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  1. welcome back, fb and britt <3 even tho im not in od ^^
  2. that is definately something worth noticing. this is a disaster and TOTALLY unacceptable, and i will personally EoEBomb whoever is responsible
  3. Bye BB HF *goes to post an application to join OD*
  4. we have one of those sites for denmark www.mymusic.dk
  5. hmm... thats interesting. where did you get that link? i want to check it out.. i really doubt it has much to do with final fantasy VII though. the game is not about the Shinra at all. its much more about this one person you only hear about once or twice.. called Zack. i think Zack is what the game really about. the whole Cloud/Zack/Sephiroth thing. i have my theories on the game.. there is so much more to it than cloud saving the world and all that jazz.
  6. oops.. forgot to switch page ~~
  7. just finished bob dylans autobiography.. it sucked. also finished the da vinci code for the 2nd time. now i have nothing to read
  8. i think R.agnarok... not too sure :S [--- Post Merged ---] for some reason i couldnt edit my last post, idk why - - what i meant it to say was this: i think R.agnarok was the first person i met. i'm pretty sure BB had the air even at the time, deciding what chobo should do etc. nothing really changed since then apart from promotions and OD-WoW started. first time i came there, the channel was being spammed by one of them spambots
  9. animal rights barbeque... thats so republican
  10. 10% of my guild just /gquit because we wiped at vael at 1%
  11. my guild wiped to freaking hakkar last night.. i feel so emberrassed (spelling?). everyone just got pissed off and logged out >_< it was pretty much me, getting feared into him with like patrols all over us, so we got owned - - we did clear ZG like 4 times though~
  12. i drive a Hundai Getz its an AWESOME car <3
  13. i would love a new sig if possible, i want Selphie from Final Fantasy VIII in it, otherwise its up to you thanks <3
  14. i voted acoustic.. but its a werid question - IF we're talking about high class top of the line guitars, i'd go for acoustic. but if we're talking standard guitars i'd go for electric ;x
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