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  1. I was there! Snorp! I honestly wish I still had enough disposable time to play games like WoW. I get my fix these days dipping into GW2, and games that don't require a ton of time like Diablo 3.
  2. My younger brother dragged me into Clash of Clans. It's not bad, and you don't have to pay to win. EDIT: Although people totally do.
  3. Haha, yes! I did this a few times as well. There were a few of them, right? Some sort of Top 200, then a different website had a Top 100 or Top 50 I think.
  4. The peppermint thing totally helps. We've also swaddled our daughter up with a hot (warm) water bottle when she has gas pain. We've been nervous about sleeping her on her stomach, since that's supposed to increase the odds of SIDS. We sleep her in a rock and play that has a vibrate feature, and that helps too.
  6. It'd be cool to play with some of you guys again, and server transfers are free for the first week. Where is Overdosed on GW2? EDIT: I'm Manatee Fatseal.6431 and I'm currently on Gate of Madness.
  7. MaNiFoLD

    DotA 2 Beta

    I've been really enjoying it. Has anyone else been playing?
  8. I played Rift, but couldn't stick to it. The game felt so... lifeless? I don't know how else to describe it. I'd like to try SWTOR. We'll see if I get around to it.
  9. MaNiFoLD


    I haven't started yet, but my friend is a Defiant on Stonecrest. I'll start tomorrow evening, probably.
  10. Anyone playing Rift?

  11. MaNiFoLD


    Some of my friends have started playing Rift, and I picked it up tonight. Is anyone else here playing it, and if so, what are your first impressions?
  12. I don't understand this entire thread.
  13. I saw that, belatedly. I bought an unused key on eBay (probably from someone that stocked up during the $10 sale) for about $20.
  14. I have at last given in to the siren song of HoN. My handle is Manatee_, I think. I look forward to seeing you all on there. Hopefully I can learn a few things, because I couldn't get any worse. I'll be on tonight. Edit: Also, on an unrelated note, the mobile interface for the forums is unexpectedly nice.
  15. Hah, I tried LoL. It just doesn't compare. Well, thanks for the information. I'll see if he's up for it. Can sub-accounts be played at the same time as the main account? Like, could we play together using the sub-account?
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