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    Hello everyone! Some decisions have been made about Classic WoW in an effort to create a plan of attack for launch. I am conveying the decisions finalized by @Triny(OD) and @OoT(OD), any information about the guild here may change but this is the general plan as of now. 1. What server do we plan on playing? a. There will only be two official OD guilds, the horde will play on the Faerlina (Eastern PvP) and the Alliance will be playing on Heroed (Eastern PvP). 2. Who will be making the guilds? a. @Triny(OD) will make the Horde guild then transferring guild master to @OoT(OD) and the Alliance guild will be created and headed by @Ganker(OD) if he accepts. 3. When will Classic Release? a. WoW Classic will start on August 26, 2019 at 3pm Pacific and 6pm Eastern. Follow this link for other time zones and countdown clock. https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/news/23086691/wow-classic-name-reservations-now-open 4. Tip for launch a. You will want to have the game open on your character screen in order to skip any authentication bottleneck that will happen right before the game launches. Looking forward to playing with you all!
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    ya know, its been fun BUT this clan isnt willing to change, when your active and hosting events you have to compete and lose to members who arent doing anything for the clan, a trial member of mine has been cheated and now has to do 28 days worth of trial because the channel *SASSY bot is a liar and most of all im bored, if nothing will change and everything is to "protect members" and wont change,wont even explore new idea's at the cost of w/e people who dont play the game say, i dont have time, ill go back to solo or cruel as a leader of an actual well respected pvp clan/guild tired of competing with fucking losers for rank, tired of being threatened to be kicked from clan by fucking losers, tired of enlisted members threatening to pm commanders because they get called out on their bm bullshit in public games and jsp and thats being let slide and they get promoted, overall just done with it rediculous, im not trying to be a bitch, you cAn aDD me to forum members and i;l keep the ladder going, or ban me, it doesnt matter anyways sorry jared, i tried, after the fifth setback and when u forgot how to do admin things, i gave up, have a good one boys,ladies! P.S. cindy if you EVER need anything, u let me know, you and jared and aaron honestly can have whatever you want from me, the only active leaders of the D2 side (besides aaron who is d3 but more involved than everyone but u 2) just holler and #1 pvp clan has ur back Drewg Out.
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