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  1. 3rd in points scored, barely behind Hoss (who apparently catches people at their worst weeks). 2nd in points allowed. Have lost multiple games by starting one wrong player over another. Shit ain't right, I tell ya.
  2. I was at work when the draft started. Tried to join through the fantasy app on my phone, but could not connect. I had no trouble connecting to mock drafts prior to this, so I was mildly annoyed, to say the least. Turned out OK, though, I guess.
  3. In again, if you haven't drafted yet. hurst1227@live.com
  4. He just happens to have the same name/avatar? This is too confusing. Edit: I just scrolled up, and saw some older posts from him. Well, I will try to contact him on ESPN.
  5. Snickerdoodle, would you be willing to part with Gronk?
  6. They lost to a 3rd string QB, but yet still managed to move up two spots. The Steelers beat them, and went down in the rankings. It makes no sense.
  7. http://espn.go.com/nfl/powerrankings Bahahahaha. How can you even defend that?
  8. Be sure to check out https://www.youtube.com/user/thenewboston/playlists as well. There are other tutorial channels, I'm sure, but this guy is pretty good at what he does. All self taught, dropped out of University, but doing extremely well for himself.
  9. Somebody tell Steveo to check his got dang email.
  10. Holy shit tyne caffeine intake is real I know people who consume over a gram a day, no problem. Most of them are fitness freaks like me, though. For me, I've never experienced any adverse effects from caffeine. I can drink it before bedtime, and sleep like a baby an hour later. As usual, it's about balance and common sense. That's not to say that how much I consume is fine, but it doesn't bother me any, and I can usually quit cold turkey altogether, without experiencing any of the headaches or sluggishness some people get.
  11. I use a Kroger drink mix labeled Energy. It has 160mg of caffeine, along with 1000mg of taurine, and is less than $2 for 10 packets. I mix two at a time, and use like 4 in a given day, so I'm getting over half a gram of caffeine a day. I've known people to quit caffeine cold turkey for a couple weeks, only to hop back on the train shortly thereafter. It has been a staple of my pre-workout formulas forever now, and there's really no reason for me to quit taking it. There are too many benefits.
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