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  1. Hey Badboi ask your friend how he likes working in artillery with the chicks now lol. I was in the Infantry back when combat was left for the men.
  2. They don't care about pushups. You can smoke the shit out of anyone until they're athletic. You can't make someone smarter or make them more combat ready.
  3. Yeah Stuply I come back to troll a few times a year. Let everyone know I'm better than they are. SM; You're better off going to college anyway. I mean...you can say its your career but the fact is that your battle buddies control your career just as much as you do. How you appear is more important than how you are for some reason. That's how fat turds get through the cracks. It's why I never succeeded anything special while in the Army. I didn't suck enough dick. How I am is how I am. So imagine me this way in front of someone who can smoke the shit out of me. I got my asshole tore open whe
  4. Enlisting in the Army as an E4 is the best way to get no respect off the get go lol. You'll be shit on a whole lot more than if you just joined as an E-1 and spent the 18 months to earn your E-4. Not that I would suggest the military to anyone anyway. Pretty much not unless you're a piece of shit and need direction in life (I'm not saying that wasn't me 8 years ago). Plus with forces downsizing and all of that. Who knows where recruiting standards will be anymore. Not that anyone asked, but I'm starting a medical undercurrent deep water culture grow op with 96 plants legally in MI lol. (72
  5. You still live in a dorm, Jeff. What the fuck are you going for a PhD? I'm about to go back to what I know and am good at. But yeah, we've been Friends this whole time Jeff if you press Y and go over to Facebook you could've seen me. I just don't normally associate with people who don't prestige Being Prestige 10 and all...
  6. I thought that rank was.... Wait for it.... Commander.
  7. I keeps it real. Xiience when you going to let me school you in Black Ops II on 360. No big deal but I am prestige 10.
  8. Mainly because the reason I'm no longer part of OD is because Darkness gave me a DSL warning like 10 hours after I logged in one day, which I removed (Who the fuck gives someone a ticket for speeding 10 hours later?), so I get demoted for messing with the "UBER SRS GENERALZ DSL LIZT" So I said he can suck my dick and DSL'ed out to spite him. So why was this Mexican sitting at 22 DSL it what I wanted to know. I guess the rules don't apply anymore once you get the big star in the sky. (Rob - No gay cruises. But I am leaving Chicago in 2 weeks to go back to Michigan to start my 72-plant hydrop
  9. Darkness has 7 DSL. Shouldn't he receive a warning? *Gasp* Trolling? Maybe. But I still haven't forgiven that Brazilian for the bullshit he pulled on me last time.
  10. I thought you went to jail for life..?
  11. I heard he hit five holes in one the first time he played golf. He also doesn't poop.
  12. Funny to see Overdosed dying. All it took was a single BR.
  13. This seems like a huge waste of money. Get this thing they invented years and years ago... An entertainment center. Stack all your bullshit on that. Save 7,000$.
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