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    @SeeD(OD) You are very good friend to me the support and love you shown me when time was hard for the both of us and still is and YOU are the only one that’s not held that against me for my struggle with life and family that why you are the only one that has my phone number so we can speak directly because you’re about the only one that’s absolutely genuine its so good to see you in that white coat after all the hard work you put in to get it carry on doing what you’re doing you’re always have my support much love julie 💙💙💙
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    13 1/2 in long 13in across. 21lbs. this sucker ripped 4 milk jugs off a 150lb main line. this time it bit through 50lb mono line and got hung in my 80lb braided line in its neck.. i assume from prev experiences that it had the hook in its mouth and tried to remove it with its foot, then when it swam down it got hooked.. snapping turtle. not aligator snapper
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    Had best family and friends day at my daughter Perrie baby shower ( no the little moo is not here ) but the best thing ever my lauren is home after being away in Germany that really made my day good I’ve missed that girl glad she back home now feeling very well in her self she has a way to go yet but all looks good and she wearing glasses now looks so much like her mumma now lol ❤️❤️❤️
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    There is a bleak and dismal future that awaits you, if you keep calling me that. -_-
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    Apology accepted. In OD, we pride ourselves on being “legit” no matter which game we are playing. This is how our D2 division has been so successful, in a game where botting/hacks ruins the enjoyment of the game for others. I know it doesn’t feel good to be held accountable and demoted. I’ve been through this before. But you’ve made your first step to becoming a better member and staying on the right track. In time, you will prove to be a valuable member and earn the ranks back and even more. There are leaders in the community where you can learn leadership skills and grow, not only you OD career but learn some valuable life skills.
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    Ill be on teamspeak and ready to do the classic start group with my pally
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    ive tried pre assembled teams many times.. they seem to always fall through when i join them. the best teams ive found are randomly assembled in channel. i hate being told how to play n what to be, like i have by previous members (not stating names for obvious reasons. but u no who u r) not saying @Zachery(OD) would be this way at all. but i pave my own way. that being said i will still be around when teams fall apart.. plan on playing all night n most of the weekend. debating on starting a shared clan crusher or my own toons..
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    I want to host a clan-wide party for OD. I'm thinking Saturday on September 21, although that isn't set in stone yet. A special Teamspeak channel will be created on the day of. All members across OD are invited. Even that Ghost(OD) guy, I guess. People can come when they want, stay as long as they want, whatever is fine. We will eat, we will drink, we will chat, we will drink, and maybe play some games. I'm open to ideas and suggestions. I just want to have fun and enjoy the evening with everyone, maybe meet some new members that I haven't had a chance to meet yet. Maybe we can share some stories about some of the crazy things that have happened in OD in the past. Maybe we can share some ideas for what we'd like to see in OD's future. Maybe Badboi can pole-dance for us. All equally enticing reasons to attend. The only time we usually get together as a community is during meetings, and that doesn't really give us a chance to see our better sides. It'd be nice to get together without an agenda for a change. Let me know if you guys are down for that.
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    You were missed as well. It's understandable that you might be feeling reclusive, but you should try to make an effort to spend time with us and your division members anyway. Getting back into your familiar routine will help you feel better, and make things feel more normal again. And interacting with your members and helping out around the Division will help take your mind off of your loss. If you are by yourself then there is nothing to think about but the tragedy, and dwelling on it isn't healthy. Stop by once and a while, it may be hard at first but after a while it'll feel good to be with your peeps again. Then you just need to wait for someone in D2 to do something stupid and as you rail against them in the channel and crush them under your heel you'll remember what it feels like to be Sassy again. 😉
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    Inspired by some of the concerns that @Xon(OD) represented in the previous Admin meeting, and thanks to some recent additions that Ragnarok has made on the website, we have enacted some new changes in the Clan. Henceforth members below Officer rank who have been disabled automatically due to DSL can now re-enable themselves on the website without needing to ask someone else to do it for them. Naturally this option is not available for any member that has been disabled manually by someone, as per a resignation or being expelled. It also won't apply to anyone who was disabled prior today (but will apply if they rejoin and are disabled again due to DSL). The button to reinstate oneself will be available when that person signs back into the website after being disabled. In addition to this change, members who are re-enabled will now come back into the Clan at the rank they were when they were disabled, rather than being automatically set down to Staff Sergeant rank. Please note, however, that the automatic one-rank demotion for having max DSL will still take place, so those who DSL out will still lose a rank for it and must contact their Division Leaders to get the rank restored if their reasons for DSLing out were beyond their control. Members who are manually re-enabled are still subject to any rank changes that the person reinstating them deems are appropriate or that leadership may have decided upon in the case of high-profile reinstatement. If you have any questions about these changes feel free to post them in this topic.
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    I've been dealing with my own personal problems this week that I will not make public and haven't been as available. You do not need me to hold your hand to determine if a bait should be followed through or not. Now, if you would like to continue this discussion, we can move it to another location. But lets just wish him well and everyone can wash their hands of frustrations, irritations, pain, and problems, from all sides. Let's all just move on.
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    So, there's been a bit of an indication lately that some people have had some questions about the Clan, or the activities of people helping to run the Clan, and for a short while some of these questions surfaced a bit in some of the more passionate circumstances lately. Unfortunately the topics they were brought up in were a bit too embroiled in tension that it made productive discussion a little difficult. But I still want people to have that opportunity to ask us things if there is genuinely some stuff they want to know, and I'd rather people didn't feel like they had to wait until their resignation topics before finally asking about them. As the administrators of the community we do actually try to be open about our actions and our reasons, and I want people to feel like they can come to us and ask us anything if there are things they want to know. And I think that kind of open communication is also very important so that things don't lead to awful misunderstandings or misconceptions, which I think has led to some of the recent misgivings that have been expressed. So this topic is your chance to clear the air. Anyone and everyone, doesn't matter your rank. If you want to know what kind of changes have taken place in the Clan the last while, you can ask. If you want to know what kinds of things I've been doing lately, you can ask. I'll answer all questions as best I can, and I've no doubt all of our other Generals will add in the answers they can provide as well for any questions they can relate to. And as long as the questions are asked honestly and with appropriate civility then no one will ever be reprimanded for asking a question, in fact I would applaud anyone who took the initiative to ask and learn about the things they have doubts about. Hopefully this topic can provide that chance, and can continue to be available for people to ask whatever they want, whenever they want. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This topic is here for members to freely ask Generals, Commanders, and Division Leaders about anything they are curious or unclear about. This can include rules, decisions, or things about the Clan itself. The purpose of this topic is to improve communication, so that members have an opportunity to learn the reasons behind our actions and policies instead of being left to assume the worst or misunderstand certain choices or situations. Please keep in mind that this topic is created in good faith in the hopes of helping members understand the things they might be wondering about, and it is expected that this topic will be used in a respectful and civilized manner. Using this topic to argue, attack, or impose your own personal views is not acceptable, and such posts will be removed. There will always be some decisions you disagree with, even after hearing the explanation. That's reality, people feel differently about different situations, don't make a scene about it just politely say you feel differently and leave it at that. Additionally our leaders are not under an obligation to answer questions, and any explanations we provide are given freely of our own time and accord. That being said we do really want to provide members with an opportunity to learn and understand, so we will do our best to answer as much as we can, and as long as it is presented in a civil and considerate manner no member will ever be punished simply for asking a question. I encourage everyone to use this topic to understand as much as they can about the things they are concerned or curious about, because misunderstandings can happen far too easily!
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    Heya! So as some of you know, I recently started my career as a meteorologist - in doing so it required a move to Kansas. I have been alone out here for a couple weeks now and it hasn't been great for me mentally.. So we needed to change that! Meet Tink (dark kitty) and Sassy (white kitty). Sorry Julie.. The shelter named these babies LOL. They are siblings, the rescue I work with took the babies out of the kill shelter and bottle fed them until they were able to be sent to homes. They are 3 months old and wild cuddlebugs.. They are super cuddly when they're tired but when they wake up.. Holy hell (Tink is currently trying to crawl on my face, and they're both trying to bite my hands while I type so I give THEM this attention). I lived in a house with 18 rescues for most of my life, so adopting babies from a shelter seemed like a good place to start ~
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    Welcome back bud, enjoy havin you around. We're lucky to have individuals like yourself. I'm happy to hear your studies are paying off. Well done
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    Would like you all to meet MACIE my new rescued bulldog I was due to get a baby bulldog come May but macie had come into a rescue center for bully’s I just fell in love with her so I started the adoption process and we was excepted.. we go to pick her up on Saturday I’m so excited to get her and give her that loving forever home she deserves and it’s a play mate for our Haze she is such a cutie
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    Been like that for a long time now.
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    Back to work today looking forward to seeing my co workers missed them
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    My Jeep is decorated for holidays
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    Happy Christmas from the bad elf 🧝‍♀️
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    this is Piggy(OD) I want to play a summon/curses necro
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    Evening! So reset has been set for Dec 6th at 8PM EST. With this being said I will be starting out on SCCL and then moving to HCCL. I will eventually go to EXP of both once prices come down a lot. The goal is to make a Sorc and BO Barb on each SCCL/HCCL and rush people for FG and Clan mates as needed. I plan to be on at reset and play through most of the night and then most of the weekend to get going. If anyone wants to start with me feel free. Below are the two builds/gear I will be aiming for. SCCL/HCCL Sorc - Crusher Head - Iratha's Coil Crown Ammy - Iratha's Collar Amulet Shield - The Ward Gothic Shield Armor - Twitchthroe Wep - Spectral Shard Blade Gloves - Iratha's Cuff Light Gauntlets Belt - Iratha's Cord Heavy Belt Boots - Dual or Tri res if possible with needed res and mods FRW/FHR Rings - Aim for dual/tri res with FCR but go for res over FCR Cold 1 ice bolt 1 ice blast 1 frost nova 1 glacial spike 1 blizzard 20 Frozen Orb 20 Cold Mastery Lightning 1 Charged bolt 1 lightning 1 chain lightning 1 thunder storm 1 lightning mastery 1 telekinesis 20 teleport 1 static (add more later) 1 nova Fire 1 inferno 1blaze 1firewall (add more later) 1 fire mastery The goal here is to be able to kill any immunes you run across. Static and Firewall are your best bets for pumping extra points into. I found firewall super useful in hell and the higher I got it the faster I could deal with immunes. You really wanna hit at least lvl 71 so you can have a few extra points into static/FW SCCL/HCCL - Barb - Boer Head - Tranhelm Skull Cap Ammy - +2 barb skills Armor - Berserker's Hauberk Splint Mail Weps - 2x +2 Barb skill rings - 2 sojs if you can find them but good luck lol Max - Shout, Battle Orders and Battle Command
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    Looking forward to getting to know you Sassy!
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    Thanks for posting a question @Purplez(OD) ! I am still working on ideas to try and bring in new members to the community. As you know, it can be tough to motivate people to put forth effort to do much of anything these days... I also invite anyone with their own ideas, to post in the R & R committee or PM me, and I will do my best to help develop the idea and make it happen! In the past, Dave(OD) has hosted "recruitment contests", which yielded positive results, and we could benefit from a group effort of recruitment like that again in the near future. The other (more difficult) part, is retaining those new members. I believe that while having members in-game that are active is good for growth in that division, we need to start focusing on getting new members to interact outside of the game (such as in teamspeak or discord). This is where we can really show what OD is all about, and where we really separate ourselves from the froth - We are not just in one game or another, but a community of gamers playing all different sorts of games at any given time, maintaining friendships beyond the games that come and go. As far as something specific that we as leaders can do to spark more interest in our current member-base, the only place where I feel we are slacking-off in, is being active outside the games we play - being online and available in teamspeak / discord, posting in the forums, participating in events / awards, etc. We must lead by example, as I've seen you say many times around the forums 😉 , and I fully agree with that statement. We can't expect our members to care or show interest, if we show that we don't care about the community ourselves. Thanks again for posting!
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    I think Sassy just wants her privacy atm so I think we should all respect that. Sorry to see you go @GhostDog(OD) best of luck to you sir.
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    Hi OD friends! I saw there was a character builds area but after clicking on those links, I'm going to do ALOT more than just tell you a build (but I will have builds in here haha) Sorry ahead of time but those old builds just aren't up to PAR and need to be revamped. @SuNSeT @DBZ(OD) @Rich(OD) @MooMoo(OD) @Purplez(OD) I would REALLY appreciate a guides stick in this PVP section where I can post Character guides (i.e. this aka the first of 7), and then another stickied area where we can put my dueling guides (i.e. Namelock/wsg) that I have already posted 4 of. These guides will be super in depth and should cover EVERYTHING you might come across in the blood moor. ANYWAYS LETS GET ROLLING HAHA PvP Necromancer Goals: 125 FCR and 86 FHR in every set. Breakdown of Guide: I. Gear needed with explanations. II. How to duel vs each class (Extra part for Team PK) III. What gear to use vs what. IV. Skill Distribution/Stat Point Distribution Intro: This is a Guide based solely off of my experiences on Necro over the past several seasons. My play style, my techniques are all from allot of team dueling and allot of 1v1 dueling. There is nothing PVM about this build / guide there is nothing about how to BM inside this guide. I am a GM dueler mostly 😉 I. Gear Helmets: • Three Circlets: The desirable stats on it would be at a minimum +2 Necro skills, +20 FCR, 30 FRW, and Life / Resist All, or mana, 1 open socket or 2. (Most of this is based off of your price range you can afford.) 1. Cham Ber, 2. Jah Jah, and 3. Ber Ber  Explanation: 1. Team Pk Circ, NVA Circ, this will be your primary circlet. 2. NvN circlet 3. NVD / Dr set up. • Kiras: 70 all res, place a 7 FHR, 30 cold res jewel in this. Optional is Strength, + all res. The cold resistances and the FHR are hugely important in hitting 86 FHR.  Explanation: This will be your primary helmet against blizzard sorceresses. It is also helpful against Foh Paladins, Fire sorceresses, or light sorceresses with allot of – res. Yes even cs zons. It is essential in hitting maximum resistances when WSGing vs a trap sin if you lack the proper resistance gear. It also helps vs pesky poison necromancers. Amulet: • +2 to Necro or PnB Skills as well as + 20 FCR. The nice additions to this are Strength, Resistances, Life, Life Rep., and Mana In that order of importance.  Explanation: This amulet allows you to more easily hit 125 FCR, while leaving you more options on rings, gloves, and boots. More or less it allows you to have more life in every setup more versatility to stack your gear how you need to. It is overall your best choice in an amulet. Weapons: • White Wand 8Spear/6Spirit/1-3Lower Res  This wand is great for upping your spear damage and spirit damage while not sacrificing too much FCR. It will be your main wand for NvA, NvH, NvB, NvSmite, NvZ, Even vs ES sorceresses to break mana faster it is one of the only weapons to enable you to kill a high ES, Fb sorceress. It is amazing in NvD as it allows you to hit 6k Spear which is the minimum damage required to FHR a druid from a single spear. It is also great to have a lower resist one as it will enable you to have it on swap in team duels where you cannot have it out as your main and assist the trapper or whatever elemental damage characters are on your team if the physical damage teammates of yours have died or do not pose a relevant enough threat for you to amp for them. • Heart of the Oak  Explanation: This is your perfect weapon vs most everything you will face. 3 to all skills makes all your attacks stronger, Golem stronger, amps stronger, everything. 40 FCR opens up your rings and belt and helmet options allot and allows you to hit 125 easily. 20 Rep Life is awesome in drawn out 1v1’s and or team duels. As if adding 40 to all of your resistances wasn’t good enough it add’s to your mana by + 15% as well. • Wizard Spike put a 7 FHR 30 Cold resistance – 15 Req. jewel in this.  Explanation: This will be your primary helmet against blizzard sorceresses. It is also helpful against FoH Paladins, or light sorceresses with allot of – res. Yes even CS Amazons. It also helps vs pesky poison necromancers. The extra mana is quite nice to have as well. • Call to Arms  Explanation: Life, Mana, Skill, and the rep life on swap are nice to have in a pesky elongated duel. CTA Rep with no Battle orders as long as you can then recast battle orders to regain allot more life. Armor: • Enigma: Scarab Husk. 95 Str. Req.  Explanation: Strength Glitching, More than just looking naked on your opponents screen. Shields: • Spirit of Phoenix Monarch: 35 FCR/ one for battle orders on Swap  Explanation: The only shield you need. Gloves: • Trangs  Explanation: 20 Fcr is super helpful, but these come with an added kick Cold resistances, a necromancer cannot ever get enough of those. They are also good in team duels because they add 2 to curses which are very helpful in team duels greater Amp. Radius and duration is never a bad thing. • Blood fists  These are important for FHR they also have life which is great. That is all. They are used in NvN. Rings: • Wisp a. Explanation: Team Duels, Light Sorceresses, FOH, and Trappers. • SOJ a. Explanation: Vs. TPK where no light sorb is needed, NvH, NvB, NvSmite, NvZ. • Bul Khatos  Explanation: Skill, Life, and mana the end NvN ring. • Raven Frost  Explanation: Blizz sorcs exist, NvD. • Fcr Ring: 10 FCR, 17+ STR, 35+ life, Mana, or Rep life +7, Lite Res, Fire Res, Cold Res, In order of importance.  You will always have this on. It is your Vs. everything ring and should not be taken off ever. The FCR enables you to use other items which add more life than if you were to use a Bk. It allows you to tank better vs the elements, and have more life. Belts: • Arachs  Explanation: Enables you to hit 125 Fcr in NvN. • Thunder Gods Vigor  Explanation: Use versus CS amazon. • Verdungoes  Explanation: The official belt of NVA. Boots: • Dual res Boots, 30 FRW, 10 FHR, 38+ Fire resistance, 35+ Light resistance Rep life is a nice addition, or Mana.  Explanation: This will be your primary boots. • Aldurs, 50 Fire res  Explanation: These are your NvN boots. • Hot Spurs  Explanation: These are great vs Fire sorceresses, Aura din, and the occasional Fire Druid. + 15% to Max Fire res and its GM what more is there to say? Can only be used without SOP. Inventory: • Gc’s : 9 X Lifers 2 X 12 FHR PnB • Sc’s: 10 X Life/5 Res all 1 X 5 FHR/ 5 Res all. • Torch: 20 Stat / 20+ Res. • Anni: 20 Stat/ 20+ Res.  Explanation: The one FHR PnB is so that you can still hit 86 FHR. The 5/5 FHR small charm is so that you can hit 86 FHR in most of your NvN set. II. A Break down how to duel each class. Glossary: (WSG) – Weapon Switch Glitch – This is the act of pressing down your key (Typically W) that you have set to swap weapons. What this effectively does is get rid of the FHR animation you would normally get for being hit with a damage causing skill/spell. Rendering you free to move about as you please. ”Chain Locking” – When you grab a name lock (With Right click spell, or unsummon lock), the trick is to put the mouse right around your feet, when the enemy teleports off, while still holding down your right click spell swap the skill to teleport. If they teleport again, it effectively teleports you onto the top left of them every time they teleport. If they stop teleporting and you hold down teleport, it will place you to the top right of them for your second “tele stomp”. Golem Glitch – When in an NvN duel, after tele stomping a necromancer, your golem lands in a position to where even if the other necromancer had a name lock on you before you tele stomped the Golem will eat the spears and no damage will be done to the person on top. This effect only occurs if they are not “Up-Spearing”. Up-Spearing – If a necro is over offensing, shoot up left at a 45° angle. Top left Corner of your screen. They will become fhr’d in your spear and die unless they double stomp. Double Stomping - A double stomp is more or less chaining a person who is sitting still. You instead of immediately swapping to spear out of your stomp leave it on teleport for one more teleport then swap to spear. Classes: Assassin: A good trap sin will be trying to FHR you with a mixture of her traps, mind blast, and one of the following: Dragon Talon (Kick), Dragon Claw, or fire blast. Your best bet unless you are a pro at WSG spear is to be fast out of their reach. The main objective when dueling a trap assassin is to get her shadow down. You may think that she can just recast it but, one it gets frustrating to them which can force more errors and two it takes longer to recast it each time it is killed. The best method for doing this is teeth (do not abuse this and run out of mana). You may be asking why it’s so important to down it I’ll explain, with her shadow up one it will tank more of your IBS, and on top of that it will have attacks to add onto the already annoying FHR that your typical 102 c/c sin has. Thus making it very difficult for you to attack or get out of FHR locks. Once you get the shadow down you will have the opportunity to get off a few spears on the sin before she can recast it. But even without a shadow the sin can fully FHR lock you. So make it 2-3 spears and get out. You will also want to be IBSing in the sins typical teleport patterns. You can even set them up by spraying a spirit train a certain direction goes to it and when they come in to try and lock you up with Minblast and Traps you are sitting in spirits. Get off a couple of spears they will try to run if your “train of spirits “is effective and you can chain teleport them down. When you are WSGing away from a sin make sure you are never going toward them with WSG as it will not work well. It may appear to be working on your screen but in the game you are stuck and probably half dead by the time you realize. Always WSG away from them and never in straight lines. Always have some small amount of a semi-circle walk about it as to dodge traps. If they are not backing off your ass have spear on the right click on both weapon sides, keep your mouse near you when you’re WSGing stop for a second and get off a quick spear continue WSGing and spearing them if they continue to chase. If they try to run off as you have hurt them or downed their shadow with your WSG spearing chain them down and finish them off. If you are getting badly fhr’d by the more pvm style sins with 14 K traps even with the regular 11-12 k trappers. Cast your golem into their traps he will tank for you so you can get off a few spears. Hybrid sins are more or less the same thing, the only difference is to use prison vs them a lot whenever they look like they’re Mind blasting you to try and setup a tele stomp whirlwind this is usually deliberate as most of them do not lay traps as they are thinking about the WW attack. Prison them, and be casting spirits downward as they will be whirling through and under you not on top of you and those attacks will miss. Amazon: One of the simplest classes for a necromancer. The sneakier ones will be using a mixture of multi when you’re far out and strafe when you get up close to attempt to FHR you. Then they will attempt to guided arrow you if you have to get out. Some of the crafty ones will also attempt to get off furies before they are dodge locked in an attempt to FHR lock you. The main things a necromancer must do vs. a Bowazon is to always keep up your Golem as his slow will ruin the amazon, Bone armor as it makes it so they can’t FHR you before you can dodge lock them, and always be on them do not give them time to set up. Additionally do not let them run down freely come from underneath them. Grab your lock stomp them. Your fist 3 attacks should be casting the teeth spell. Then cast a spirit to follow them if they somehow WSG out then be spearing them to dole out good damage. Typically they can only tank 2-3 of these in a 1v1. If they get out make sure to get a fresh Golem and bone armor up come in and stomp again. Teeth, Spirit, and then Spear. It is the ultimate in killing amazons. If they do FHR you with any of said attacks as a few of the very good ones should be able to pull a quick WSG the opposite direction of them and teleport behind the nearest wall or corner to shed the IGA’s and what not that are no doubt on your tail. Go back in Fresh dodge lock, and teeth spirit spear them dead. CS amazons just keep your range spirit the shit out of them when you get enough spirits on them stomp and dodge lock them. They will die almost instantly. Barbarian: There are so many different styles of Barbarian play it is absurd to be honest. The most successful trend of late is a mixture of leaping Teleporting blindly (C/T) from off screen into a tri-whirl, and if there are prisons up zerking/concentration. This makes the necro rely more heavily upon his IBS, finding puddles to stand on as to not get leaped into complete FHR annihilation. Or casting prison on the barbarian, and IBSing and spearing when possible which is not much. BVC’s are now very hit and run. So be casting spirits in their path to get to where they like to blind stomp you (I define blind stomping as coming from off-screen without a lock and placing yourself in a position to land almost on the person without getting a name lock utilizing C/T) So put spirits in front of them here and as they get closer put spirits in their inevitable whirlwind placement so that they will land in them. If you are shooting straight at them the spirits will be following them and they will have time to walk out of whirlwind get away from your slow spirits and tele off. Also when they stomp you can tele out of where you were and spear where they are now whirl winding the air you just occupied. For the ones who try to zerk you down be quick about getting away as it is very easy to chain zerk people. If they are chain zerking you try a couple of times and it will make them go back to relying on ww’s south walk their zerk and up spear them then gtfo. Merely hiding in prisons will not work anymore we must now lure them into us by using puddles as they think they will get away with leap fhring us we are on a puddle and not being fhr’d at all. Quickly tele out and spear them down as mentioned before. The morale is do not try to tank barbs in walls or prisons any more unless they suck. Use your char advantages that it has and range his ass down. Druid: Elemental druids there are three main play styles on these. Three different styles of using summons as well. The first play style is all out offensive, the second is hit and run allot, the third is Defensive. You will run across all three a lot. The three mixtures of summons is as such: One plays with only wolves, the next plays with only bear, the third is a compilation of wolves and bear depending on how much life you or they have left. The overly aggressive druids can be a pain in the butt, but can also make it quite easy for you to dole out allot of damage if you’re smart. They will blindly dash in and stomp and try to chain you like they would a zon. You do not get dodge locked. With this fellow whether he have wolves or bear up teeth until vs the wolf using one until there are no wolves or oak up. Swap to spearing 1-2 times and get out. Vs. the bear using kind get down his oak and you can spear him through the bear. Be ever vigilant when dueling druids to avoid getting caught in an under stomp where they just nado up and you’re dead. Do not always walk straight south ever. When a druid does get under you, you have two options walk up a little spear and get out or just get out. They will mostly do the same thing, they will get out trying and going to recast. This is the perfect time to attack. Always remember to attack from a distance. All a druid has to do is cast nados in any direction and they will hit you. The same works for hit and run druids. Verse a defensive druid it is purely avoiding spammed nados, as well as being able to be very accurate with spear. Get your locks on him, his summons, and spear. Does not waste mana on any other attack just spear him. Always be careful to know when to walk and when to teleport out. Do not ever stick in there always be walking so that you’re not an easy target. On a side note do not ever have your golem up as he wanders around allot a smart druid will sit off screen grab a lock on him and wait for you to teleport then bam you are dead from a golem lock. So leave him unsummoned. Melee druids, pretty much to be treated like CS amazons with DR on instead of lightning res gear. Vs rabies druids do not use golem as the rabies can spread to you through them. They do typically have allot of life so do not stomp before they are almost completely dead as most of them can fhr lock you in a heartbeat. Use your range and be smart. Necromancer: NvN, the rules are simple. Only Spear, Golem, Teeth, and Teleport (Of course battle orders). This is to eliminate too much running and spamming. The way I play necro vs. someone who is not really adept at it is the “Circle Method” This is where you teleport around your opponent in clockwise or counterclockwise patterns to attempt to catch a name lock in the corner of the screen. Spear 1-2 times and stomp then be down spearing. Versus better necros I prefer to be up close and personal always on their screen looking to stomp golem glitch and get it over with using a variety of patterns whether it’s faking to come in for a lock and acting like I’m running away from them so they will corner tele to try and catch me but I stop and have my mouse in their teleport pattern. Grab a quick lock and I’m on them before they can finish getting their mouse in a position to try and beat me to the lock. I’ll zig zag on your screen until I push you into my lock while making it hard for you to lock. The main thing I have found in NvN is that when you are on screen with the other person you are either at the advantage and got the lock in and are attacking, or you did not get the lock and they are attacking. If you are at a disadvantage get out. Corner tele, Shake do whatever you have to do to break the chain you are probably in. (Shaking is teleporting back and forth left to right. It can also be used to come in and attack without them being able to lock you.) Now some people prefer to walk and wait for you to come in so they can get their lock off or just continue to up left wsg spear you or regular walk spear you as you try to stomp them. If you are teleporting up to someone and they are using the walking method do not stomp. What instead you will do is get under them grab your lock or get out. If you grab your lock first spear 1-2 times then stomp. In any NvN matchup I honestly prefer to be coming from the bottom as it makes it more difficult for them to adjust from shooting at me trying to get a lock to go to “Up Spearing”. I will also walk a lot if I think they beat me to the lock wait for them to stomp tele off causing them to lose their lock, and it is a perfect setup for the “Fake runaway” technique. Golem, probably the most confusing part of NvN is how your golem works. When you tele stomp someone and there is nothing like a ditch or whatever in front of the person you are dueling you will land on the top left of them. Even if they have a name lock on you at the time your golem will eat the spears. They will not hit you. Now to ignore the golem all one has to do is shoot up left have your mouse at the top left corner of your screen. This will ignore their golem and most likely FHR them unless they can pull la quick WSG and get out or teleport out. If you find someone is “Golem ignoring” you a lot then start spearing before you stomp. 1-2 spears. Just don’t be too far away. If you prefer to be fancy and are quite good at chaining people do a “Double stomp”. (A double stomp is more or less chaining a person who is sitting still. You instead of immediately swapping to spear out of your stomp leave it on teleport for one more teleport then swap to spear.) My style of NvN requires you to be very fast at locking, very fast at getting out when you do not have the lock and out smarting your opponent. Watch where they go when you teleport somewhere near them know how and where you are pushing them have your mouse there waiting stomp and spear. Now one thing I always do and it has won many close and tight duels for me is to make sure my golem is full life and trying to keep him bo’d. If you both start spearing at the same time on similar necros the one whose golem tanks more will win. The best life for NvN is 4181 = or >. Paladin: a. Hammer din, this should be a matchup you can take advantage of. Because unlike every class with the exception of trappers you can break synch. Most good hammer dins rely on synch to be invisible and either stomp you or put hammers under you so that they are invisible and have you walk down into them. Never walk to far south, ever. The main way to prevent death via synch stomp is with Teeth. Hammerdins all have set synch patterns that they like to use. Learn the hammerdin you’re duelings synch paths. And teeth them. Vs very fast hit and run Hammer dins your best bet will be putting IBS in their synch paths. The path that is. Your only chance to hit a hammer din who is close to you is spear. You must constantly be spearing them while making sure in the back of your mind you are ready to walk as per they will stomp you if you sell out to spear them. Pull a quick prison on them and start spearing get ready to walk. Once again as is like the Elemental Druid, never walk straight down that makes it easy to synch under you or just pull a quick under tele and you’re dead before you know what hit you. I personally enjoy casting Golem on them to make synching impossible and staying close to inflict as much spear damage as I can without getting stomped. Constantly prisoning and spearing. b. V/T, A smiter with Fist of the Heavens as his attack on swap or used to gain name lock and tele smite you while you are in FHR Animation. Most will see how their FOH does damage wise Vs. you. If this fails they will typically abandon it and resort to trying to charge you down and smite you. The most effective way to duel against a V/T is to bone prison him and you teleport at him (Be IBSing this whole time) and prison him then spear him in the prisons. Make sure to not get telesmited. Just south walk and spear up then get out and re-prison him continue to do until he is dead. Make sure to always have Golem, and Bone armor up for this matchup. FOH and smiters, they don’t need a full section of explaining each. Duel a smiter how you would duel a V/T without worrying about FOH. Duel a FOH like a V/T with no smite. Prison if they’re using Enigmas. Spirit spear. Both are very easy classes to kill. Auradin, same thing stomp and spirit spear. Sorceresses: a. Fire, i. Vita Fire sorceresses are not terribly difficult for Necromancers as Hotspurs are GM You don’t need more than SOP vs them though. The thing to avoid is chasing them into a bunch of spam. If they are trying to turn it into a game of you chasing them into their spam. Remember that your spam auto locks onto things. IBS them down. For most however all you will have to resort to is the circle method and stomp. You tank twice as much as they do. ii. ESFB is a different beast all together. Your main strategy vs them if properly build will be to walk spirit them until their mana breaks and then spear them down. FB is easy to walk. More so than any other attack other than traps. Walk them and spirit them down. 5-6 good spirits should about break the mana and if you’re doing it right you will notice by their life dropping allot more than the previous spirits. That is when you have the opportunity to go in for the kill. You may get up spammed allot if you’re not careful to double stomp them and not blindly chase them. I would almost recommend if they are successful at getting away from you to mana regen that you continue to try and walk spirit them or ibs them down so that you do not die to chasing. But do not under any circumstances attempt to out tank a high ES sorc unless it’s a blizzard sorceress, and still exercise caution there. Break the mana then attack. b. Lightning, i. Vita lightning, most players of lightning sorceresses have gotten good at shooting without name locks. What they are masters at is hit and run as they cannot depend on the large differential in damage from one attack to the next. So you will have to have them come close to you with allot of IBS so that they fear being far enough for you to IBS and make it a game of you spearing. A high roll lightning hit can FHR you but if you hit first they are already dead. Play it like NvN but you always have the advantage. ii. ES Light, you honestly should not be able to beat a well-played well geared es light sorc. Yet if you play it perfectly you can. You have to play it quite similarly to how you beat an ESFB. It’s just twice as hard. Do not think that you can FHR them you cannot unless their mana is broken. c. Cold, i. Vita Blizzard, They will try and defense you to the max, they will corner blizz, self blizz and run away. They are fragile so most anyone decent on them is very defensive on it as well. They hit very hard so always keep up your Golem as he is cold immune. You will want to Spirit these ones down if they are staying far away. With the knowledge in mind that they wish to “Corner(C/T*) Blizz” you. (Corner Blizzing is putting the mouse in the top left or top right corners of your screen either with your character screen or your skill screen up and casting blizz as it will cast well beyond the normal parameters of a blizzer. This is also done without the use of C/Ting) Most are more comfortable doing it with the top right part of their screen so ibs the bottom left part of yours. Do not stomp blizz sorcs, they have all developed the thought that self blizzing is equivalent to skill. So do as if you are Vs an Elemental Druid or a Hammer din. Tele close be on screen and spear do not stomp. If the blizzer is good enough to walk your spirits make it a point to prison them. They will no doubt be teleporting out of this. This is the one exception where I will stomp them and spear a couple of times and get out before they can self blizz. ii. ES Blizz is really the same thing as Vita it just takes more hits to kill them. They also do not FHR as easily as Vita. Team Pking: Now when you think of a Necromancer what can he do in a team duel that can most benefit the team? What are his strengths and weaknesses compared to most of the most popular Team PK characters? He has allot of range, is very fast, Can help physical damage literally by 100%, can trap people that are fhr’d so they can’t WSG. In addition they do decent damage. My definition of a necro mancer in a Team PK environment is an enabler and a closer. He enables other people to get kills by providing Amplify damage perhaps his most important job in the entire duel. This enables Barbs, Druids, Amazons, and Hdins with a grief, Smiters, everything that does physical damage to be that much more effective. You provide bone prisons provided its GM to BP said person thus trapping them for a druid to come in and finish a kill. With Mind blast and a bp on an amped opponent with a druid right there they never had a chance. The most important thing is to not waste mana, IBS constantly, keep the other team amped and do not die ever. Run to someone who compliments you. Never 1V1 this is a team duel. Even if you are better than the other person lure them to a druid or better lead them to a Trap sin. Mind blast, bone prison, stomp, spear = dead. Be a smart team player not a selfish one who wants an ace. On necro you will not ace many 4v4’s ever. As a closer your job is to make sure you are the last one to die on your team. You can run away constantly and dish out allot of spears. Spirits are almost pointless unless the person chasing you is a barb or a fellow necromancer. You want to go in with your decent damage at the end of a duel and clean up anyone left around. A huge trick is to make sure you are accompanying the strongest dueler on your team at any given time to assist them in killing and keeping people off of both of you with Amp and IBS spam. If you have a zon you can do the fake run away thing but rally to the zon amp them quickly if they aren’t already and they will get multi sprayed down. Same goes for Druid, sin whatever. Do not try to 1v1 ever unless you are the only one left. III. What to wear?  Assassin: Traps  Helmet: Cham Ber Circlet (Use 13 life res small charms if need be to hit 175 all res, the trade off with a little damage vs WSG with max res on both swaps is not even close.)  Amulet: 2/20 Amulet  Weapon: White Wand - damach.  Armor: Enigma  Shield: Spirit of Phoenix Monarch  Gloves: Trangs Claws  Rings: Wisp and FCR ring.  Belt: Verdungos  Boots: Dual Res Rep Boots  Assassin: Hybrids  Helmet: Cham Ber Circlet (Use 13 life res small charms if need be to hit 175 all res, the trade off with a little damage vs WSG with max res on both swaps is not even close.)  Amulet: 2/20 Amulet  Weapon: White Wand - damach.  Armor: Enigma  Shield: Spirit of Phoenix Monarch  Gloves: Trangs Claws  Rings: Wisp and FCR ring.  Belt: Verdungos  Boots: Dual Res Rep Boots  Amazon: Bowa  Helmet: Ber Ber Circlet  Amulet: 2/20 Amulet  Weapon: White Wand - damach.  Armor: Enigma  Shield: Spirit of Phoenix Monarch  Gloves: Trangs Claws  Rings: Raven or SOJ and FCR ring.  Belt: Verdungos  Boots: Dual Res Rep Boots  Amazon: CS  Helmet: Cham / Ber or Kiras(Depending on –res)  Amulet: 2/20 Amulet  Weapon: White / Hoto / Possibly Wizard Spike if need be.  Armor: Enigma  Shield: Spirit Monarch  Gloves: Trangs or Blood Fist  Rings: SoJ/BK, and Your FCR ring.  Belt: Tgods  Boots: Dual Res  Amazon: Plague  Helmet: Kiras  Amulet: 2/20 Amulet  Weapon: Hoto  Armor: Enigma  Shield: Spirit OP Monarch  Gloves: use Death set for the poison length reduction.  Rings: Bk. Your FCR ring.  Belt: Verdungoes  Boots: Treks  Barbarian:  Helmet: Cham Ber Circlet  Amulet: 2/20 Amulet  Weapon: White  Armor: Enigma  Shield: Spirit Monarch  Gloves: Trangs  Rings: Bk or SOJ. Your FCR ring.  Belt: Verdungoes  Boots: Dual Res Rep  Druid:  Helmet: Ber Ber Circ  Amulet: 2/20 Amulet  Weapon: White wand  Armor: Enigma  Shield: Spirit OP Monarch  Gloves: Trangs  Rings: Raven, and Your FCR ring.  Belt: Verdungoes  Boots: Dual Res Rep or Aldur’s and additional FHR GC  Necromancer: Bone  Helmet: Circlet Jah Jah  Amulet: 2/20 Amulet  Weapon: White wand  Armor: Enigma  Shield: Spirit Monarch  Gloves: Bloodfists.  Rings: Bk. Your FCR ring.  Belt: Arachs  Boots: Aldurs + 5/5 FHR Small Charm  Necromancer: Poison  Helmet: Kiras  Amulet: 2/20 Amulet  Weapon: Hoto  Armor: Enigma  Shield: Spirit Monarch  Gloves: use Death set for the poison length reduction.  Rings: BK/SOJ. Your FCR ring.  Belt: Verdungoes  Boots: Treks  Paladin: Hdin  Helmet: Circlet, Jah Jah  Amulet: 2/20 Amulet  Weapon: White wand  Armor: Enigma  Shield: Spirit Monarch  Gloves: Bloodfists.  Rings: BK/SOJ. Your FCR ring.  Belt: Arachs  Boots: Aldurs  Paladin: V/T  Helmet: Circlet Cham / Ber  Amulet: 2/20 Amulet  Weapon: White / maybe HOTO  Armor: Enigma  Shield: Spirit OP Monarch  Gloves: Trangs (White), B Fists (HOTO)  Rings: Wisp, and your FCR ring.  Belt: Verdungoes  Boots: Dual Res  Paladin: Smiter  Helmet: Circlet Cham / Ber  Amulet: 2/20 Amulet  Weapon: White wand  Armor: Enigma  Shield: Spirit OP Monarch  Gloves: Trangs  Rings: Bk/SOJ. Your FCR ring.  Belt: Verdungoes  Boots: Dual Res Rep  Paladin: FOH  Helmet: Kiras  Amulet: 2/20 Amulet  Weapon: Hoto Possibly Wizard Spike if need be.  Armor: Enigma  Shield: Spirit OP Monarch  Gloves: Trangs  Rings: Wisp + Your FCR ring.  Belt: Verdungoes  Boots: Dual Res  Sorceresses: Fire  Helmet: Circ Jah Jah  Amulet: 2/20 Amulet  Weapon: White wand if you have enough resistances without HOTO.  Armor: Enigma  Shield: Spirit Monarch  Gloves: Trangs.  Rings: Bk. Your FCR ring.  Belt: Arachs  Boots: Spurs  Sorceresses: Lightning  Helmet: Circ Jah Jah unless cham ber has + res on base.  Amulet: 2/20 Amulet  Weapon: Hoto Possibly Wizard Spike if need be, white if they have no – res (Use 13 Life Res Sc’s)  Armor: Enigma  Shield: Spirit OP Monarch  Gloves: use Blood Fist (Trangs if white)  Rings: Wisp. Your FCR ring.  Belt: Arachs / Verdungoes  Boots: Dual Res  Sorceresses: Cold  Helmet: Kiras  Amulet: 2/20 Amulet  Weapon: Wizard Spike.  Armor: Enigma  Shield: Spirit Monarch  Gloves: Trangs Gloves for the cold resistance.  Rings: Raven Frost, Your FCR ring.  Belt: Arachs  Boots: Dual Res IV. Stat yo self  Stat points (To be used only once fully leveled and using lowest amount of Str Gear on possible)  Strength: Enough to hit 156 in every set you use. Between Ammy + Ring, Ammy + Circ, or Circ + Ring, you should hit 95 Strength. This allows you to flash those two items and strength glitch.  Dexterity: None  Vitality: Everything not in Strength goes here. (Shift click after putting in Strength)  Energy: None  Skill points  Summoning Tree: 1 Point into: Golem, Golem Mastery, and Summon Resistances.  Curses Tree: 1 Point into Amplify Damage  Poison and Bone Tree: Max: Teeth, Spirit, Spear, Bone Wall then Prison. In that order.
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    Hello Everyone! Longtime fan of D2, just started playing again two months ago and got tired of not being part of a community within this great game. Hunted down this clan and was lucky enough to run into Purplez. Thanks for the Grush @Purplez(OD). Passionate about old school gaming and actually do like to take long walks...just not at the beach. Currently living in the DC area. Hope to see you guys in game and have lots of fun with the reset. PM me if you need anything i am usually on ~8pm est when the kids go down for bed.
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    Maybe the Queen will like him and keep him over there LMAO
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    So @GhostDog(OD). You went on a tirade about how your vote was removed purely due to favoritism. You went further to state that you did not know why is was removed. Here, however, we see that you were in fact given the reason for why your vote was removed and told that you are more than welcome to re-post your vote after altering it to be within voting guidelines. The section of your vote outside of the guidelines pertained to a section in which you falsely accused a member of something that was actually done by another member. It sounds like this was a situation that you should have been able to address and fix yourself without this ever needing to be public. If you truly have grievances with Beer outside of a misplacement of deeds done then you should have had to no problems simply altering the vote to remove the misplaced accusation. However, instead you came here claiming that your vote was removed due to favoritism. Instead you came here claiming that you had no idea why it had been removed. We won't punish people for raising concerns over leadership nor their choices. We will, however, punish them for making unnecessary public shows of things if they are higher ranked. We will also punish people that alter the truth in an attempt to stir the pot not because of legitimate concerns but because of a personal vendetta against the leadership or a member. If it is the case that you were told the reasons for why your vote was illegitimate, rather than being uninformed as you stated here, then I advise you to publicly state your mistake. If this is not the case and you would like to further escalate this by reaffirming your accusation that Triny is abusing her power and is instead lying in her post here then you are free to do so. However, know that if you do decide to escalate it further and it's found that your accusations are unfounded then a punishment may actually be in order at that point. My question to you @GhostDog(OD) is this. Are you sure your views of ODG's leadership are truly in-line with reality?
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    happy bday @JR(OD) you made it another one! go get white girl wasted for me
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    And my boy in this one
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    It would be problematic to allow anyone to recruit for their clans on our websites and forums, especially since most of our divisions have rules against being in multiple clans for that game. In all my years of gaming i have never seen a gaming clan allow other clans to recruit on platforms they pay for and maintain, and that are related to their clan only.
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    I'll be around at start of season if you need any help of any sort.
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    This topic is now marked as resolved. If you feel your problem/situation was not fixed please get in contact with Administration.
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    @JR(OD) If you click on your name in the top right, the click account settings. On the right is an edit profile, click that. Ensure enable status updates is green like my screenshot at the top. After it is, save your changes and check your statuses to see if you can post one.
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    I look forward to seeing you host the meeting I'll see you there in two weeks at this present time I think I'll be able to make it, I request that we finish by 8 PM as Game of Thrones is life
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    Haha ya it got butcherd 😂
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    I think I did the worst thing ever and that’s had @Ray(OD)to my snap chat I thought adding Scottie @TypeReaL(OD)was bad enough helppp me now i have ray singing wheels on the bus to me as I leave for work 🤣🤣
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    Hello everyone. It is time we hear from all of D2, thus I'll start hosting D2 division meetings. These community meetings are to: - Address division concerns, opinions, questions, and suggestions. - Establish relationships between division members - Encourage community participation on Teamspeak 3 and the forums It is crucial that everyone's voice is heard. For proper organization and direction, we ask that you reply to this thread with any topics you'd like to be discussed. Polls will be made based off these topics. Popular topics will be brought to the meetings. Division meetings will be hosted on Teamspeak 3 every three months. The first one will take place on Sunday, Feb 10th, at 8 PM EST (7 PM CST). To download Teamspeak, follow this link: https://www.teamspeak.com/en/downloads/ *Meetings will be recorded for quality assurance.
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    WHAT the fuck are you doing to my status Box ....... this is for me and me alone to express thoughts of harming you and what I ate for breakfast
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    So today marks my 200th day in OD. Since joining I've climbed the ranks pretty quickly, already a 2nd Lieutenant, Executive Officer of the HC D2 Squad and recently joined the SWTOR Squad. But that's not the best part! Ill tell you guys that in a sec . I started playing with u guys and coming around in channel id say about 1 year ago. The first person I actually met is someone I don't even talk to anymore. Jake or as most of you know him Dont(OD). He hooked me up my first enigma since coming back to the game. So after a couple of months of playing with him I finally get recruited by Cindy. YES PURPLE is my FAV Color!! LOL!! Then I met Probably the craziest, funniest and best TS voice winner for the past idk how many awards :P Julie! Ill never forget that night U, Steve (Ralsha(OD)) and I where drinking on ts just saying stupid shit and drinking all night while doing baal runs. That night to me was classic and one ill never forget as it really started getting me involved in the clan activities as I was still fairly new. After a couple of months of just playing I finally started recruiting for the clan. My first recruit who is MIA lol Envious(OD) has been disabled for a while. I thought I made a mistake in the way I recruited him as in not explaining the DSL system to him properly but then I figured out that these things happen and are unavoidable. Now I got 10 recruits I help teach clan mates how to recruit and I even enable them with recruitment access. I started putting clan mates up for Promotion and using my Administrative powers to help in anyways possible. I've come a long way since joining 200 days ago and have met a lot of new clan mates in the process. And now for the best part...The best part is all the People I've met along my journey and all the friends I've made. I love you guys. We in it to win it MOFOS. And for all you new members or old for that matter... I'm proof that if you want something and put time and effort into it good things will come and you will be rewarded. I Want to send a special thanks to Cindy for being there when I was at my lowest and in need of someone to talk to. THANK YOU Feel free to tell your Story
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    Is the day of the week set in stone? Sunday meetings tend to work a lot better and will probably have a much bigger turn out.
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    Congratulations to everybody, you are all winners in my book. The votes have been counted for the Clan Awards - January 2019. I present to you the award winners for January 2019!! CLAN AWARDS: COMMUNITY AWARDS: GAMING AWARDS: SUPERLATIVE AWARDS:
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    Ask him who he's rooting for at the Chongqing Major since OG isn't there, and if his answer is anything but EG we can't be friends lol
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    I say Ashley @Redvaine(OD) but she has to include English slangs she knows loads and it’s funny how she says them ❤️ lol
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    You could have seen your PMs before you left, why'd you wait until now to decide to want to look at them? ^_- We have not yet designed our system to accommodate retroactive caring.
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