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  1. LaiN


    You are going to be rebanned. Wildly inappropriate.
  2. well just take a look at ur name
  3. Cowboy Hat Grey Hoodie shorts Socks house shoes
  4. LaiN

    Colts win

    Well the colts won and input on it?
  5. hrmm woj site dont even show up when i try waysofthejedi.net Well there dead time to get drunk!!! woot!
  6. goto store open box write down cd-key, and there u go
  7. If you think about weed is not a gateway drug if you think about it... Ok lets say i been smoking pot for maybe 4 months and i know a #number of dealers. Well a dealer comes up and says "yo man i got come coc man wanna try some coc". So ur dealers are ur gateway drug
  8. Michigan gonna win this weekend and next, and pennst is gonna lose and then we gonna tie for bigten champs
  9. LaiN

    Cya Guys! :D

    later man... rofl u used bigballers name in the server lol..
  10. wb burning its good playing with on the server and now u got the tag so even better
  11. i have never OD'd on MJ, but some people do, they get so high they freak out and there body cant handle it and starts shutting down. And now about 92% of MJ is laced with something, so if you do smoke the shit be careful, just coming from someone thats has smoked pot for 13 yr's. Now i been sober got 22 days and I feal way better, and when i get off probation i dont know if ill still smoke pot because ive learned to live life 1 day at a time and not worry about 2mmarow or a week from now. But i still drink a lot
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