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  1. I thought I'd update you guys with a new picture of price.
  2. I can hook you up with naked Jmet pics. HahahahahaahahahaHahahahaahahahahaahahhaaaa..... Give photoshop your best. Your lucky I didn't save the pics you showed me. =/
  3. I'm not going to be much help but.. I'm just going to suggest that you start the world dream where the M is, so that the M finishes at where the A currently is. I think it would look better that way. =p
  4. I can hook you up with naked Jmet pics.
  5. clothes + money in the bank account.
  6. Incase you didnt know, he is straight so I dont think he will be trying heroes of newerth In case you didn't know, the mascot for the Diablo division is a murdering homosexual.
  7. Welcome to the clan. =] You should consider giving Heroes of Newerth a try.
  8. I'm sorry I don't have the opportunity to harvest from weed plants. I have to buy mine like the average citizen. =[
  9. Crosseye'd off a g blunt? pussy shit.
  10. lol good to hear. nothin too much. whats up with you angel
  11. Too slow, Gary Oak just left my house. I'm about cross eyed right now. There will be more opportunities.
  12. I'm down for the Chicago/OD smoke session.
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