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  1. :-/ i knew ur time was commin, u kept talkin bout it on aim :'( gl man, IM me
  2. roflmao, thats so true
  3. cya snk, gl, hf with ur bb brother ^^
  4. gl with ur 2 jobs, dont work 2 hard, gl
  5. ditto, but i say ask her out anyways ^^ Ok TheZero, enough with the goddamn spam. I see half of the forum page with you replied on it. Half of the stuff is stupid half-ass responces.
  6. haha, its hella funny, love kung fu hustle
  7. Thezero, if you EVER spam like this again you will be nuked, GOT IT!? Maddius, truck companies get gas from the pump the same as the rest of us do. -GrinGo TheZero: wtf? i dont even remember posting in this topic ever.... wtf... im confused.. im changing my password
  8. lol... ok... wow, we're famous
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