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  1. No I dont think you get to keep your beta stuff. Even if you did it wouldnt matter because its not my battle.net account that im playing the beta on.
  2. After years of inactivity I have returned in the wake of the upcoming release of Diablo 3 which obviously is going to be a main clan game and should help bring this clan back to its prime like in the old days of Diablo 2. I was lucky enough to get the Beta and have been playing it and mastering it prior to release so that come release day I will be ready to blow past everyone and help people out who want to speed rush threw the quests. My primary goal is to reach level 60 ASAP on a Wizard and will begin doing MF runs non stop and selling the valuable items I find on the auction house for cas
  3. Ya whats up OD, i also decided to visit forums! lol
  4. rofl Bryce, thats some hilarious shit, Danny needs to learn the Batman more, it was a great movie.
  5. funny ps3 expensive and not many good games other than metal gear solid 4, xbox has much more games as of right now.
  6. Everythings been going good, My GAMERTAG is: Lorob1211 mainly play halo 3 now and im kinda pro at that, hit me up on live if u have an Xbox and we can play something. have a happy 4th!
  7. How has it been going, anyone that remembers me and such, its been a while since ive been on here but since Diablo 3 is announced i figured id check in and see whats going on, as of right now i havnt really been doing any pc gaming much anymore and ive just been gaming hardcore on Xbox live, but when Diablo 3 comes out ill probably rejoin the clan, but untill then if anyone wants to play some Live with me just send me a friend request and give me a game invite, I mainly Play Halo 3 and Battlefield: Bad company, but i do have COD4. Cya and have fun.
  8. Hellz ya for Diablo 3, also whats up OD for anyone that remembers me, maybe ill come back when Diablo 3 comes out, till then im on Xbox live acct is Lorob1211 send me a friend request if you want to game. Have fun guys.
  9. You should take pics of korea and post them on here so we all can see how nice it is. Hope you have fun while ur over there.
  10. Ya so right now i got the adobe CS3 installing, looks very nice. Anyone else got yet?
  11. Might have a bad powersupply.
  12. You fail at life lol, worst grades i ever seen, but haha i got your phone number!
  13. I sent all 3 of you an invite you just gotta check your email.
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