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  1. Congrats Photo. I'm very proud of you.
  2. Tester


    I forgot to mention skyking great member helped me with alot of things through AIM and MSN when I wasn't general. Even on ventrilo. Darkstar+Bigrz+f0xx as well so sorry :nuked:. You all really helped me so so much. GL all members. P.S. Sunset, no longer a member lol. Me and you have something in common we both been to Cancun Mexico on vacations We both were from DL <3.
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    I actually had more people on the list but I condensed it a little. 4 years of memories kind of hard to put together. If I failed to mention you sorry. +1 Mr.Fluffums <3. I did make a note though towards the end that includes all.
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    Well it’s time for me to post my formal resignation it’s been about 4 years in the making. I had 2 great stints with the clan. I rejoined on April 1st 2008 really just to game and be a player. Not to be leader but I ended up doing so much more. For those who really don’t know who I am I’ve had 4 names in OD starting first with HpnOtiQ. Then on my return I switched to BraVe, shortly after back to HpnOtiQ then to RoMeO, finally to TesteR. I also was probably the first to recruit 100 members for OD hopefully im not the last. I was a Brig. General in DarkLegion under BoSS and Maj. General in 13th Army under RoMeO. The first time I left OD was really in bad terms because of what was done to me personally by BigBaller. Everything was taken away was demoted from Brig. General to Colonel, removed Elite leadership, removed recruiting privileges. I was elite leader in both clans and in OD also lead the BW divisions. All because of just banning 2 members from channel OmniKilla and BlanK for backstabbing ReaPeRoF and re-recruiting IefNaij aka ArchonS. In spite of what happened I took the liberty of taking myself, my recruits, and a couple of elite member to form a new team. During my non-OD days I was able to experience and accomplish all of these things that I mention next. I was a GosuGamers GosuBet and Database admin and PGTour tournament admin as well. Finally was a Co-leader of United States A national team. I had the chance to manage all of these great players: IdrA, iNcontroL, Testie, IefNaij, XiaOzI, LzGaMeR, ReSpOnSe, NonY, Artosis, G5, Machine, Skew, and many more. So during 2005-2008 I was able to experience more of a leading, managerial, type of role. Once I finally returned I turned to just purely being a gamer leaving up an offer from a professional esports gaming team that wanted me to manage their new StarCraft2 squad then. I have no regrets whatsoever all these experiences help me build myself for a better future. Well, I would like to thank all of the following members. Active Recruits photo – My current highest ranked recruit who somehow I found when he visited our channel. I asked if he wanted to be tested and I beat him from what he told me but, I still put him on trial. I did see a lot of potential in him in terms of his game mechanics with his macro, micro, hotkeys, builds, strategy, timing, scouting, and apm. I know still to this day he is probably one of the most active iccup players we have. I always see him in channel when I enter and he greets me with a “hello”. He always manages to reach C 1x1 every season since he joined but, he never pushes to go any higher which he should do. Finally he has organized and is managing his first inner-clan tournament. He was part of my final iccup ladder games which I lost to him in semi-final round of March tournament 1-2. I knew he would end up winning because I gave him all of my replays of my first previous 2 rounds. I didn’t help that all 3 match-ups were my worst as well. In the end I’m proud to say he was my last games before I uninstalled my iccup launcher. Wingfury – Nicole, you were my first female recruit who I recruited through ventrilo. I saw you first make a post on forums with an interest in joining the clan. I know you aren’t the most skilled SC2 player but, from hearing about the hundreds of games you played during beta. I knew you had some potential to learn and grow with us. You were the first official StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty recruit who I added first under BW then shortly after the division was formed. I know you will continue to help the clan by managing and organizing events. Even with the work schedule you have. PoSeR – Chris, you are my second oldest recruit who I recruited on my second stint with clan. I remember recruiting you from another team i2 who I believe you were one of the leaders. You were probably the one I gamed most with on ICCup or USEast. You truly were my best ally in 2v2 or 2v2v2v2. Even though, I always was complained about you playing offraces. You were a good player overall. I did lose you though once StarCraft2 came along. I know you are one of the best SC2 players with a rating of +3000 Master level toss. I would always remember the 2v2v2v2 BGH we played together in Dash. I know you will continue to contribute in clan events and matches. Maybe not leading like you did in i2. I know your work schedule can’t allow it but I know you will play some solid games with the clan. ReaPeRoF – Joe, you are my oldest recruit who I recruited during my first stint with the clan. I remember recruiting you from another clan Sphere. Which at the time I remember Sphere leader Outlaw trying to recruit me and I always declined. I remember the last incident we had together was that I banned Blank and Omnikilla from channel for backstabbing you in a team game. One of the reasons why I ended up getting demoted to Colonel, removed elite leadership, and removed recruiting privileges by Bigballer. Upon my return I saw you were still in clan and were leading various console squads such as COD and GTA4. I know you are capable of running a successful squad or division and will continue to contribute to the clan. Glory – I know you aren’t the most skilled player overall. But, when I first tested you what I saw was potential with basic mechanics. I also know your probably one of the youngest amongst the players which is another good quality. You’re also from Honduras which is part of my blood. I know you will continue contribute to the clan. Private – I know you just rejoined 3 days ago and probably don’t have a forum account. You are probably the most skilled out of all of my current recruits. You are a solid C+ 1x1 from Bolivia and I picked you up from another Bolivian team Oross. I know you left the clan for a while. But, I hope you start to contribute your skills in some clan matches and events. Brood War Division Dosed – My recruiter, I have to mention him because without him I would have never been recruited into this clan. I first contacted Dosed through AIM after trying to contact a few BW generals. He was the first to respond. I was officially recruited through AIM. But, I was currently still a general in another clan DL under the alias BoSS. Once I successfully was added on trial in OD. I posted my resignation as a general in DarkLegion. NewbCrack – Hira, another member who I would always consider a dear friend. Even though, we may have had differences at once point. I know you told me to stop using your name Hira and told me to start using Crack for whatever reason I don’t know. I sincerely apologize for anything I may have done to cause you to alienate me as your friend. I know you have always questioned my loyalty and of many others. Maybe you lost the trust you had in me. But, from what I remember this is how it went. We both were considered to be leaders of the BW elite division for years. We helped the clan by managing various matches and events. We had great success in both of my stints with clan. But, when I first left the clan he was one of the members who came with me. We decided to make our very own gaming team in spite of what happen to me. The team was called Infamous which we put together with a few of my recruits himself and other elite members. But, when I decided to leave the team and join another team I may have forgotten about Hira and didn’t bring him with me. For this I still regret and will always apologize if he hates me for this that I chose to go with Iefnaij aka Archons into the new team. He was also a part of OD at the time before all of his BW success. Anyways I would always remember you Hira for being a great 2v2 player a great ally with me. Which we played a couple of matches together for WGTour, PGTour, and clanleagues. I will always remember the SmurfName, Crack from i2, etc. I know you will contribute to game with the clan. But as for leading, you probably can’t do as much due to your work schedule. Lion – This guy is truly the #1 recruiter of all time. He doesn’t have the number to show for it because he has rejoined 3 or more times under different names. Every time he rejoined he climbed the ranks by just simply working hard and pure dedication. His aliases that I remember most during my time as a BW general were Original, Beretta, Animal, Cloud25, etc. They probably were many more but, I’m not so sure if he even wanted me to say his aliases so I apologize in advance for doing so. Just by adding all those recruits he recruited with those 5 names listed above the total is 139. With that being said I think he should be ranked at least ranked 3 stars general or higher in my departure the only change I would recommend. He is by far the most dedicated member to the clan. The only thing I would question but, he probably wouldn’t want to explain it fully due to privacy is his loyalty. Somehow every iccup season so far under his new alias Lion he ends up reaching C 1x1 or B- 2x2. Where exactly does all these ladder games come from I really don’t know. The record is just transferred in to his nick near the end of season. He doesn’t play those games under his real nickname. I also would like to question his frequent departures and why he left and why would he return with a completely new name. He’s not a bad guy at all but sometimes he is really quiet and just secretive like if he’s hiding something. Anyways I will end this with as of right now he deserves a medal of honor and much more. He plays in just about every clan event and match. He organizing and manages in about every clan match and event. He is the currently a top2 recruiter amongst active members but has held that top1 spot weeks before. His recruits account for almost a little less than half of the BW division. Corgur – One of the clan’s commanders who has gone to be completely inactive due to school purposes. I know you probably wouldn’t remember but, you really put the division at risk just because you stop loading your iccup login but 24.7 for a week. I had to pull a miracle to get login scripts for a bot. Until finally I was able to find some a reliable 24.7 bot host. I know our division truly solely depends on bots to login the site for them. They rather just mass ladder games without even visiting our site. This is a major problem with our division the activity on forums and site is probably nonexistence for the most part. To some things up I know you didn’t really game much you were the tech bot guy who loaded ops for 24.7 on all servers and channels. But, would like the mention that 1-week to almost 2 nearly almost wiped out the entire division. You could have probably given us time to prepare and a notice before doing so. You slowly just started to become less active until you were eventually gone. GreenSniper – I know you aren’t the most skilled player we have because you truly are a RPG player from Diablo 2: LoD. But, that didn’t stop you from playing a lot of ladder games during a couple of seasons to improve. Also, you did provide us with a bright spot and a top notch recruit in Michael. How you were able to recruit him is still a big surprise to me. Web.Aboy – Active player who is online often always greets me when I join channel. He shows up for all clan events and matches. He is probably not the most skilled player but he should at least try to recruit some better gamers. Michael – Probably the one of the most talented and gifted players we have in our division. He is capable of reaching B 1x1 on iccup ladder. He participates in various clan events and matches. He also qualified for ICCup starleague which is an impressive accomplishment. Showing he can compete at a very high level. He also plays a lot of ladder games. Troll – Friend of Naix in real life I believe. He has shown great activity in events and matches. I never played him. Wallace – I had the pleasure of playing you in this month tour first round. Even though the games were one sided I think you probably should of one the first game you just harassed a little too much. You are an active ladder player who plays a lot of games. Also, you show up to play clan matches and events. Siuxx – Not really the most active ladder player but you have been making up by recruiting some new players which is important. Also you try to play in some clan events and matches. william – Never had a chance to play you but we have one thing in common. Part of my blood is Peruvian. Also, you’re pretty active on the ladder. Naix – Feb tour the second round matchup I should of maybe one. I just scouted badly in the last game and in the end you executed better. Only if maybe my overlord would have scouted you I would have had my units there a lot sooner than later. My units were literally running on the map towards your direction. Not to make any excuses you were pretty decent and played better. Also, you’re pretty active on ladder. woofer – I had the pleasure of playing you this month. You probably were a lot better than me. But, somehow I ended up pulling out a close victory in 2-1 in my favor. The matchups that were given were in my favor. The closing game you over committed to be more macro intensive which in the end cost you the game and the first game was a proxy. Casy – I know you just rejoined but, I would like to say I wasn’t the one who removed you from team. You requested various times to join and I added you. I finally was able to talk to you on iccup to reinstate you officially. I know you are pretty highly skilled at all races probably B- level and can probably contribute in clan matches and events. Not sure how your real life schedule is now though but before you were able to attend important matches and events. PhoenixSS – The game we played on Jan tour first month was so bad. Games I probably could have won on a different map. The map was two wide open and you abused every single opening. In the end I would say I got my worst matchups twice in a row which also didn’t help me. PiQLiQ – You never answered me question are you the same PiQLiQ from SC2. You are probably not because you are from Sweden. Also, probably won’t respond to this because you’re not active on forums. If you’re B- high 1x1 why don’t you play some clan matches and events? pOiu – I know you probably aren’t checking forums anymore. But, if you’re alias was Unit. You have shown some past leadership qualities for our clan. I only see that you’re laddering C+ 2x2 every season. You should probably contribute more to clan in events and matches. StarCraft II WoL Division ChoBo – Rest in peace, I would always remember gaming with you under your alias yooy a couple of fun racewars during my OD days. I’ve always admire you as general because you were able to load so many bots 24.7 in your prime days. You were probably one of the reasons why I joined OD and made the switch from DL. I know you were a former DL general as well. Howard you were truly a hero and legend of this clan. R.agnarok – Another reason why I joined OD was because of you. I remember playing a lot of racewars with you and Austin. I liked the clan activity at the time where we can just play with 8 people at all times of day and racewar. I also remember we were promoted to 1* general the same day. We also climbed the OD ranks side by side until I eventually left. Beloth – The very first memory of me playing you was killing at least 40 probes with spider mines dragoon drags on Longinus and ended up losing in the end rofl. The very last games we played together were pretty close as well. I ended up winning with just lings versus reavers pretty close games but very lucky based on my behalf. To me in my opinion you weren’t really a leader type in bw. For bw you were more of a casual player. You still continued to do so when you switched to SC2 beta. I remember during beta phase I appointed you as squad leader in order to prepare for the release of sc2 division. But, to little knowledge there was really no preparation done except there was just gaming between you and Jesse and Blue. So once game was released there was so much catch-up work to be done. Well we got through all that and now I see you have shaped up to be more of a leading type of player. You truly care about the image of the entire division in general. I know you have been involved into getting the clan into various matches. You truly want to protect the division in show our best qualities. LoZeR – Cody, you were probably would most remember be as Brave. When I first returned OD in my second stint I solely concentrated on building us on uswest server. This is where we probably grown to know each other most. All the matches and events we played together. www.odwest.co.nr is still up lol. I would always remember you leadership qualities and how you pretty much were like a brother to Howard. I know you were a neighbor of his for some time. Because I remember you guys being over each other’s houses back during my first stint with the clan. I know you have recently returned and will continue to contribute to this clan. Shane – Blood bath user who hosted a lot of inner clan tournaments on blood bath. I would always remember those crazy blood bath games we played during tournaments that somehow you ended up winning which was pretty shocking to me. You were also for some time an elite leader under me. I know you weren’t really the leading type of player but you gamed a lot and were there to help with the little things. I know you will continue to contribute to the clan now in SC2. But, not entirely sure how you work schedule is now because you have built yourself a real life family. Badboi – You are a new rising leader who probably deserves to be a general right now. You remind me a lot like myself really. The time you dedicate into managing and organizing events for this clan. It reminds me of the 50+ 1x1 32 player tournaments I’ve hosted on BW. Also, the 75+ clanwars and nationwars I’ve managed and organized. 25+ showmatches I did for my players. I was also did admin work for gg.net and pgtour.net and USA-A national co-leader under iNcontroL for wgtour.com and iccup.com. We also have another thing in common we are both from the 305 Miami. I know you will continue to show great leadership qualities and dedication for this clan. Hammy – One of the SC2 managers and leading. You have to contribute more we all know you are capable of doing it. I saw you arranging the MTS idea which I think was great. Keep up the great work. Rathorne – You are another SC2 solid talented player with +3000 master level skills. Keep winning tournaments and showing great results for our clan. Rokr – The man of few words from Canada. From I remember in BW you barely spoke. You weren’t the most chatting type of player. You just left it all up to your game. I remember you being a strong 2x2 player C+ or higher. You probably still continue to bring that same level of gaming to SC2 now. Stratigy – Funniest member I’ve ever met really in BW rofl. Sasha Fierce and all these weird nicknames you called yourself. You were also C+ 1x1 on iccup for a season. Also, you were a part of OD West squad so for that much respect for you and don’t forget I went by the handle Brave then. I still remember the one of the last games we played together somehow I was able to win a battle of dragoons versus mutalisks. In the end you moved on to SC2 and probably is still an elite top member with master level skills as protoss now. Monolith – I see you online idleing in our brood war channel under the nick WhiteGrizzly. Pretty active if you manage to be on both bw and sc2 simultaneously. The most recent memory you were asking about voting power changes. I hope you understand now how it all works better. GoSwSeR – I heard your aka was Wraxt from our BW division. You were pretty unknown then to me but I see you a real big deal when it comes to SC2 now. Keep up showing great talented 3500+ master level skills. I know you will continue to bring great solid results in terms of clan matches and events. Nimbus – I know you probably most from your brood war days under your alias Sharigan. The last thing I remember from you personally was how you wanted to leave the clan because your voting power was changed from 3 to 1. You were also C+ 1x1 on iccup for a season. I know you were a pretty funny guy used to see you in our channel under the nick Selena Gomez used to be considered one of the elite BW guys as well. Also, remember you referring yourself along with SaTyR and Stratigy as the S team. I know you are now playing SC2 now and probably will continue to show great results in terms of clan matches and events. BluE92 – Beloth’s twin possibly or just gamed a lot with him and SaTyR. I remember you most from broodwar days being also another elite player. But, now are still an elite member in SC2 and probably still considered one of the top with your 3000+ master level skills. I still think you terran on bw needed some work. Uraj – I know you just rejoined. But, I liked the SC2 movie you put together. DyNaMiTe – Rick oh not sorry lol Steve. Probably always remember me calling you Rick instead of Steve. I know you’re currently disabled. But, you still are currently loading our iccup bot 24.7. Whenever it does go offline all I have to do is message you on msn and you always put it up. Just by loading that one bot probably keeping that BW division live and kicking. I know you play SC2 now and have stop playing BW but I really can’t sum up the words in thanking you for the bot that you have loaded since corgur went MIA. Diablo 2: LoD Division Blind – First off I would like to mention that I was the one who promoted you to major from second lt because of all of website work and updates. Coding really goes unnoticed and people probably hated me for doing that because I promoted you alongside Hikato. I’ve have pretty much asked for a lot of site updates that you were able to produce within the 24 hours which was impressive to me. You capable of doing endless amount of work really. I personally would like to thank you for all that hard work and dedication to the clan. Also, would like to thank for upgrading our forums. Last thing I would like to add why is it that for some reason I felt that towards the end you grew into not liking or hating me. I’m not sure what exactly I did to have this occur but, I apologize for anything I did that may have caused you to alienate me. Metz – Ryan, you were the one who made me my forum signature after waiting so many months on Rose to make one for me. You took the request and made it within the 24 hours. For that I thank you. Another thing when it came to the release of SC2. I appointed you as the leader of the squad who quickly put everything into organization and perspective. Due to the lack of work that was put into the beta phases you made up for it within just a week. For that I would thank you for taking that responsibility. I know lately you probably have grown inactive due to real life situation but I know you are capable of doing more much for the clan. Freebird – You probably don’t remember me much but I do quite remember you under my alias Brave. I remember you were a key part in our odwest squad. You managed the diablo2: lod side for that I remember you. I know you will continue to contribute to this clan. Slipknot – One of the founding fathers of our clan OD. Without him I probably wouldn’t be able to be part of such a great clan. I’m still not sure why he is still enlisted. This guy should be at least second Lt or higher for just being one of the fathers of this clan. WarCraft 3 TFT Division Darkness – You are probably the hardest working commander when it comes down to running a division. You have successfully turned around a division that literally has had so many ups and downs its probably hard to list. I know you will continue to contribute a lot to this clan. I recall you just a little from BW because really I think you had already have transitioned into other games. Heroes of Newerth Division OGJmetcalf – You’re a general who probably for some reason hates me for whatever reason I wouldn’t know. So I would love to hear from you personally what exactly I said or did to cause this hate. Minecraft Division Rob – An ex-general who helped our division by loading a login scripted bot for a day or 2. For that I thank you. I know you will continue to contribute to the clan more because of your youth. FreedumB – This guy is capable of being a top recruiter if he wanted to do so. He helped pretty much start SC2 division. He was one of the main guys during the release of the game to at least almost recruit half of the division at the time. For this I thank him for his hard work and dedication at the time. COD: Black Ops Division G1169 – An ex-general who helped our division by loading a login scripted bot for a day or 2. For that I thank you. I know you will continue to contribute to the clan more because of your youth. WhiteKing – He is another great member who is capable of great things if he wants to. Right now he isn’t as active as before. But, he is capable of running a successful division on his own. He has great leadership qualities. I also think he sincerely cares about this clan a lot. OverDosed Community PhaiL – Jesse, oh wait I’m not supposed to call you by that lol. Phail, I know you’re a great member and are capable of doing a lot of things but not sure how you real life schedule is going because you haven’t really being doing much. MoneyBags – Last but not least the mayor of the clan Nick. I would forever admire how you had your own fan club squad. I really don’t know how and really you ended up becoming the mayor of this clan to this day I’m still clueless. Either way you are a great member and you really show great dedication to this clan’s forums lol. I’ve also had a chance to play you a couple of times. Not the best gamer but you show great determination. You come up with these outrageous crazy unique builds that I’ve personally never seen before. One of a kind of member, I also never seen you recruit either. Either way without you the clan probably wouldn’t be the same. You were always the one in channel making fun of others lol. Possibly said something about me as well behind my back but it was funny. I know you will forever continue to contribute great things for this clan. Farewell to all the rest of the members. I truly will miss everyone. I got a little emotional and a little teary eye lol while doing this seriously. I would love to thank you for making this such a great clan to be a part of. You made these 4 years more memorable to me. Even when I literally was out for 2 months because of my broken right arm that was casted because of a fractured ulna and radius. I still remained as a member and tried to post on forums lol. My last general actions were that I awarded about 40+ medals to both BW and SC2 divisions. Used up all my 5 promotions. I also gave all BW/SC2 ranked SS or above at least a voting/recruiting privilege of 1. So be sure to start recruiting and using them wisely. I edited various members voting privileges accordingly to this. Commanders = 5 Elite A = 4 Elite B = 3 top10 all-time recruiter = 4 top10 active recruiter = 3 1 star general and above = 3 second lt and above = 2 ss and above = 1 So if you don’t agree with these changes please talk with a currently general. Finally I would like one of the Commanders to disable me. Not a particularly commander just one who doesn’t care much about it or hates me most. Much love to all. Fin.
  5. Nicely done I linked it here: http://www.teamliqui...topic_id=201704 and here http://gosugamers.ne...ed-od-sc2-movie It's time to get flamed rofl . I edited the topics o,o. Lieutenant General Tester(OD) awarded Staff Sergeant Uraj(OD) the Purple Heart Medal for Made a pretty nice movie on the day of his return.
  6. sign me up if you need a 16th man. But, if you get 16 don't.
  7. Download here: http://www.mediafire...qje6tcmidpouok2 This replay package consists of a total of 209 replays. The content is basically all Brood War 2v2v2v2 Big Game Hunters games. Zip file size 39.62 MB. Additionally you can probably match the replay date with a live video recording here: http://www.livestream.com/odlive All of these games were played on USEast under my alias TesteR. Additionally played 2 games under the alias DoMiNaToR. USEast provides a great atmosphere for a lot of bm chat during the games :turned: and occasionally hackers. Average game duration is 38 mins 28 secs. Average APM 162. I started playing Protoss mainly but then towards the end I switched to random. Most of the games are played with 1-7 inner friends. Not too much pub stomping. Protoss is my strongest race. Terran is my middle race. Zerg is my worst. Reasoning behind replay package was to showcase the epic games filled with a lot of micro & macro intensive moments. My accomplishments include finished 2nd in a 2v2v2v2 BGH ladder league season 1 in Aug 2009. ICCup best ranks C- 1x1 and B- 2x2. Enjoy!
  8. Probably wont be able to play until weekend: starting Saturday so don't look for me until then. GL all.
  9. You dont need to post full results. Ex: OD 3-2 EG This way it would be easier to calculate overall wins+losses The results will be needed though when calculating player stats. Beloth 4-0 Gowsers 2-1 etc. in opening topic then post their actual results on separate topic.
  10. This topic is now marked as resolved. If you feel your problem/situation was not fixed or finished please get in contact with a forum moderator.
  11. rofl gj Beloth. By the way someone please create a ClanWar Record topic. with all results. Also possibly clanwar player stats.
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