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  1. Hate to see ya go bro. GL with DL and if you ever decide to look into joining OD again I will welcome you back!
  2. My post in the Diablo 2 section. Ladder reset 17th!!!
  3. Thanks to all who consdered me for promotion to Sergeant First Class! Staff Sergeant Thundar2k(OD) was promoted to Sergeant First Class with 8 total cumulative points from Captain Hari(OD), First Lieutenant xSublime(OD), Chief Warrant Officer CWO4 Freebird(OD), for Active on b.net and forums. on Fri Jun 06, 2008 1:16 PM
  4. If Clinton wants the presidency she should have concided long ago and entered the primary as Obama's running mate. Believe me. IF Obama wins he wont last long.
  5. Will do. And one more thing... WHAT'S IN THAT DAMNED BUCKET FLUFFUMS??? IT'S SO MYSTERIOUS!
  6. Yes it would. Maybe they will reveal what the SoH is really for. Or maybe tell us what the purpose of the chat gem is.
  7. Starting Wednesday, May 28th, 2008 at 5am PDT (12:00 UTC), Battle.net Services in USWest / Lordaeron will be unavailable. This will include Starcraft, Brood War, Diablo, Diablo II, Warcraft II BNE and Warcraft III game services. Estimated maintenance window is 6 hours. This is from the official battle.net website. Seems to me the last time they had such a server maintinence it was a set-up for a ladder reset. This just may be a full ruststorm also. We will see after tomorrows "MAINTINENCE".
  8. Are you asking who I am? OD-EthrealGod, OD-SmiteKnight, OD-Necropheliax. These are the only characters I have built in the short time I have been in the clan. I assure you there will be more. :-) On a side note, NOTHING is hopeless if you just keep trying. You will find that I do not give up easily. I have been playing D2 for a LONG time. I have more than enough patience to go around!
  9. I know this is coming from a lowly sergent with less than a month in the clan but I am just waiting in the wings to become a leader in the D2 division. I have already presented new ideas and done everything I can to help anyone that asks. Whether it be Grushes, Gubers, items or whatever. I dont get ALOT of time to play but you can bet your ass that when I am on I am helping a clan member more than I am helping myself!
  10. I take it you are a D2 player? If so, look me up. If there's anything I can do such as Grushes, help with a few items or just get you up to speed in the game let me know. If I am on I am usually available.
  11. Oh what I would give to be 19 again and know what I know now!!! Happy birthday from Thundar2k(OD) and Athena(OD)!!!
  12. I would like to send out my appreciation to all the ODD2 members that considered me for promotion. It has been an extreme pleasure to be a member of this clan and I will continue to offer my support to any and all who need it.
  13. Welcome to the clan (wink, wink) :-)
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