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  1. That fixed it Blind, thanks!
  2. Ever since this password change business, I can't seem to get in at all. I've changed my password multiple times, and every attempt I make to login it seems to say something is invalid. Not really sure what to make of this? :ermm:
  3. Step up yo game! But what beats dicks is the question, hmm...
  4. A space cowboy-lumberjack-biker, I always wanted to be one of those.
  5. I'm fortunate enough the same "faith" they have in me, that's coming from the person they knew four or maybe seven years ago, is acceptable enough to them to reinstate my account. Believe me that I understand how meaningful that is, especially when I can go through these forums and see who I was at age 14 (though I guess we were all kids back then too). I'm back for fun times with unfamiliar faces (and the few familiar left) and StarCraft! Oh and Lozer, that was beautiful! <3
  6. I remember this from 7th grade, this computer class you'd see like 10 computers straight with the game being played.
  7. Yea-yuh son! The perfect leg shaving music.
  8. Sorry Lozer, I think he's been disabled too many times for you to be able to get him back with your console. I figured that was the case since Corgur had to assist me with this in the past, appreciate it!
  9. Thanks bro! What do you play as anyway? I haven't figured out how to make mech effective against Protoss yet so, I'd have been screwed if you play that in a tryout. Zerg don't seem to know why the frick I went mech instead of m&m.
  10. Not to worry, 3 or so DSLs over the course of 7 or 8 years doesn't seem too aberrant... Surely that's fine! Never played a single game in that series. I'll make an attempt then, thanks.
  11. I've gotten into playing StarCraft II lately so I thought I'd request a re-enablement. I think my number of disablements may be in question though, as I know only corgur could help me the last couple times unless things have changed. To be fair the recent ones someone try to pose as me or the dsl got me, after that I'm sure it was teenager related spread over the years. :whistling: My mistake if this was the wrong place to put this, but a search seemed to point to it being the best place for it.
  12. I apologize for responding so late, I managed to get hit with the 8 DSL and started looking through the Generals list for some assistance. Found it odd though that Howard was missing, and I now see why. I don't believe I can add anything to what has been said, other than this has left a pocket of pressure in my heart upon learning this. I would get whispered for his racewars every time he started them- It's difficult to comprehend what has happened, that he's suddenly gone. I only wish we could have continued those games through StarCraft 2 Howard.
  13. ""If only you could really be Blank. Not EMO blank, I mean, like just " ". You'd get into hilarious hijinks automagically"

    Emo blank? Not quiet sure I follow!"

    FREAKY! I don't even remember this!

  14. CronoMage I'm sorry, took me nearly 4 years to notice your comment. Hah!

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