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    Costs of OD $120 per year for main webhost. (Allows us to host our website and servers) $360 per year for Cpanels license. (Allows us the freedom to make explicit changes to our site and servers) $60 per year for 1 DDoS filtered IP (Protects us from DDoS attacks) $32 per year two domains. (Allows us to use the overdosed.net domain, and the domain for our test sites) $50 per year for Forum's license (Allows us to have a forum) $40 per year for Two renewals for two themes (brave / titan) (Needed to continue using the main forum themes whenever we upgrade the forum) Total Cost: $662 USD a year to maintain Overdosed Costs are paid out every January. We are currently paid one year in advance. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Back in Fall we had a discussion during an Admin Meeting and decided to publicize the costs needed to run OD. I know it took a while, we had a lot going on for a bit, but we have our updated costs now and we will display it here in the Clan Info board for members to see. Our only source of revenue is the generous donations of our members, so if you think OD is great to be a part of and a community worth preserving then consider sending us a couple bucks once and a while to help us keep the lights on! There are also some great benefits given to donors that are worth looking into! Feel free to post in this topic if you have any questions.
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    Congratulations to all the winners and thank YOU for your work for the Clan and making it a fun community to belong to. *Disclaimer: Since I host the awards I do not nominate or vote for any awards except in a tie. Anyone nominated at the time I posted the voting poll who was disabled, was not included.* CLAN AWARDS COMMUNITY AWARDS SUPERLATIVE AWARDS GAME SPECIFIC AWARDS
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    I have come here to inform you all that they are two of the most amazing people I’ve ever met in my life. I am forever thankful for everything that they help me with and tie me up and force me to write nice things about them 🙂
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    Heart surgery derailed his Overwatch League dream. Then he caught covid-For three years, Eoghan “Smex” O’Neill had worked for this moment. He’d spent countless hours grinding up Overwatch’s ranked leaderboard. He trained at the academy level with Team NRG. He had moved four times, leaving his family’s home in London for the U.S., all with the aim to crack the pro ranks of the Overwatch League. In the late Fall of 2019, he Then, in late January, he watched his dream of playing on the Overwatch League stage retreat from his Just before the third season of the Overwatch League (OWL) began, O’Neill went to see the doctor during a visit back home. He’d After a string of appointments, O’Neill had two surgeries in March. The day before he was set to be released, the doctors had more bad O’Neill ended up spending close to two weeks recovering in the hospital. He never developed the notorious cough from covid-19, a great stroke of luck from his perspective, because the surgery left his chest split in two. (Doctors had to cut his sternum to perform the heart “The only thing they have to change is my battery, which they have to change every 12 years,” he added. “It’s quite crazy what they can do The radiating positivity is a trademark of O’Neill’s personality, according to those who know him in the Overwatch League. The Philadelphia Fusion’s Christopher “ChrisTFer” Graham said O’Neill has a way of making light of a situation, whether it’s a bad scrimmage with a team or his bout of health problems this year. Graham has played with and coached O’Neill for three years now on the United Kingdom’s World Cup Overwatch team and describes him as “chaotic good,” and While he’s been away, the OWL has gone through its fair share of changes. Characters are randomly banned week-to-week in hero pools. The season is now online, after the league canceled planned homestand matches because of the pandemic. A new hero named Echo has arrived and she can fly around, raining fire down on her enemies. O’Neill does remember watching some of the first footage of Echo from the hospital in “I was just sitting there, on my deathbed, and I’m like — why have they done this?” O’Neill told The Post with a laugh, adding that Echo may be a bit overpowered at the O’Neill is still on the roster and receiving his salary for Paris Eternal as he continues his recovery. In a message to The Post, Paris Eternal’s general manager Kim “NineK” Beom-hoon said he’s looking As for everything that’s happened, putting the brakes on his professional ambitions, O’Neill said it all “just feels unlucky." That aside, he’s glad he made the right call in January to stay home and The doctors told him it will take a year for O’Neill to “I’m quite happy to carry on competing and trying even harder now,” O’Neill said. “I’ve got a good story line going for me now. Might as well not waste it, right?” so proud of him and what he’s been through picture with his team mate park jong -hyeok aka poise at the NGR house in Washington.
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    greetings from 2001? damn i feel old. D2 pvp division. Hope all of yall are safe.
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    Thank you everyone, it means a lot to know you are all with me.
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    Depending on setup tonight, I might stream it tonight to those who want to watch. I'm currently downloading Grim Dawn. I'll start RoT later so that it can be completed.
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    Welcome all fellow hardcore players and those whom may be ready for an adrenaline fueled challenge. It is time for reset, once again, on June 5th, 2020 @ 5pm PST. We need to put together some elite reset teams to gain advantage over all the common folk. We will have a classic squad led by @Daterminaytah(OD) and his awesome gaming family. And an expansion squad co-led by @RadarRick(OD) and @ZBTtarget(OD) We have plenty of superpowers @BayButcher(OD) @JR(OD), @Purplez(OD) @IRun(OD) @themighty(OD) @BabyStewie(OD) @HDK(OD) @ScudBarb(OD) @Sabby(OD) @Froggie420(OD) (even though he is starting softcore first) to name a few. Please post which toon you will be playing. I plan to start as a fire sorc, but morph at level 30+ to Orb. If you have a few minutes or hours please take a look at the @SuNSeT post regarding the world record, team make-up, and essential gear to get the ins and out of how to achieve our goals quickly. Due to the nature of hardcore it will take us a little longer. Hopefully we find find some good gear to sell on jsp to fund our future toons and have fun kicking ass and taking names. I really looking forward entering this new hardcore ladder with you guys!
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    ah I bet, I did get Rathorne to talk to a few guys that are in ODSC2 now...I think he still has most of the old crew on his friend list...dudes a beast My sc2 days are short lived now...im not a fan of the changes they made since vanilla. I need to play through the campaign to get a handle on what counters what, build orders...so much to learn. Been jamming SCBW a lot lately though haha
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    Reset is a fun time for everybody. Historically it's a mad rush to get leveled, then concentrate on gear. Here's what I know will happen. @Froggie420(OD) will be making a shared Crush sorc and allowing officers the use to help rush clan members. I always set up the "clan mules" available to Warrant Officers 2 and above, but that always starts slow. I also start with a Pally to be my worker bee to help rush clan members. You will see "reset teams" posts or talks about on this forum. Furthermore, @SuNSeT posted this reset guide link: https://forum.overdosed.net/topic/68827-reset-guide/ If you are wanting your own Discord channel you can go about this two ways. If you donate $$ to the Clan via the website donate button, you are entitled to a MVP private Discord channel which you name and control (i.e. set password and limit entry) OR a temporary channel can be set up just for reset, but it will be open to all, which is the same way our regular channels work. I am sure others will contribute more answers to your post.
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    Come have fun playing some Warzone with some of us CoD players, event starts June 6th at around 5PM CST it’s early so some people from Europe can come join us! If you have any questions regarding this event which is the first one for us, you can message me on discord, if I don’t reply quickly I’m in a CoD game focused on it. Squad Leader, Attitude(OD)
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    If anyone needs anything - I dropped all the items so they will probably disappear. Game name is Free Here
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    Yea im a tard. I pmed u
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    I'm in need of another OD shirt. Are they still around? I'll donate again regardless.
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    Kind of proud of this one. 🙂
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    She is absolutely adorable Julie T_T
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    Just makes you smile to see her adorable smiling face.
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    Hope this helps all that would like to try this game out. It is different and cool. A combination of Diablo II and Grim Dawn, with a D3 component. It is cool to see D2 with detailed graphics. The gameplay is similar and different in a few ways. Hopefully this post will help you out. It took me a couple of hours to get it all downloaded and going. Good luck and hope to see you on. How to install Reign of Terror: - First ensure you have Diablo II installed - Second ensure you have Grim Dawn installed plus expansion packs Ashes of Malmouth and Forgotten Gods - If you need the three Grim Dawn files they are on sale for the next few days on Bumble Bundle for $32.00; normally $60 on Steam - Humble Bundle website: https://www.humblebundle.com/ - o They will send you an e-mail that sends you a web page that shows all 3 games o Start with the base game Grim Dawn; hit the button o It will open a page with a button to reveal Steam activation code; you can print, but make sure to also copy code o The log into Steam; on main page bottom left hand corner click add game and activate a product on Steam o Hit next twice, agree, then paste code and hit enter; it will validate code and begin install o Repeat these steps for both expansions - Next go to https://forums.crateentertainment.com/t/mod-reign-of-terror/35347m to download reign of terror mod found between download and install watch this YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HJEQXjLXXQg o Download both RoT v0.6.1.5 (standalone version) and RoT v0.6.2.1 (update) including Council Hydra fix; I found it easiest to use Google Drive o Once it is in your downloads folder it is time to extract; if you don’t have a program that handles .rar files; download and install 7-Zip first o 7-Zip website: https://www.7-zip.org/ o o Check your Steam Grim Dawn location. It should be: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Grim Dawn\mods. If you do not have a mods folder, create one o Extract the stand-alone .rar there first, then the update; choose replace 11 destination files - Now open Steam/Grim Dawn; underneath Start click main campaign; then choose custom game, click Reign of Terror and hit OK. - Click Start and enjoy the ride! For those who don’t have a Steam account, here is the link: https://store.steampowered.com/about/
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    Considering the current state of America and their plans for the near future you'll probably want to let him know that waiting might not be such a bad idea after all.
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    Have a look at this....its a D2 Mod made from grim dawn...but with all d2 content/sounds and same classes......
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    @Aerineth(OD) thx I purchased it. @Purplez(OD) thx for the FB link that's how I seen this update
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    @Terra I think we rather not have had that much illnesses in family guess that’s what makes us a strong family , but he never knew anything was wrong he thought he might have had asthma as asthma does run in our family. but it turned out to be a lot worst but he came out the other side. he just missed gaming so much can’t wait to get back to America ..
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    Your family always has a lot going on. Guess gaming kind of runs in the blood though, huh?
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    jfc... even the kiddies grew up
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    Wow that's an amazing story. Thanks for sharing! Wish him the best of luck.
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    Never forget those that died to cause freedom thank you for all that served and thank you for all that are still serving ❤️💙
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    Welcome to the Diablo II division!! We are glad to have you join us and our fun community. As a new trial member or recruit to the Diablo II division we welcome you to our community. As a member we hope you will strive to be Good mannered, active, and overall have a positive experience with our members. As part of our community you'll be invited or messaged about events that will be upcoming such as Ironmans, Walkthroughs, LLD, and pretty much anything else we can think of that might be fun for our members to do together. Our in game clan channel is: op ClanOD Join us on discord here: https://discord.com/invite/QP57wVh Clan Rules: Here's a guide to Clan OD; https://forum.overdosed.net/topic/65260-overdosed-the-guide-to-everything/ All OD Rules are applicable within the Diablo 2 division, and none will be broken. No sharing of accounts. No one besides you should ever be on your OD account. Bad manners are NOT tolerated. Bad manners include but are not limited to: Insulting of another member or non-member alike. Any form of putting another member or non-member down and/or belittling them in any way. Any form of racism towards another member or non-member. This includes any form of the N word. It's not acceptable. Not showing respect to a member or non-member alike. Hacking is strictly prohibited within the clan. Any 3rd party program that modifies the game experience in any way is banned. If it violates the Terms of Use for Diablo 2, it's also prohibited within OD. Duping is not allowed in any way. The only exception to the 3rd party program for Diablo 2 is a sandbox. All characters and accounts must be tagged properly. Account = Member(OD) and character OD-Name. Unacceptable forms of tagging include od-, od_, OD_, Od_, oD_, Od-, oD-. Any improperly tagged characters will be asked to remake the character name. There are NO exceptions to this rule. Any character not renamed after being asked to change it several times will be kicked from the channel when an OP or Officer sees it in the channel. If you have multiple accounts, they need to be tagged as follows: Name(OD), Name(OD)1, Name(OD)2 and so on. All non OD accounts will be held the same standard as your OD account, no one else should ever be logged into the acount. All level jobs are forbidden from the use of bots. All levels obtained on an OD account and non-OD accounts need to be done by the owner of the account only. There is no regulation on following runs hosted by bots. (Obviously not a bot run by an OD member.) Double clanning is not allowed in D2 Channel Rules The clan channel has rules of it's own and they'll be upheld strictly. There will be no slacking on enforcing the rules in theClan Channel. All Warrant Officers and higher have access to the Channel Operators. Access to the Channel Operators is given by rank, not by request, so do not ask for access. If there is any abuse, any and all access will be removed regardless of rank. Do not spam the channel with unnecessary messages. Try to condense your messages the best you can, so that you don't have 20 one word messages. This will make the channel much easier to read and your responses easier to understand. Please do not idle in the channel for extended periods of time. Idling in the channel for more than 4 hours (14,400 seconds) is subject to being temporarily kicked. Do NOT bm ANYONE in the channel, clan member or not.This will be enforced very strictly. You will have one (1) warning only. Repeated bm will get you kicked from the channel. Even further bm, and you'll receive a timed ban, usually a 24 hour ban. If you still continue to bm in the channel you will be demoted. Raging about the punishments received if you break any rules will result in a ban, demotion, and possibly worse, depending on the severity of the rage. While there's no rule in OD that states you cannot use foul language, do keep it in check. Don't send messages that contain overly foul language. Try to keep it relatively clean. We are not Nazi's, but there's no need to swear every other word in your message. Channel Operator access is a privilege! Any privilege can be removed. Just because you've achieved a rank, doesn't mean you're immune to having your access revoked. D2JSP Rules While D2Jsp.org is not a requirement in Overdosed, it's strongly encouraged that you be active in JSP and learn it's mechanics. All D2jsp rules will apply when making bids, or buying items on JSP. We have a guild on jsp. All OD members are welcome to join the guild. You will be given a rank based on what your rank is in Overdosed; General, Senior Officer, Officer, Warrant Officer, orEnlisted. Any and all violations of these rules can be reported to any Officer, SEnior Officer, or General. When you bring a report of any of these rule violations, bring enough proof with you. Proof can be anything from a screenshot, recording, date and time (If it happened in the clan channel. The ops owners can check their logs.) Any and all violations of these rules can be reported to any Officer, Senior Officer, or General. Currently, the users you can report rule violations are as follows: Division D2 lead Generals: Major General Sassy(OD) Lt. General PoPs(OD) Lt. General Purplez(OD) Generals: Brigadier General Rich(OD) Brigadier General MooMoo(OD) Senior Officers: Sunset(OD) RadarRick(OD) Froggie420(OD)
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    So for Grim Dawn, the only thing you need to buy, as of my post, it would be as follows: Grim Dawn Base Game - 24.99 Ashes of Malmouth Expansion - 17.99 Forgotten Gods Expansion - 15.99 There's a third expansion, but I don't believe it's required. (I have it though) which is Crucible Mode @ 5.99. So the total would be $58.97 without Crucible Mode. The Reign of Terror does not mention needing Crucible so it's probably not needed. If it is, your total would then be $64.96. When it gets down to it though, Grim Dawn was an enjoyable experience nonetheless. Install was super simple.. minus the 6 gig download for the mod.
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    Anyone else excited for this beast of a card? https://www.tweaktown.com/news/72152/nvidia-geforce-rtx-3080-ti-leaked-specs-teases-an-absolute-monster-gpu/index.html Absolutely ridiculous numbers, can't believe how far they've come in a relatively short amount of time.
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    The Discord section of the Guide to Everything has been fully revamped and adapted to our modern times. I have also switched the places of the Discord and Teamspeak sections in the Guide to Everything so that the Discord is now higher in the list and better represented as our main voice chat platform. The Teamspeak section will be retained as a reference, and in the event OD ever ends up using Teamspeak as an additional chat platform again.
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    @RedIce(OD) all set...gratz on the promo
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    I got to see my darling granddaughter riah today , every time I looked at her I just cried she reminds me so much of my baby lauren 😥😥 but I know lauren will be so proud how grown up her children have been since her passing 😥😥 I miss my lauren so much my heart still broken I doubt it will ever heal 💔💔
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    As always your work is appreciated. If there are any bugs with the changes then I've no doubt I'll wake up to several discord messages from members helpfully informing me.
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    Both errors should be fixed now. In resume, the bonus days weren't correctly calculated on the single member promotion screen and there was a bug where if you had the screen to vote opened and the promotion expired/went through, you could still vote and it would leave an orphaned record, hence giving it an error when trying to check the promotion link. I have added an extra check to avoid this situation. It was a big change scripting wise, so lets continue to monitor the current promotions, as there is the possibility of new bugs with this last change. @Terra Thanks for reporting. @Chanter(OD)
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    The issue is currently being investigated. Rag thinks he might know what caused the problem, and if that's the case then it should hopefully be resolved soon.
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    Awesome contest, I had fun. But i'm going back to xpac now. I miss my merc, I'll never take him forgranted again!!
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    Happy bday @Froggie420(OD) & @Darkness(OD)
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    Hahaha can tell how many of you actually read the first post. My jsp is smooches as I said up there lol lol
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    no surprise here Rick ill be starting a CS Zon, then Druid, then Trap Sin/D-flight D-claw, this does not count the Barbie Mules,,,,lol
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    The following are Guides for our Enlisted members, on How to use Basic Console features such as: Changing your Account Profile, changing your Password, Sending and Receiving website PMs, Enabling "two-factor authentication" [2FA], and "Third-party Integrations" for automatic DSL resets! 1. Change your Account Profile: 2. Change your Password: 3. Sending & Receiving Website Private Messages [PM's]: A. Accessing the Website Private Messaging System: B. Receiving a Message: C. Sending a Message: D. Viewing your "Sent Message" history: 4. Enabling Two-Factor-Authentication [2fa]: For Added Security, this option allows you to enable a one-time pass-code each time you log in, using the authentication app of your choosing on your cell phone. You must enter this in addition to your username and Password upon logging in on the WEBSITE ONLY (if enabled). See instructions Below if you wish to enable this on your OD account: 5. Enabling "Third-Party Integration" for "automatic" Days-Since-Login [DSL] resets: (Not Available for Trial Members) *Please note: If you choose to link one or more of these accounts with your OD website Account, be sure to still visit our website on occasion to verify the status of your DSL, check out the promotion board, etc., as these Integrations are not 100% reliable ALL of the time. If you have an integration enabled, but notice that you have been wrongly Disabled / Demoted due to DSL, Please contact any 1 * General or higher to notify them of the issue, and potentially get your rank restored.
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    Sign me up: RadarRick(OD) JSP: Radar86 Toon Name: OD-LuxuryTax
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    You can also get Xbox Game Pass Ultimate as a subscription and get it for free then. But you don’t need a XBL Gold subscription to play online anyways so I don’t recommend it.
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    Yes Pops reenabled him earlier and Radarrick and ZBTtarget are grushing him right now with me as the bumper.
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    Perv(OD) OD-XpervSquadX WW Barb
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