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    The difference between this and your work is that we are volunteers who does this AFTER managing at work while it would be fantastic to meet every member ( ive met most on ts ) its not practical to expect us with the average of a few hours a day to spend hours talking to strangers who wont approach us to begin with. This is a gaming clan we game admin duties are something we diced to do to improve the clan. You named a few higher ranks and while you may not remember me ive played a few hours with you myself. In fact i see commanders and generals playing with new people on a daily basis maybe your time online conflicts or you just arnt paying attention but there's time even i get put on the back burner when one of our higher ranks is playing with someone new. Award wise yes they are a popularity contest its for fun if you would like to win hop on Ts and socialize more often and you will have a bigger chance to win most of the people who vote are on ts as well. We dont push people to be in community unfortunately community is a grey area and yes they may be overlooked from time to time but anyone can nominate people for these award and as for ranks no one is bound by division from putting someone up they just need to show that they meet the requirements or be active once again on TS or DISCORD or ingame with people and they generally will be promoted as well For me and some you ruined 7 days with the use of the Admin controls and extra mods. We played vanilla mostly with minimal mods thats what we liked its never been a game with division potential its basically minecraft. We played it to dodge bordom its a fun game for most until they complete a base. 7 days isnt exactly the greatest game to begin with the bugs alone make it infuriating which is why again majority of us in divisions would never commit to it. I think its shallow thinking to say people are stuck on those games. I play many games with people from d2 and they willingly try new games so.... Overall if you want to game i would suggest being on Ts and find people that want to play a game with you. No one regardless of rank is going to just decide "i want to play with that attrayas guy" Effort is required thats how friendships are made and thats how you create a group of people to play with no one is obligated to play with someone but putting effort in and finding the right people will provide a good experience.
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    Just for clarification, there are 2 words that have been banned from use in the OD community: the "N" word, and "F" word that means bundle of sticks. After reviewing this topic, I have come to the conclusion that the word "midget" in @SuNSeT's post was not referring to any OD member, but an actor. This was not, in my opinion, intended as a derogatory term in the sentence, but an impression that in the medieval times differently abled people were treated like trash, as opposed to today's world. This is NOT bad Mannerism. What IS BM, however, is name calling, which both @SuNSeT , @GhostDog(OD), and @TypeReaL(OD) are guilty of here. Consider all of you warned. If you guys want to gave a debate, then that's fine, but focus on the topic instead of attacking each other. If the bm starts happening again, bans shall start being issued.
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    Hey guys, I have been monitoring this thread for a couple of days now and reading into what everyone is saying and one thing that really bothers me that I would to talk about is the lack of communication, especially for us who do not have a main game so to speak. To give some context on how I feel the way I do, I need you to understand that in real life I am a supervisor with 62 employees currently that I directly manage on a daily basis. I make an effort to meet and get to know each and every employee as they are hired on to ensure I create that relationship early on and to ensure that they know that I am approachable for any of there needs. For me the burden of responsibility lays at my feet for the initial meet and greet, not theirs. As the boss I see it is my duty to engage them first. By doing this I have discovered talent I would have never known about if I had just walked past these folks versus being an engaging supervisor. I have been in this clan for over a year now and have not had one real conversation with a commander, briefly spoken with sassy and pops on a few occasions and gamed with DBZ in 7 days to die for abit. Other than those 3 leaders I have no clue what the others do, who they are, what they are into game wise, etc etc...I feel it is vital that leadership take the time to get to know there members and not say it works both ways, because lots of folks feel intimidated speaking with leadership, no matter the platform. My interest in this clan has been waning for awhile now and seeing recent events unfold has not helped my current stance. I would very much love to see a culture shift in this clan for the better but it has to start at the top. Another thing that bugs me is the popularity contest. The recent clan awards to me are useless for someone like myself as no one plays the game that I main so ofc I have no chance in hell of winning. Not a big deal for me but there are folks out there that would like to be recognized for there contributions. I have been hosting a 7 days to die server for months and as far as i know not a single member has ever joined. I would argue not a sole in this clan has more knowledge than myself not only in the main game that I play but other games as well. My knowledge goes beyond the game play and into the guts of the code itself. I also develop for eqemulator.net, which is an open source everquest emulation project. Another popularity contest are ranks. People who have been in the clan less time than myself and quite frankly, have contributed less are given ranks left and right. But since i don't play d2 or poe or BDO I am overlooked. Again, its not just about myself but I assure you, if you dig into the folks tagged as community members they are being overlooked as well. I feel like I speak for a small minority who are probably in the same place I am and just do there own thing at this point. So yea I am a little bitter as of now. It seems no matter what I do to try to draw interest in 7d2d it doesn't matter. Seems everyone is still stuck on a 20 year old game and not wiling to branch out and try something fresh. It is beginning to feel pointless to even be here as the entire point was to have people to game with and now even that is gone. I don't post much here as it seems to not really matter, so I am hoping someone reads this and really looks into ways for this clan to be more involved with the community as a whole and not just focused on a couple of branches of the clan. If the clan continues as it is and no real effort for some change is realized than I will most likely resign in the near future. I just feel it is pointless to be in a community of gamers and never have a chance to game with them.
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    I have never had an issue with talking about problems to commanders down to seniors, but then I also don't bring up childish bullshit and expect it to be moved to the front of the queue and be handled how I demand. There are a couple of people around here who want to stand in the lime light and then complain about how bright it is. Stop judging yourself on intentions and others on outcomes. It is pretty damned unfair and if you do it here then you do it throughout the rest of your life as well.
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    So after taking some time to consider what I am thankful for, I decided to put my children. My oldest is 18 was born with autism and will be graduating on Tuesday. My baby, who isn't much of a baby, is 16 about to be 17 will be graduating in 2021. Without these two in my life the last 12 years, I don't think I would be here today. I have been a single mom since their dad passed away in '07 and it hasn't been easy. I work but I don't make a lot and so sometimes we have to cut corners. My children have only complained about the unfairness of not having their dad when major things happen. Example: the church hosting a father/daughter dance. Or my son turning of age and needing that man to man talk and being to embarrassed to talk to his Uncles so comes to me for answers. Or Prom and now Graduation. The last 12 years haven't been easy but my children have been like a balm on the pain of losing their dad and the Strength to keep moving forward and to cherish every moment you make with them.
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    Whats going to bring back REAL activity in D2 is ladder reset. This is nothing new. Towards the end of every season this happens. People tend to get burned out and start to play other games in the community (there is nothing wrong with that and is actually encouraged sometimes) We have all seen this before over the years. Like @PoPs(OD) said we still have people running this month with good numbers. I have been trying out other games while I wait on reset but I still get on D2 and I am available on team speak daily. I am positive things will start picking up once they finally announce the date for reset.
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    Just gonna say this, you need to re-check who you are and what you're about. I read up on what happened, and for an adult to act like this is concerning to say the least. There is a time and place for fun, and there's a time to be serious. Also, I know this is the internet but this is a community like any other. OD has rules, you broke them, suffer the consequences. Maybe you wouldn't have gotten in so much trouble if you ever learned when to keep your mouth shut. I'm astounded you turned out like this, before I left you were an officer who was praised highly and was being looked at for higher rankings. But your actions confirm what your eval said, you need to grow and mature more before you handle that much power. When I was 16 I handled situations with more maturity than you, maybe that's why I actually became a general. Or maybe it was because it was necessary for the new division I helped create, either way, GET THE CHIP OFF YOUR SHOULDER! You legit have one life, so either stop wasting yours and everyone else's time and move on, or go away. I know some things can be hard to move on from, and if that's the case, then your resignation is a start on your road to bettering yourself, but a resignation means nothing if you keep coming back... (especially just to troll and create drama - then you're no better than an immature and spiteful teenager)
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    I'm gonna be honest here, GhostDog. I can tell that you have a very real interest in bettering the clan. I can further tell that you see issues in the way the clan is run. However, I think you have fallen in to confirmation bias. You have already decided how the clan works and what problems it has. When presented with evidence of how the clan is run, you attempt to align it with your view instead of align your view with the evidence. You accuse the administration of providing poor answers and this thread of seeking validation. However, based on your reactions to the answers you have received it is clear that your questions weren't asked to find the truth but to find affirmation that your current view of administration is correct. The answers you have received were not in line with your view. Presented with this, you either attempt to find an interpretation that brings it in line or just drop it altogether saying that it was pointless to ask because we'll never change. None of this is how discovery is done. You don't seek the truth to affirm a view, you seek the truth to find the truth and only the truth. If you are unwilling to see administration in any other way than the way you have unilaterally decided it is, then yes this thread is pointless for you. If you refuse to earnestly and charitably take our answers to your questions to heart and use it to reevaluate your view of administration, then both of our times are being wasted.
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    GD, (by the way GD is a term some Christians use because they are not allowed to take the lords name in vain) your point is correct for major tier changes, but not minor tier changes (to WO and SO). Another point on justice. Yes, it is in the eyes of the beholder. However, I believe we are doing our best to improve. For example, pre-2010 someone was demoted 7 ranks for picking up someone gold during a duel. On the promotion side pre-2014, there was no evaluation system for generals, a single general or commander promoted who they liked at the time behind closed doors. There was no transparency or consensus. Also, I’m not in total agreement with your comparison to “getting the large electoral college states”. As Führer Cheetoh has accomplished, you can get many lower value states (Enlisted) and still win the election. I’ve seen a member overcome -38 from Commanders, Generals, and Officers to obtain their officers rank with many enlisted and warrant officers behind them. Lastly, I was also demoted and a little butthurt. I had enough votes to remain at my 4* rank. However, after I criticized others’ evaluations, they had changed their votes in retaliation and I was demoted. I chose to work on myself and the things I could control. I outstayed the vote-changers and earn my right to run this community. That is why I have a special connection to members like you and former members like @Ray(OD). My example shows that it is possible to be demoted and then make a comeback.
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    I mean they prefer to be called Dwarves or Gnomes depending on who you ask god get with the times you intolerant fuck!
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    The blind found the pornos they were lookin for
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    @v3n0m(OD) happy birthday hope you have a great day you share it with my grandson Dylan he’s 8 today 🙂
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    I will say.. Playing with these d3 folks has been fun. Seeing people come together from all over OD to play the new reset is beautiful to see :). Perhaps its time to settle into a division again for a little bit.
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    trying to get a dedicated bo4 team , but it is coming up on grow season the real grind so right now im just gonna relax for a bit and recharge the batteries it was a great time in the d3 we really spiked them numbers 😄 its rigged for kids 13 and under I tell you I can not for the life of me grasp these skill stick fucking shooting materials, so I went to cod ww2 which really was my uh I want to play alot of this and even now with bo4 out I still find my self getting tired after a few rounds of it and returning to ww2. Look at what we did it was said d3 was cursed it still alive we will be talking bud race season is coming and I have a car Im sure we can hit a few races 😄 Ah, Disappearing is not my best ability I prefer making a scene. I had a sort of moment where I said to myself, You lost 9 years to alcoholism and your coming up on 2 years of not drinking thats 11 years. Ive basically been hiding in a some what safe environment for the years of getting sober not that it was bad humans really do suck I tell you. But I just need some time to do some growing and experiencing the world Like honestly besides working myself half to death and doing copious amounts of psychadelics I cannot say ive ever had a sober vacation where im just smoking weed and im not playing games for the entirety Im planning on going to cheech and chong if I can find the funds in october in penticiton so im rather excited. Never worry I just wanna do a bit of this living thing people talk about and when im bored as hell or annoyed at humans my comeback tour is a total yes Haha , my friend always it has been a pleasure serving with you and dont worry I just gotta do some living figure out how to become leader of a one world government topple communism ( dope hating pricks) and restore balance to the force .... basically watch john wick part 1 and 2 multiple that by 15 and thats how many people will have to die but I mean its worth it in the end then the real work can start systematically eliminating the over population on earth random if you will Ill save this god damn universe and theres not a fucking thing tony stark and that sexy prick steve rogers can do about it !!! but my god tho americas Ass indeed I mean I could make quite the youtube series about the things im called on psn ... if I ever remember to hit record XD it was a slice bro ! Jules Ill never not be that mad lunatic but when I feel like if I dont enjoy the world sober why did I get sober , and Dont worry Ill still send you madness when ever you need it ❤️ my hand hurts from all this typing 😛 and tom isnt for sale until I figure out how to clone in my basement I cannont afford 30 grand right now but I mean he can be cryogenically frozen so thats a plus when I do figure it out I still have cells EDIT if I AM missing anyone sorry my hands hurt and i pretty much wasted this entire bake on writing this so you all better feel god damn good about your selves ugh back to the deck I go and Im pretty sure I heard a dying goose like wow it was honking really fucked up and then I heard a crash into the trees good eatings I spose naw it would be all crushed well maybe ill update you all on this goose soon
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    As of the middle of this month....we have over 2k runs and i see runs throughout the day...in the last week or two we've had 4 or 5 recruits from these runs...activity is a bit lower but as reset is coming up soon....we have members returning, i even re enabled one today and im sure more will return.....as is what normally happens. My TS is always open and i return several msg's everyday. I am still very active in channel as i do see whats going on and even if i miss something, it is brought to me thru those who are active....Id say its known that they can still come to me and i still spend a great deal of time in admin or talking to members that have issues
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    I feel like the last of the Highlanders now. Good luck my man. I'm sure we will cross paths again
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    ~!~ MooMoo's End of Ladder Druid Bowling ~!~ Date: Saturday, May 25, 2019 Time / Place: 8 p.m. Eastern Time / 7 p.m. CST Time (see this time coverter for your local time) / Clan OD and/or TS (server: ts3.overdosed.net) If you are not there on time then you may miss out on the event! This end of ladder tourney is a Memorial Day Weekend short notice style event 😄 We all make NEW druids on HCL (OD Tagged on OD account) Level up together to level 9 - remember we are a gm clan so please keep that in mind (no dirty tp's / bm behavior) If you die while leveling or leave the game for a reason other than disconnection, you will be disqualified Once you hit level 9, immediately go to town --- no more looking for items at this point There will be 5 minutes to shop at merchants after the last person hits level 9 or 45 minutes have passed We will duel in the small area between blood moor and cold plains. You cannot leave that area. The only skill you can use (after leveling) is MOLTEN BOULDER We will have a free for all between everybody that survives to level 9 I will award prizes for both 1st place and second as well if I receive donations. If needed we may create a second game. Let's see what kind of turnout we get 🙂 Prizes: 1st place - 200 fg Prizes: 2nd place - various d2 SCL items courtesy of @JR(OD) tyvm for donation! Please signup using the following format: MooMoo(OD) / DeathsKeeper@jsp
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    @TypeReaL(OD) scottie I found this for you lol
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    Are you just trying to bait people ????
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    https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_troll I understand some people have issues with life's little curve balls, but you seem to be a grown version of the kid from gym class, who would strike out at kickball.
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    Well it’s good night from him and it’s good night from me
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    You always do so much JR ❤️
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    i completely forgot honestly lol.. but... I recorded it! I hit 70 at 04:41:30 🙂
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    "The loud noise is not a door closing but another door opening." See what is important, but you have to look carefully.
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    Just something I read couple of days ago I wanted to know we’re was the awfulness was on this thread guess they don’t have a sense of humor or just don’t get folk
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    I was kinda scared when I got the initial thought myself and didnt want to even think about it but I mean I wanna see everything the world that im allowed to visit has to offer xD going wasted my 20s not gonna waste my 30s haha
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    What JR said, not harmful at all. Some are hilarious others I connect with myself and those are the ones I comment on 😛
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    i find it very funny and amusing. why would it be awful or harmful? it is a water cooler ~
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    I'm not sure I understand your concern exactly. Is it a bad thing that people wanted to help? Why do you feel like you were forced into it? Did someone make you do something that you didn't want to do? Yeah, there is always going to be people that say things about us, good and bad. Attention comes in both positive and negative forms, the more you stand out the more people will say things about you. Those who agree with what you do will say nice things, those who disagree with you will complain about you. Just earlier this week I had Hectic accusing me of never doing anything and of constantly protecting Purplez, which means him and Ray probably talked about it at least a few times between each other. You, yourself, have told me that some people consider me unapproachable and pointless to talk with, which I can only imagine means that people have talked about how annoying it is to try and reason with me, how exhausting I am to deal with, or maybe even how I think I'm always right. Good, bad, and the horribly misunderstood, people will think what they will. If they eventually confront you about it, then maybe you can set the record straight with them. Or maybe they'll refuse to believe anything you say and stubbornly stick to what they believe is true. You get all types. You can't stop people from talking about you, the only thing you can do is make the choices you feel are right, and let your actions speak for you. As long as you keep striving to act in a way that most people will respect and appreciate, then any bad things people might say about you start to become hollow and empty, and make the people who say them seem bitter and resentful. So don't worry so much about what a few people say, let the complainers complain. What matters is that you feel good about the things you do, and about the kind of person you are, and keep aiming to be the best that you can be.
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    @JR(OD)and @v3n0m(OD) question for you both as you 2 always comment do you guys find these posts in this thread awful, amusing, funny or harmful towards others ...
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    What do construction dogs work on? Woofing.
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    I like pandas.. and cats - there's your positive message from Rose this weekend. Also, never take advantage of the ability to have proper nostril function.. I miss breathing 😧
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    Sorry for my delay.. unfortunately for me, this thread was posted on a day that I'm not really available. I'm rarely around on Thursday and Friday to really commit a lot of time due to real life. I still check everything and respond to anyone who's messaged me, but I'm not available for gaming or a lot of these long winded responses on those two days. Further, today was Commencement at the University that I work at, and I needed to attend it, so it's been a long day as a result. Activity has always changed within D2, and varied with different methods used. In my time in OD, the three things that had the biggest effect on D2 activity, were Runs, Events, and Interactions. D2 has been the focus point of the community for a long time as it's housed more than 50% of the entire clan for a great long while. Many of the other divisions, while internally strong, have been very small. 30 people on average at most. None of them have had many things going for it. There are many factors that play into this, but some of it falls within our Website. It was built to provide information for the old style clans, and works amazingly well with Battle.net. Unfortunately, it's not quite as friendly to other division, such as MMO's who house much of that same information internally, such as guilds/clans. Many people can stick with just the centralized, and the website didn't provide them anything beyond an annoyance of logging into another location. There have been instances where people have pushed for change, but it could have negatively affected Diablo 2. It's difficult to enact them when we must consider the majority which was D2. But unfortunately, it makes it just as difficult to move forward into the future. That has been a complaint by many in the past about 'if it's not D2, then it's nearly impossible to see a change'. Quite frankly, until we had enough interested in putting in the work it's been needed to develop a new website, really tackle social media (especially with the new team we have right now), and get our foot in the door for Streaming with Tris's innovations, we had some complications with taking that step, because unless you see any one of these projects to completion, they would pose a risk to the community, and our job is to evaluate, as Terra mentioned, the need, cost, and risk. Quite frankly, it would be poor leadership if we enacted something that would pose a risk, no matter how significant to the community. Sure it could pan out, but we as managers of the community are not going to 'risk' the livelihood of a 20 year old gaming community we all love. That's why, without enough people to man these prospects, it's difficult to support them because projects have a tendency to have a lot of steam in the beginning and just fizzle out towards the end. These are projects on a scale that we cannot allow to just fizzle out and be forgotten. If we are going to do something like this, we need to do it right the first time. This is much the reason for me. I'm almost always in Teamspeak in my channel. Available for anyone who needs me. But the reality is, I could go weeks, and nobody will send me any kind of message. But, I am there if someone does need me. While I may not move from my channel, I do look at Teamspeak every single day, as well as any pm's I may receive, which frankly are far are few in between. What matters though, is that I am available for people. All they have to do is reach out to me. I just don't game on Thursday's or Friday's because I use those two days of the week to attend to real life affairs, and spend time with my mother. There was something else I wanted to comment on but I can't remember what it was by the time I got to the end of my post.. I apologize. If I remember it later, I'll add it on a future post.
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    im thankful for OD fam! ❤️ and we got negativity out of OD for the time being ❤️
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    @Terra Why do kids love the taste of Cinnamon Toast Crunch?
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    “Thou that has given so much to me, Give one thing more–a grateful heart; Not thankful when it pleaseth me, As if thy blessings had spare days; But such a heart, whose pulse may be Thy praise.”
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    I am sad to see you go my friend, i wish you all the best in the future, keep in touch!
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    D3 RESET IS IN 3 MINUTES!!!!!!
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