, c++, javascript, html5/css, assembly, java. I'm striving to be in the Networking side of work vice creating secure software. My sole purpose of return is to networking, play a couple of starcraft with members and community engagement. In my free time, I run and lift weights 5 times a week. I look good for 30, balding but muscular and charming! I'm a very open minded type of person, I like to hear both sides of the idle before making a judgement but we all have a plan until it doesn't go as expected. I do not declare myself within a religion or political side, because actuality i agree with many functionalities of opposite sides therefore to say I'm one thing in reality I agree on multiple things. I avoid being a hypocrite. I can be someone's role model, be someone's mentor, someone's motivation to push themselves because I encouraged them to do so. That's what I'm here for, to make a different to someone over the internet and promote self building and passion. I can be someone's friend, anyone's friend, do not be shy and reply to me. So, Thank you, I appreciate y'all having me back. #RespectIsEarnedNotGiven
  12. There will not be any activity on Starcraft 2, until expansion. There will be a new Clan OverDosed CHANNEL/GROUP/CLAN, when the expansion is released. Please, if you are talking about leading Starcraft 2 in the right direction but already lead another division. Please leave. I'm tired of people trying to come in to change shit, then just go to another division. I have stuck with Starcraft 2 since all YOU guys disbanded it. I have tried to recruit, and no one wants to be apart of this division nor clan. We continue to lose members due to the DSL policy, awkward recruiting process and voting process. Until then, be patient and wait for the expansion.. Everyone wants to be apart of the best of the best when it comes to any clan. Reason why we lost so many people to [MirG]. To many people left this clan, because they just didn't get the credit they deserved. That and MirG was just better then us, and a active clan. We are not a active clan, most of this clan plays different games. We don't have a back bone division in this clan, each game is on the erg of collapsing. Starcraft 2 division was the best division that kept this clan going, meaning... There was actually clan wars going on, streaming, tournaments, community interactions with others, etc etc... Name 1 division that did all that? What we need to do, we need to lose the DSL policy. Why? We will continue to run into the same problem, every game.. There will be members in-game clan that aren't on the website members list. We have ran into this problem EVERY GAME AND EVERY DIVISION!!! In Starcraft, Diablo, I have noticed people I don't even know who they are.. Until then.. I'm on Starcraft 2, every day playing custom matches.. more then welcome to join me..
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