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    Im trying to form a LLD 12 Fresh Ironman tournament. NEED HELP, I would like to give rewards for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places JSP or items. so I will need help facilitating this event. please let me know if you can. ~ RULES ~ Players will create a new character at lvl 1 to participate in this challenge. 8 players will join a private normal game. All 8 players will play through Act 1 and level as a team in order to reach level 12. When all players are level 12, there will be a 15 minute break period for people to use town, trade with each other. Players may only use items found in this game for the competition. Duels will take place one at a time, 1vs1, first-to-three victories. Brackets for dueling will be determined randomly and players will advance to subsequent rounds upon each victory. - Players must begin with no outside items (Will pick a random TAG to use in new chars names (to ensure fresh chars no outside help) - Players must remain in 1 party until the dueling phase - Only items found, purchased, or traded for within the game are allowed - players may not "hostile" each other until the duel phase - any player who reaches lvl 13 will be disqualified - 1 Akara respec is allowed before duels begin - Duels will be first-to-three wins - Brackets will be determined randomly - Infinite mana potions will be provided - players may use as many mana potions as fit in their inventory + belt (no town / no pool) No-no's - Health potions and rejuv potions are banned - Act 2 is banned (no shopping in Act 2) - Charge is banned in duels - strangling gas / exploding potions
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    Just few pics having a great time just what’s needed , taken Heavens gate and waterfalls ❤️ Karangasem Indonesia
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    Yeah i don't believe anyone plays this game in OD at the moment, You are our first!
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    that rock formation is pretty cool
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    u really know how to make a person jelly! those hearts are awesome! the singer n dancers remind me of a cruise i took yrs ago! glad to see ur having a blast!
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    I have never laughed so much in a very long time we went to this place to eat and then the entertainment started well you’re see for your selves lol 😂 , really cheered me up old sas is finally coming back IMG_7151.MP4 IMG_7153.MP4
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    I'm going to the launch party in Toronto 😄
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    Is that the location where the monkey's will steal your stuff and won't give it back until you trade them food for it? I heard there was a location where the local monkeys figured that out, and it looks a lot like that location.
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    Absolute respect to all that served and still A poem for the fallen.. He lay upon the battlefield, His face down in the mud. He knew that he would not survive. If he lost too much blood. He remembered his family, And then began to cry. A fate like this was not the way He thought that he would die. Then he could see, through blurry eyes, A figure drawing near. Though this could have been anyone, Somehow he felt no fear. It might have been the enemy, Making sure he was dead. Or perhaps a fellow soldier, Come to help him instead. Then suddenly the lad felt strange, Once more, able to stand. He could see who was approaching, And offering his hand. It was an angel sent from God To help him find his way. Looking at his broken body, He knew he couldn't stay. There were angels all around him, Each tending to the dead. Helping every fallen soldier, With the journey ahead. Each soul was guided toward a light,They followed without fear. And as the light engulfed them all, He watched them disappear. He thought about his mom and dad, The words left unspoken. And now when news of this arrives, Their hearts will be broken. And what about his fiancée? How will she carry on? They made so many plans. What happens with him gone? Twenty five years of memories Went flashing through his mind. He thought about the special friends He had to leave behind. It seemed like an unfinished dream Was coming to a close. But only God can understand The way the river flows. As he entered the light, he asked: Is my adventure done? The Angel smiled as he replied: “It’s only just begun.”.....
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    Games that I play: Starcraft 2 Diablo 2 hc ladder hearthstone Diablo 3 my other hobbies, Freshwater and saltwater fishing and deer hunting
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