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    A gift are you for real ? you are one the most craziest person I have ever come across you are not right in the head you seriously need to give you’re head a wobble .... I’m trying to grieve for my daughter and you have to post this SHIT ... cant you just leave without keeping my name out of you’re mouth ? ... Oh no you have to blame someone for you’re leaving I get it and that had to be me and you just couldn’t leave with out making yet ANOTHER seen could you, and to see if I’d bite back so you can now make a long statement to make me look bad but you know what ghostdog I do not care one bit what you or anyone else needs to say about me My time is being spent trying to grieve so please let me do that and keep my name out of you’re mouth ok
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    Inspired by some of the concerns that @Xon(OD) represented in the previous Admin meeting, and thanks to some recent additions that Ragnarok has made on the website, we have enacted some new changes in the Clan. Henceforth members below Officer rank who have been disabled automatically due to DSL can now re-enable themselves on the website without needing to ask someone else to do it for them. Naturally this option is not available for any member that has been disabled manually by someone, as per a resignation or being expelled. It also won't apply to anyone who was disabled prior today (but will apply if they rejoin and are disabled again due to DSL). The button to reinstate oneself will be available when that person signs back into the website after being disabled. In addition to this change, members who are re-enabled will now come back into the Clan at the rank they were when they were disabled, rather than being automatically set down to Staff Sergeant rank. Please note, however, that the automatic one-rank demotion for having max DSL will still take place, so those who DSL out will still lose a rank for it and must contact their Division Leaders to get the rank restored if their reasons for DSLing out were beyond their control. Members who are manually re-enabled are still subject to any rank changes that the person reinstating them deems are appropriate or that leadership may have decided upon in the case of high-profile reinstatement. If you have any questions about these changes feel free to post them in this topic.
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    I've been dealing with my own personal problems this week that I will not make public and haven't been as available. You do not need me to hold your hand to determine if a bait should be followed through or not. Now, if you would like to continue this discussion, we can move it to another location. But lets just wish him well and everyone can wash their hands of frustrations, irritations, pain, and problems, from all sides. Let's all just move on.
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    After all the shit you caused you waited till now to do this? It would have been a gift if you left before crying about getting a neg vote. Now you're just once again pissing people off because you couldn't simply leave without throwing another shot at Julie ( which is very ill timed i might add ) Anyways.. Adios. Enjoy walking your dam dog.
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    I think Sassy just wants her privacy atm so I think we should all respect that. Sorry to see you go @GhostDog(OD) best of luck to you sir.
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    I can answer that lol
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    I'm not one to really listen to techno / looping DJ's, but this guy was on "The Voice" - Austrailia (He won), and his rendition of this song was just too good not to recommend!
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    When Doves Cry (Cover) - Sam Perry (Thanks @CompFreak(OD) for introducing me to this guy)
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    I don't know a whole lot about the D2 community and who is super active etc etc. However if it is my choice to give out at this time I would have to go with @Accepted(OD) 😄
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    I just want to be this person again happy smiling laughing not the broken person I am now 😥😥
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    Your resignation is regretful, Ghostdog, but in truth perhaps it is for the best after all. There were obviously a lot of things about OD you didn't care for, and though I personally feel like we did our best to try and accommodate you, it's pretty clear that we were never really able to reach an understanding that you could be content with. I hope you find a community you can trust, I'm sorry it couldn't be us, but it is what it is.
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    And that's earned you a week suspension from the forums. Blatant BM isn't tolerated by anyone for any reason. Everyone else needs to take a step back. Sassy, you rose to the bait. I know you're going through a very difficult time right now, but you shouldn't have risen up to cause such a scene, regardless of the situation. This is a resignation thread, and that means that the thread will be designed to wish the individual well and see them off, not lash back or strike out against them. This goes for you too Ghostdog. Lashing out or making one final quip on your way out isn't fair either Ghostdog. Resign with the dignity you have, and don't burn every bridge you have on your way out. The only posts following mine here, will be to wish him well in his endeavors. That's it. Any other post to further aggravate this further, will receive further punishments. Leave it as it is. If there's a problem, take it private, not in a public resignation thread. Ghostdog, I wish you well in your endeavors, and I'm sorry things couldn't work out in the end. Lieutenant General PoPs(OD) disabled Chief Warrant Officer CWO4 GhostDog(OD) for Asked to resign...gl to you sir and goodbye on Fri Sep 13th, 2019 at 01:11:03 PM GMT.
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    Well ghostdog....no one, myself and sassy included, ever wished ill of you but even at the last you had to take one last stab at her.....she is right to say just go on then no need to leave with her name on your lips....I will disable you and good luck wherever you end up
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    I am confused how this would be seen as a gift, but best wishes 🙂
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    I'm at a stalemate right now. Still killing NM Pindle to find a better weapon.
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    by the way.....those are some killer looking spliffs they got there ❤️
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