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    Thank you guys , I’m finding this very hard to except as I wasn’t with my Lauren when she passed she was on holiday in Tunisia with her family I don’t know full details yet all I know she had some sort difficulty breathing She was due home tomorrow ( Friday) now I have the hardest thing to try and do is bring my baby home from Tunisia and my poor grandkids having to deal with it also is going to be very hard . I’m absolutely broken.... and now to you people that kept on and on about me not being active and not doing much is because I was working and looking after Lauren while she fought hogkins lymphoma cancer so now you have something to chat about me not being active until you know the facts then you have no room to speak , the people that needed to know knew why I was not active now you can jog on and chat more shit about me ..... and to the few that knew thank you from bottom of mine and my family hearts for the support....
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    It is admirable that you are willing to stand strong for what you believe is necessary, and although I'm just an observer you've convinced me of the validity of your points. The reputation of our Clan is undeniably very important, and if there are opportunities to make it better then they are definitely worth pursuing. However, one of the only things more important than our reputation is the safety and security of our members. The primary argument against the change is that it opens up the opportunity of thievery and impersonation, and considering that the D2 Division's history is positively checkered with incidents involving both of these, as Dabomb alluded to, they are pretty reasonable concerns to have. Feeling strongly about change is good, but just wanting a change isn't enough on its own. The key is in figuring out how to make the change in a way that works. After all, there is little point in resolving one problem if you just create another in turn. The "how" is important, and this is where you are struggling a bit. As of so far your answer to the problem of thievery and impersonation is "That'll only happen if you're dumb, it'll never happen to me because I 100% trust the people I let on my accounts". I think it's safe to say there are a few flaws with that approach, which Aerineth has been trying to point out to you (and I think is very much in context) but you've instead interpreted his actions as just being a stubborn nay-sayer. If your plan for dealing with the bad things is to bank on them never happening, then I don't think reality is going to treat you very nicely. Trusting someone implicitly doesn't mean you aren't going to be betrayed, rather it is the one requirement to being betrayed. If we allow our members to open up their accounts to others then sooner or later someone they trust is going to abuse it. Not because we are dumb, but because we are a community of good people and it is in our nature to believe the best in people, and try to connect with others. Most of the time that works out well. Once every so often it does not. And sometimes people can seem great all the way up to a point where something sets them off, and it turns out they weren't the person you thought they were. You only have to look at what happened with Ray to see an example of that. So you have to assume that something will go wrong eventually, and therefore any change that takes place needs to take that into account. This is where you need to be a bit flexible, you can maintain your end goal but you need to be willing to change your approach to reach it. Fortunately this topic has sparked a lot of ideas, and a lot of different ways to progress towards what you want while, if not entirely eliminating, then at least minimizing the risk of abuse. So although you could continue flipping off Aerineth, if change really is your goal then I think you should consider his realistic concerns and focus on the ideas being presented to see if you can build upon them, and find a solution that achieves what you want while also safeguarding our members and the community at the same time.
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    This kind of stuff ALWAYS ends up with someone getting screwed over. Its D2 someone is either going to steal another members stuff or delete their chars or abuse privileges in channel it just creates a shit show. Its proven time and time again it never leads to anything good. P.S your points a valid and if there was a surefire way to prevent stuff from happening great. But unfortunately it ALWAYS ends up bad it only takes 1 person to ruin it for everyone.
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    Thanks for your vote @R.agnarok(OD)! As far as your question, I don't really have an endgame.. nor did I expect to make it this far when I joined. I joined to have fun and play with a tight knit community and looking forward that still clouds the entirety of my sights. I also wouldn't consider myself as a "gaming General". I try to explore all facets of the Clan and don't think that primarily gaming would label me a gaming General when there is so much more I can offer. Games brought us all here and keep us all around. As far as the leadership I think that overall it is good. Could it improve? Absolutely... but I think to this point they have done a great job considering the size of the clan, the various divisions within it, and everything that it encompasses.
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    As many of you know, a little over a year ago, I tried to get OD more involved with Twitch. Both so the community could support our streamers but also so the Twitch community could support OD as they have very large gaming communities that we can tap into. It did not go very well. Why? Because I was trying to get a bunch of people to care about something they just inherently were disinterested in (games that OD didn't play). I've taken time to reflect on everything and have found a way that would make it much more interesting for the average OD member. I am going to start with 1 event/show and go from there. I present to you, OD Survivor. OD survivor will be an event where a number of participants (OD members) will be joining me on the show and competing against each other in a number of ways. These could be anything from discussions on hidden talents, OD trivia, flash games, personal stories, and a number of other games. The audience (stream observers) will be taking an active role as judges determining who is fit to move on round to round as well as other important game decisions. The entertainment of this show is highly dependent on the guests/competitors on the stream, which leads me to ask, who is interested in joining us on the show as a competitor? As a competitor of the show, you may be asked to do or share things that you might not feel comfortable doing. This show is not intended on being G rated at this time and that said, I want to make sure that everyone is comfortable as it's my goal to make this an enjoyable experience for all involved, especially the competitors. So if you're interested in competing in the show, please take a moment to read the following questions. Please note that the questions I am asking are more on the risky side of things. Much of the event will be more tame but I am focusing on the stuff that might be a little more uncomfortable. Also, please note that saying no to any of the questions below does not mean you would not be invited to the stream. Lastly, also know that there will be prizes made available to the winner of the event. This would be something like a featured banner on the site for the division choice of the winning player, OD T-shirt or promotion (if below WO4) and stream currency that can be used for giveaway entries (like steam gift cards). Would you be willing to do the following on stream during this event: (copy and paste the following in your response). Also you can send me a PM of your answers if you prefer. What division are you from? Do you have access to and be willing to use a microphone? Do you have access to and be willing to be on webcam? Are you willing to participate in trivia games? OD Trivia? Gaming trivia? Are you willing to give a brief overview of yourself? Name? Age? Occupation? Are you willing to discuss any parts of your love life? Are you willing to discuss embarrassing stories from your past? Are you willing to share any hidden talents you may have? Is there anything off limits in terms of your personal life? (you don't have to tell me exactly what it is - just trying to get a feel) No date has been nailed down yet. Probably going to be in September or October though. Again this is kind of a kick off event for the OD community stream. Feel free to weigh in and share ideas as well and tell me what you guys think. Thanks all!
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    Duncan and I both play, will post details once my phone is charged.
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    Nice, I just added you. I'm currently level 61 on stage 8-36 with 261k power level. For anyone else, my information: Username: Aerineth ID: 24520439 On a note, I'm super jealous you have Brutus. :/ I've been trying to get him for a while now. @MooMoo(OD)
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    Moving along with our classic wow discussion, this is the 3 best options for our community, as we are spread out this will offer the better ping among a wider demo-graph. Keep your eyes peeled for the next questions!
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    By far it was my personal favorite but I am sure that will change as they continue. Also I am really looking forward to Season 18 not that I left my old shitty job and will have time to play lol
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    So this morning was Round 1 and turned out better than i expected 😛 Although the contest/event went by quick, it was fun and hilarious! @Purplez(OD) and @ATHG(OD) only lasted like 5-10secs hahaha 🤣 Thanks for those that participated 🙂 Now lets do it again! Round 2 of JR's Red Portal Survivor! When: Friday, August 16, 2019 at 10:30PM Est Where: Meet in channel Clan OD Sign-up: Please sign up here on this thread Have a lvl 1 Sorc HCL toon ready in channel by 10:30PM Est with format OD-JRname or OD-nameJR (ex: OD-JRPurplez, OD-MoomooJR, etc.) Prizes: (1) 1st: 100fg (1) 2nd: Unmade Eth Bugged Fort SCL (1) 3rd: SCL Runes Game/Rules: -With everyone being in the same party, I will make a normal Red Portal (Cows) and once everyone is ready i will say start and everyone will go in to the portal and begin to play survivor -The point of this game is to be the last one standing(last one to die). So try to kill others by pulling cows to each other 🙂 -You cannot go to NPC to purchase anything (cannot buy stam pots). Join game and stay around Stash -You are allowed to use ONLY the 4 minor hp pots we are equipped with as you may survive a hit from Cows, but cannot buy any from NPCs -Last one standing wins! Easy right? Once the game begins. You cannot come back into town until u are the last survivor. -Anyone that disconnects/drops/ or comes back into town before 1 remaining survivor(last one to die), you will be disqualified xP ***If we have more than 8 ppl then i will split it up to 2 games and top 2 players of each game will play again for the top 3 prize!*** Participants: 1.) @JR(OD) 2.) @MooMoo(OD) 3.) @ATHG(OD) 4.) @CotDaniel(OD) 5.) @Purplez(OD) 6.) @Mytho(OD) 7.) @Rocket(OD) 8.) @RadarRick(OD) 9.) @rettig(OD)
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    I thought of this contest this morning, so let me know what you think/if you want to sign up. I will be funding all prizes! I love running baals, and I know others do as well, so let's see who is the fastest/most consistent tele! Date: TBD Time: TBD Contestants (6 total): TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD Prizes: 1st: 300fg 2nd: 200fg 3rd: 100fg Rules All characters/builds are allowed. Only restrictions are no MH (duh, against OD rules), and must wait in Act 1 when it is not your turn. The tournament will consist of 5 different games. All players will join the game and take turns teleporting to the Throne and setting a TP. **All Thrones will be cleared by myself before runs start** I will have one character at the WSK2 waypoint and one in the Throne. I WILL provide BO and Shout. All Contestants will take turns partying with me ONLY (to not show other contestants the route). All other contestants will wait in Act 1. Active contestant will say "G" when prepared and I will say "G" to start the run. I will have a stopwatch running (I will stream this and you can review the VoDs if any discrepancies) As soon as my character in the throne sees you set a TP, I will stop the timer. Each contestant will get one time per game before moving to a different game to switch up the maps. After you are done running, we will all kill Baal for l00tz. After 5 different games, I will average the amount of seconds it took each contestant and award the top 3 players. ***If you want to do this on a Hardcore character, please let me know below and I can accommodate you in a different game. I have a HC BO barb and Trapper. Entry Form: Account: Char Name: Class: SCL/HCL: I think this could be pretty fun and encourage practice and consistency in our runs. If/once we get some signups, I will get with the contestants to determine time/date. Contest will be streamed at twitch.tv/toystore Entries: 1. MXD(OD) OD-Kush Sorceress SCL 2. Wave(OD) OD-MPIII Hammer Pally SCL 3. MXD(OD) OD-Kush Sorceress SCL 4. JR(OD) OD-DrStrange Sorc SCL
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    The thing that attracts me the most to purple colour is that combines contrasts which are essential for me, because I am both, an animal and a God, good and bad, body and soul, light and dark, and above all, I am none of those things because purple makes me wanna be something else then all of that, to create myself in totally new way. That is only a short though about purple colour until I come up with something better. ☺️
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    I enjoyed season 17 very much. It was the first time I have been in an active clan. I am used to doing things solo most of the time. I learned how to play the meta 4 man bazooka wizard finally. Those meteors can do some serious damage lol. It has been a goal of mine to learn how to play it. But you need all 4 members to have it all work properly. So, now that I'm in this clan I thought I could learn to play it. Mission accomplished. As far as my personal goals. I wanted to get a solo 120 and, pass my highest level in all other seasons. I am happy to say both were also achieved. Season 18 is going to be so much fun. I plan on trying to hit the ground running and hope to run many 4 man groups. So much more fun than playing solo.
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    Julie... Words cannot express the sadness that ensues from the loss of a child... My deepest sympathies for your loss, and know that we are here for you if you need us.😥
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    Sorry about your loss Julie ❤️ my heart goes out to you in this time of tragedy and hope you can find some peace within yourself to know that your daughter is no longer suffering and she is in a better place now. Death is never easy to overcome and it will not go away. Losing a family member is not easy, the ones who care for you are here for you when you need us. I'm here anytime. Don't worry about those people who have nothing good to say about you.
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    the hub is ready for testing i will leave a client open in chat for any questions or a walk through please give it a shot and give me feedback bugs glitches thanks download extract double click the odm hub icon choose resolution and press play also if you dont want this covering your entire screen i recommend ticking the windowed button http://www.mediafire.com/file/dpa00vxftwvavh1/odm_hub.zip/file
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    I am very sorry for you loss. ❤️
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    Let me know if you need anything hun, I poked you on snap and just wanted to extend it here too. I love you to pieces and am so so sorry ;-; Keeping you and the grandbabies in my thoughts.
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    sorry for your loss julie! *hugs*
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    Oh no. So Sorry for your loss Julie.
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    my heart breaks for you julie! Im So sorry! Prayers girl! You are in my thoughts
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    I'm so sorry for your loss Sassy. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family in this difficult time. :(
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    No fucking way!!! I am so very sorry for your loss Julie that is awful news. My heart is with you..... I am at a loss for words.
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    So incredibly sorry for your loss Sassy my thoughts and prayers are with your entire family. Don't forget you have your second family here for you, don't hesitate to PM me or anything if you need. RIP Lauren
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    Change doesn't happen over night! Be patient Drew. 🙂
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    You haven't offended me. If i was, i probably shouldn't be a Commander. As much resistance as you think I'm providing, its still Diablo 2s leadership to make this decision. I see the merits you show, but i see the complications that will arise. I commented on you handling access to your account perhaps better not because i assumed you were pushing for an inclusive 'everyone must share their accounts' but because eventually someone will think itll be a good idea to share it with someone who stabs them in the back. We have so many many types here in od. Someone's going to get upset eventually. Could be immediate, could be months or years. But itll happen, and our recourse shouldn't be to tell them well you trusted the wrong person, choose wiser next time while wisening up. I merely voiced the distaste in account sharing because ive seen manny people burned for it
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    Don't assume too much, Aern was with me when we started SC2. OD already didn't have the greatest reputation as a competitive clan on SCBW. SC2 we were knocking off professional teams and had players participate, and win on world stage events. Some of which signed multi year deals with professional teams. SC2 is not D2, but its the highest achievement OD has ever accomplished in competitive gaming. Work with each other, you'll see better results...that goes both ways @Aerineth(OD) This is legitimate. Before stepping down this was my primary focus; however, work/life didn't care about my gaming endeavours. For the jsp community, your 100% correct. PvP is D2 end game. Like it or not, OD does house a significant higher number of members just looking to hang out and grind. Not my cup of tea, but as a community we got to cater to both sides of the fence. This is where I think your expertise will excel. Clint/Robbie/zee are all household names on jsp. If we can continue to build a solid pvp foundation here in OD, it will in turn generate more membership. 5 ladders ago OD didn't have a pvp division, doesn't look like much but we have had 20 man tournaments in pvp only a season ago. Spearhead projects alongside @DBZ(OD) / @MooMoo(OD) to generate more membership. FG awards go a long way in generating members. FG for new players regardless of a 0-10 record, help fill positions in tournaments, and may gain more members in the pvp community. myself @SeeD(OD) and @Trump(OD) have shut down games, unfortunately only one of us had an OD tag. It would be nice to see everyone on a tag. The suggestion of having specific shared "tagged" accounts I think is legitimate. I believe you will find success in having "shared" Player vs player accounts. PVP(OD)1 PVP(OD)2 etc something along those lines. We could even have current non pvp members level them for forum gold. That way you get a 100% legit account that doesn't have a chance of getting banned for using bots. Could have the email for these account registered through @DBZ(OD) / @MooMoo(OD) / @PoPs(OD) / @Purplez(OD) . That way if the account is ever compromised, they have the ability of reinstating it. Anyways I'm not trying to bash, I've just seen members get heated in the past, and not see a good end goal through. I want you to succeed in OD, because I believe your a valuable asset to the ODD2 community. That being said, we gotta work together. I like the ideas that are coming forward, and now its time to build something the leadership of ODD2 and OD can agree upon. Keep at it
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    Do you take everything on context? This isn’t a rule that says “share or not”. It’s dumb to not let friends within the clan, especially pvpers, to be able to link up Using each other’s OD chars for exposure in games. You don't play, so I assume you have no idea the reputation this clan has gained in the PVP community. Reality check, it isn’t good. Nor is the end game a shared PVP account because that is much too risky. I know you’re the main force behind the resistance I’ve faced here and you have that one dying reason that you still believe is righteous and solid. But you are not the only one here looking to improve your fighting position, mainly, ODD2. I constantly see threads begging to improve recruitment, well the PVP community is the blood for the trading community and the main reason people level characters in the first place in this day and age. Being able to see full teams of OD tagged characters go into a game and just completely dominate turns heads, hell, me joining turned heads and had top players like Vert and Zee both thinking about joining. They went so far as to pull me aside and ask and were very tempted as I proudly bragged about our events and friendly members. I guess I came off as an enemy here but I’m not sorry. I’m asking for members who 100% TRUST somebody on their OD account to be able to switch back and forth during duels. It’s an easy concept. This is ODD2, welcome. If this rule was to pertain only to PVP members, the PVP squad, or we could create our own division, with our own rules with a heavy base of clan OD rules, that would be the ideal change. If not, I tried. No risk is no change.
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    Hey! Im on it 🙂 Created a barb already to help people get crushed! Call me in the game and let me know 🙂
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    Hi Pilly and welcome back. Unfortunately, there weren't enough players so the squad was disbanded. If you can get enough interest back up, then it can become a squad again!
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    It was a pleasure meeting you in the channel! If I can help with anything, just give me a whisper on Purplez(OD). Here's a guide that will help you learn about the Clan.
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    Hey Hey Welcome to OD!!! if you have any question! Let me know!!
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    Hey everyone! I joined this evening and excited to game with you all. I play tons of games. Diablo 2 & 3, WoW, Destiny, Division 2, Fallout, Borderlands, Minecraft, Overwatch, and plenty more. I work in IT and have the luxury of working from home. I play Pokemon Go when I need to get away from my computer. I'm from Houston, Texas and proud of it. I look forward to getting to know as many of you as I can. See you all out there! -Nitereeper
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    Congrats on the promotions. I've pug'd D3 for years because there aren't many people that are fun to play with. Nice to see this clan has some awesome folks. I will def. hit the team up when Season 18 starts!
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    @snicker66(OD) @Vanity(OD)ill make the changes....and snick...ya gotta dual DBZ for the XO position 🙂
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    Here is a great day out one the lake! Brother on the left, Me in the middle and our charter guide on the right. We caught a 4 man limit of walleye. The additional picture is a nice one my brother hooked up, we caught and released well over 75 walleye and sauger in two days of fishing.
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    Its great to see and hear from You Julie!! @Sassy
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    I’m on my holidays but I felt I should still post and show my support Great evaluation you have posted Aaron when I first meet you a long time ago now you have always been very very consistent in what you have done even before you joined OD , then that day I finally recruited you , you have still been so active never stopped rushing doing runs pvping you name you did it , you have always been willing to help anybody OD or not I could go on and on about what you do and have done but it take me forever , I knew this day would come because their wasn’t really anybody that has deserved this for a long time now but ah oh you’re here now and good luck 🙂 i believe you are now my 3rd recruit that’s made it to general evaluation so that’s a credit to myself I guess I did recruit some amazing people you as a person are easy to get on with you will go straight to the person if you need to air you’re views and get you’re point heard with no malice or hatred you are a kind heart person and quite funny If they get to know you you do some great drawings and I think I am the only one that’s heard you’re VOICE he he anyways this stopping me sunbath good luck Aaron well deserve my plus 1 if it helps but doubt you need it :)
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    Glad to see you got a section, look forward to chatting more on Thursday 🙂
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    feel free to post this song everywhere http://theodreview.overdosed.net/2016/08/15/troll-of-the-year/
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    Thank you all! That "Guide to Everything" is a lot to digest for a first time reader. Going to read it again xD
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