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    OD Academy Salutations members and welcome to the Overdosed Academy section of the forum. At the time I am writing this the Academy is still very much a work-in-progress, but the hope is that it will someday be a centerpiece of information for members who wish to understand what they can do at their rank and the most appropriate uses of their power. The main objective is to make it easier to teach members about their abilities by simply linking them to a helpful guide that will explain it with easy imagery or perhaps a video. Thereby sparing us from having to walk a member through how voting works while still ensuring they get an opportunity to learn it. (Although you can still personally walk them through if you prefer the personal touch) At this time there are a total of four boards created. One for Enlisted, Warrant Officer, Officer, and Division Leader. Although the Officer board is only viewable by WO and up, and Division Leader is only viewable by Division Leaders and Officer+. In the future more ranks or positions may be added, but for now this is enough to start with. Making Guides Right now each of the boards are filled with placeholder pinned topics by me, but these are only there to outline what Guides we need, what info the Guides should have, and serve as a place for members to offer making them at. I won't be tacking my name onto everything, don't worry. If a member makes a Guide then my pinned topic will be removed and be replaced by the Guide created by that member. Guides can be written, but any Guides that involve Console or Discord powers should have some imagery included as well. Video recordings are even better. The member that makes a video recording doesn't have to be the same member that does the written version, both can be created separately and included in the same Guide when they are done. If you want to try writing a Guide on a certain rank power then simply post in its corresponding placeholder topic here in the Academy, this will let other members know that you are currently working on making a Guide for that topic, and that way we don't have to worry about multiple people accidentally working on the same project. As mentioned before a Guide can have both a written form and a recorded video form, and both have their merits. If a member has already volunteered to write a Guide for a topic then you can still volunteer to make a recording of it, and likewise if a member has offered to make a video recording of a Guide then you can still post and offer to make the written version of it if the person recording didn't intend to make a written version too. However once a member has volunteered for both the written and recorded part of a Guide, no other members can volunteer to make it in their place unless their allotted time has expired. Any member can write a guide or make a recording for any board they can visibly see, regardless of rank, but there are going to be some ground rules. 1. One person can do both the written part and the video recording for a single placeholder, but each member can only work on a Guide for one placeholder at a time. If you're one of those workaholics then you don't get to call dibs on writing all the guides. You must finish writing a Guide for the placeholder you volunteer on first before you can volunteer for another. 2. If a member doesn't show any work towards a Guide they have volunteered for after 30 days since they volunteered, then their claim on the placeholder is forfeit and other members can once again volunteer to write it in their stead. 3. Do your research! Don't be afraid to review the "Guide to Everything" or talk to knowledgeable members to make sure your work covers everything about a topic. No Guide is replacing my placeholders unless they meet with my approval, and if I think a Guide is missing key information or is poorly written then I'll keep sending it back to you for revision until it looks good! (This does count as working on it though so your 30-day limit won't expire) Terra: If your guide is pretty close then I might just add one or two small commentaries to include any tidbits of info that were missed! You can submit your written or recorded Guides to me by PM, or as a regular topic in this board. (It just won't be pinned until its approved) All members can also freely create topics in any of the Academy Boards, but only Guides and Tutorials can become pinned topics! If you need an example Guide to use as a reference then you can check one out here: https://forum.overdosed.net/topic/67774-tutorial-on-how-to-vote-on-promotions/ I'm sure we can do better than my ancient work, but it might help give you an idea on what a Guide looks like just the same. TL;DR If you wanna write a Guide then post in the placeholder topic of the Guide you want to write for to let us know. (Written Guide, Video Guide, or both) When you think your Guide is done post it here, or send it to me by PM, and if it looks good I'll replace my placeholder with your new topic. If it doesn't look good then I'll send it back to you for revision and let you know what it's missing. You only get to write one Guide at a time, so finish your existing work first before taking another! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So, that's what this is all about. This is part of the steps towards Modernizing OD, and although I could have just written every Guide myself like I have often done before, the Modernization of OD is a goal we are striving for together as a community, and I wanted to make sure everyone had an equal opportunity to be a part of it. Writing Guides can be a lot of work, no denying that, but its a great way to visibly contribute and I for one will certainly be adding some points to the next promotion of anyone who helps out, and perhaps a couple medals too. But more than that it's also a chance to be a part of something big, a monumental addition to our clan created and realized through the joined efforts of our most dedicated members, a true testament of our unity as a community and an opportunity to memorialize your name and your words in a part of OD that will last for years. If your Guide is good then future generations of OD members could be reading and learning from you for ages to come!
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    i agree to that and if someone ask me to not continue doing something i will stop
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    | SERVER ROSTER / ADMIN LIST | Squad Leaders Sil3NtKilL(OD) - Squad Leader .thigus(OD) - Squad Leader Full Admins V3nom(OD) Spikesiegal(OD) VIP Admins: Update: 2/20/20
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    There’s one for everyone 🤣🤣🤣🤣
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    there is a squad on forums: https://forum.overdosed.net/forum/45-counter-strike-global-offensive/ it just needs to be moved to the active squad section @Terra Ill go ahead and make a squad on the site for you...once its created you can edit it and add the description for it
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    Any one from Administration mind making a CS:Go Section in Squads on the forums, and also create a squad on the main web? If it isn’t a problem. Thanks guys!! commanding officer : Me exec officer: Venom(OD) since .thigus is not ready to be reenabled yet. But has been a higher part on getting our servers setup. @Commanders @General @Generals 1* - 3*
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    @Sil3NtKilL(OD) @Raged(OD)fixed ya both...
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    @Terra I do apologize for my actions and words but when i got banned from the server it aggravated me which i should of went about it a different way instead the way i did i would say i got issues irl right now but that ain't a excuse, ya i played a practical joke what went on a little too far which i probably should of left it at the night it started so no excuse there that is my bad, and i apologize for anyone who was offended or felt harassed by the joke i didn't mean for it to be taken that way. I just really don't want to lose one of the only way's i can get in touch with some of my friends.
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    SvS Mirror Match Tourney! It's finally here! The time you've all been waiting for! A chance to try out PvP and participate in a PvP tournament without needing to buy gear and figure out a build. This is a skill vs skill battle as well because both characters are completely matching. Same amount of life/mana/res/dmg all that good stuff. I have made 2 lvl 92 fireball Sorcs on separate accounts geared exactly alike with tals sets as the main gear setup. I would love to see a lot of Pvmers join this event, this includes hardcore players. As I said the chars are made and geared all you need to do is meet up with someone on the mirror sorc to duel. The Rules! 1: The only duels that will count will be duels vs the mirror sorc 2: The duels must be ft3 (Winner will post the score on this post the losing party must confirm.) (Also please take a screenshot of the chatlog at the end of each ft3) 3: Duels must be in clear hell Moor. Both Sorcs have nova to clear. 4. To enter members must be recruited Jan. 31 2020 or earlier. (Will consider newer members if asked via voice chat on discord I am on Tues and Wed. nights) 5: Only members who have signed up on this post will be counted. (You will not be givin the password to the sorcs without signing up) 6: Nobody is to share these passwords with people not on the list. (If it's found that you have givin out the password you will be dq'd) Signup format OD account name: Rich(OD) D2jsp account name: Hmmjason How it will work! This will be a ladder form tournament and will be monthly. The first one will start Feb. 26th and last until the end of March. There will be 3 points awarded for winning a ft3 match and 1 point awarded for a loss. There will be a bonus point awarded for a non PvP member that beats a PvP member in a ft3. (PvP members will be marked as PvP beside their names.) I will keep track of points and keep the post updated the best I can. Remember the winner of the ft3 match must post on this thread and I may ask for screenshot comformation. Prizes and payouts! I will be editing this post in the days to come to add prizes but I would like to get some people signed up. Prizes will be mostly fg but if you do not use jsp I will get items equal to or approximately equal to the prize. I am going to officially start this event on Feb. 26th. All who are signed up can challenge any other member on the list (Max of 2 challenges per player at a time). Any challenge not played completed within 24 hours will be nulled and no points will be awarded. Screenshots if needed must include in the message log who was on which sorc. (Remember the final score of a duel must be confirmed by both parties on this forum.) SuNSeT(OD) is offering 50fg to any non PvP player that completes 3x ft3 matches. Current sign ups: Yoshi(OD) Purplez(OD) Froggie420(OD) Shark(OD) MooMoo(OD) "PvP" DBZ(OD) "PvP" SuNSeT(OD) "PvP" Rich(OD) "PvP
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    Our transition to Discord seems to be total at this point, at least as far as I can see. I'm not aware of anyone still actively using our Teamspeak, so it makes me think there isn't any need for us to continue hosting it. Rag and I would like to shut down OD TS permanently. Please let me know if there are any objections to this, I'll keep this topic open for several weeks just in case there are people who want to make an argument for keeping it still.
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    It was definitely a group effort … @ScudBarb(OD) @zbtarget @Rich(OD) It's always fun to meet and help new members.
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    Thanks to Purplez, I am once again up and running on Discord. It was amazingly easy once I reinstalled, and now I know how to actually turn it off when not needed. Everybody really helped me out with all sorts of badass equipment, much of which I cannot yet wear, but OMG, this was awesome! I'll really be able to help folks out now with all this great gear. Shamefully, I cannot say thanks to everyone, as I didn't keep track or all the folks that came in and helped me out, but to each and all I would like to say, a great big THANK YOU!!!
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    bay bee~~~~~~~ shark ddo do do dooooo~ baby shark ddo do doooo~~~ baby shark ddo do do dooooo, baby shark! happy bday! :P
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    Just a suggestion to help with the look of the forum and possibly help your eyes. At the bottom of the forum, there is a "theme" option where you can change the look. Try a few of those to see which works best for you. When muling, I always make note of which account I am doing it for and try to be in Act 1 so that you can see what is going on. If they don't come back, I send them a private message on the forum or the website. You can also tag the member on Discord and the forum by putting a @ in front of their account name. Hope these suggestions help.
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    Adding 50fg to each non PvP player(s) that complete 3 matches! ps awesome idea for a tourney, i'll definitely be participating when im home Fly home on the 27th! SuNSeT(OD) Weiser
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    Hey whats up everyone, Old school gamer here nice to be here and finally find some players that live by the code of not hacking. Looking forward to our future together. Real Name = Jonathon Account Name = BabyStewie(OD) D2Jsp = klitreturnz@d2jsp Currently playing Diablo 2, Diablo 3, StarCraft, Starcraft 2, Hero's of the storm, Raft, Game of Thrones Have played Blizzard game ever since Diablo 1 and have played Diablo 2 ever since it first released... Yea I'm old :P
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    Thanks! Good to know I'm not going to be the only one playing as a chanter, which is going to be a big and MOST welcome change from pre clan days. Back when I only had a single computer with D2 on it, I got a bit frustrated that most folks would be happy to play with me providing them with chants, but no one was willing to make a chanter of their own, so that I too could enjoy some "Enchanted Diablo 2" runs. That all ended back when I first bought two extra computers and disks, and that had to be sometime back before 2003, so that now I just load my chanter up on one computer, and can play any other character(s) I want at the same time, and only have to switch over to the computer with my chanter on it to cast chant on newly joining players or those that are recently returned from the dead. You mentioned something called "Run Bots", and I didn't know what those were, and had a panic attack, and then realized that the "Bots" you were talking about were the ones that post automated messages in the clan channel. For me, the dang 'chant bots' have all but ruined the online gaming fun of D2 with a chantress of my own, and as I was a chanter before there were any bots, I have bad feelings towards/about those bots. Now that I know what you were talking about, I'm glad and eagerly looking forward to play some more games, and getting my < 20th level gal up to speed, so I can start hosting my own chanted runs! I have to admit that I have not really looked to much at what is available on the many forums here, as my experience is so far limited to the threads like this one. In a few weeks, after I have a chance to make some new characters and some mules, I'm hoping to be able to get folks into some interesting and challenging specialized games, involving teamwork, storyline progression, and maybe, possibly, some nice prizes (all of this, is of course subject to clan approval), but my hopes are high that some weekly events might be possible.😎 I will most definitely be looking you up this week online. Thanks for the reply, and yw. Once the ladder in SC starts getting to easy? I have played some HC, but strictly in single player, and losing my character permanently didn't sit well with me, so that was the extent of my brief and none to satisfactory experience with hard core. To each there own. Perhaps when the next reset comes around, we will for a time be able to adventure together!
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    Water with lil piece lemon squeezed in and the soft crunchie ice ( Like Sonic ice ))
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    @Townkill(OD) Water 100% When I'm not feeling water Melon Powerade
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    Hello. My name is Hailey. I was recruited by Julie :D a really nice person. I've been playing Diablo 2 since classic patch 1.04. Im very active on soft core ladder. I do rushes and help with any quest you need. Feel free to hit me up if you need help ingame account Sabby(OD) Id be happy to help or if you want to just chill im down. Thanks for having me!
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    Very awesome Jason! FB'ed this too.
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    thank you for the great information pictures really help make it obvious and enjoyed the humour as well 😃
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    It's up on twitter as well 🙂
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    Great idea for exposure. Nice going.
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    Very good. Starting Monday you may rejoin us.
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    Yeah it won't be deleted, just not loaded.
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    Some people really like orions belt, but I just think its a waste of space. Whats the best way to kill a communist? Communism. What's the difference between a dirty bus stop and a lobster with boobs Ones a crusty bus station and ones a busty crustacean.
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    Worth about $1000-$1200 shipped on harwareswap if you wanna try that. Gonna be rough to get $1500+. GL
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    It feels odd saying goodbye. I am thankful for this community that it brought you into my life but by no means will your resignation take you out of it. You are an amazing person, good leader and a tremendous friend. This community is better having had you in it. I wish you the best in all of your future endeavors and implore you to reach out if you ever find yourself wanting to catch up or end up in a time of need. I will be there.
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    No need to bother a Commander... *hold my drink and watch this* 😉 @PoPs(OD) FYI: 4* Generals also have access to the admin cp for the forums and can move / create forum boards also. 🙂 EDIT: I've also moved all of the past CS:GO threads into a newly created sub-forum called "Archive" and moved this thread into the main "CS:GO" topic. Also, as requested, I've made @Sil3NtKilL(OD) and @v3n0m(OD) moderators for this squad here on the forums. PM me either on here or discord if you need access to or need me to reset the password for the "CS:GO Locker" 😉
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    Im sure it'll get moved as soon as terra or another commander sees it....also i made ya a discord channel under squads
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    Tossing this up on twitter also
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    CS:GO Server is LIVE : ~ Clan OverDosed | 24/7 Recruiting | www.overdosed.net
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    Cool I'll pop into the server. I've been looking for people to play CSGO with for the past few days in the Discord server. My steam friend code is: 16747590 I also still have control of the ODCS steam group. Just saying.
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    Nope, I would start the game on my computer. Launch a lobby. It would generate a join code. I would then Go live on discord so y'all can see the screen. Y'all then would join the lobby via that code on a browser or mobile device.
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    Not a bad little rig at all! A shame you gotta sell it for a laptop... That rig would outperform many rigs, especially considering the overclocking capability [k-edition cpu] with Aio cooling, and a GTX 1080... I'm running my main rig on a single ASUS GTX 1080 [OC edition] currently (@1440p x 3 monitors), so I know that card is VERY capable! ...Sometimes you gotta just make some lemonade, so best of luck man! Let me know if you need any help picking out a laptop when the time comes 😉.
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    Old topic, but relevant. Halo is now its own division, and we have a good fifteen+ people in the channel. It’s fairly active and people are organizing play time everyday.
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    Wait, how does it create twice as much work? You don't need to assign permissions to the lines. Whether we want to remove some of the lines or not makes no difference to me. The only thing that matters to me is that the channels remain organized and the Divisions and Squads have what they need.
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