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    Still at the hospital so these are fresh off the press.
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    boils down to this We've already had a general get demoted because their forum account access was shared to upload a photo. My suggestion is do what all the other shared account pvpers do. Have your OD account for everything outside of pvp. Make a separate account if you plan on sharing pvp characters. Other option is build your own pvp char without sharing it. Its more expensive sure, but this isn't a rule that's gonna go anywhere because of past events. Shitheads have already ruined that for the rest of us. Is what it is unfortunately.
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    HEY HEY! Whoever Can Get to 10 New Recruits First By August 21st (One Month) will get FG. Lets Go Get Those New Members!! Have Fun and Don't Try to Pressure People into join, This Should Be Fun!! HAPPY HUNTING ❀️ 1st place- 100 fg And ill make a deal with D3 if you get 15 new recruits by August 21st, Ill Give you 200 FG
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    This song has served me well in the past... Hope it brings meaning to you @Sassy πŸ˜₯
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    Thank you guys , I’m finding this very hard to except as I wasn’t with my Lauren when she passed she was on holiday in Tunisia with her family I don’t know full details yet all I know she had some sort difficulty breathing She was due home tomorrow ( Friday) now I have the hardest thing to try and do is bring my baby home from Tunisia and my poor grandkids having to deal with it also is going to be very hard . I’m absolutely broken.... and now to you people that kept on and on about me not being active and not doing much is because I was working and looking after Lauren while she fought hogkins lymphoma cancer so now you have something to chat about me not being active until you know the facts then you have no room to speak , the people that needed to know knew why I was not active now you can jog on and chat more shit about me ..... and to the few that knew thank you from bottom of mine and my family hearts for the support....
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    Hello all, I am not really sure where to start with this post. So, I'm just gonna wing it. I am aware that some of our clan members do not seem interested in late season grinding, pushing gr's, or attempting leader boards. However for those that may want a more fun experience in Season 18, Gaps and I are trying to come up with ideas to help make the clan have a more enjoyable season. We are wanting to try and set up split bounty farming in 4 man teams, grinding speed gr's together, and pushing gr's. The bonus exp with a full 4 man team is 30% as well as the extra magic find for all members as well. And as we know bounties are a necessary evil in seasons. I don't wanna make it sound like this should be a mandatory thing for players in clan. I am aware that some play more casual. Or, even enjoy just going solo. But there are more than enough members in clan that Gaps and I thought we would give it a try in Season 18. I would like to know if members would be interested in setting aside a bounty day, exp day running speeds, or trying to push higher gr's on a specific day. Just trying to get some idea of who may be interested. And when we could do them. There are so many benefits to running in groups. I always knew this but never had a clan that was as active as this one. So I myself am trying to take advantage of group play. It helps everyone so much. Loot sharing to help other gear up is also nice if anyone is late to start. I have been mainly a solo player for around 5 years or more. Like I said this active clan thing is all new to me. If you are one of the people that just get the journey finished and quit the season that's fine too. I think that season 18 shows a lot of promise. For solo, or group play. If anyone else has any ideas to help set some stuff up, please let me know
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    made it on the news and a few hundred thousand shares on facebook haha
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    It is admirable that you are willing to stand strong for what you believe is necessary, and although I'm just an observer you've convinced me of the validity of your points. The reputation of our Clan is undeniably very important, and if there are opportunities to make it better then they are definitely worth pursuing. However, one of the only things more important than our reputation is the safety and security of our members. The primary argument against the change is that it opens up the opportunity of thievery and impersonation, and considering that the D2 Division's history is positively checkered with incidents involving both of these, as Dabomb alluded to, they are pretty reasonable concerns to have. Feeling strongly about change is good, but just wanting a change isn't enough on its own. The key is in figuring out how to make the change in a way that works. After all, there is little point in resolving one problem if you just create another in turn. The "how" is important, and this is where you are struggling a bit. As of so far your answer to the problem of thievery and impersonation is "That'll only happen if you're dumb, it'll never happen to me because I 100% trust the people I let on my accounts". I think it's safe to say there are a few flaws with that approach, which Aerineth has been trying to point out to you (and I think is very much in context) but you've instead interpreted his actions as just being a stubborn nay-sayer. If your plan for dealing with the bad things is to bank on them never happening, then I don't think reality is going to treat you very nicely. Trusting someone implicitly doesn't mean you aren't going to be betrayed, rather it is the one requirement to being betrayed. If we allow our members to open up their accounts to others then sooner or later someone they trust is going to abuse it. Not because we are dumb, but because we are a community of good people and it is in our nature to believe the best in people, and try to connect with others. Most of the time that works out well. Once every so often it does not. And sometimes people can seem great all the way up to a point where something sets them off, and it turns out they weren't the person you thought they were. You only have to look at what happened with Ray to see an example of that. So you have to assume that something will go wrong eventually, and therefore any change that takes place needs to take that into account. This is where you need to be a bit flexible, you can maintain your end goal but you need to be willing to change your approach to reach it. Fortunately this topic has sparked a lot of ideas, and a lot of different ways to progress towards what you want while, if not entirely eliminating, then at least minimizing the risk of abuse. So although you could continue flipping off Aerineth, if change really is your goal then I think you should consider his realistic concerns and focus on the ideas being presented to see if you can build upon them, and find a solution that achieves what you want while also safeguarding our members and the community at the same time.
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    Just because you are infallible in your choice of who gets access to your account doesn't mean everyone is. This isn't a rule change that only affects you. Itd affect a vast majority of members. And say you never get affected, but what about when it happens to others? Will you just call them dumb for sharing their password since its allowed? Don't use negative comments towards other members, even theoretically. This IS OD. And we have a plethora of types that come in here.
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    This kind of stuff ALWAYS ends up with someone getting screwed over. Its D2 someone is either going to steal another members stuff or delete their chars or abuse privileges in channel it just creates a shit show. Its proven time and time again it never leads to anything good. P.S your points a valid and if there was a surefire way to prevent stuff from happening great. But unfortunately it ALWAYS ends up bad it only takes 1 person to ruin it for everyone.
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    I figured I would start a thred simply congratulating recent promos as I didnt see anything simular to a topic like that. Not to say it doesn't exist πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ and also not to take any hard work, determination and earned stripes away from promotions that were prior to this thred. 😁😁☺that said......please feel free to post and always keep in mind each and everyone of you have a part in making Clan OD a special place to share great a gaming experience, real friendships,compassion and support equal to no other place take care, Brian. @MooMoo(OD) Aaron, Congrats on the rank up to General man. Best of luck going forward!
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    An alternative idea that I had brought up last night is this --- instead of doing an account that's non OD or even a PvP(OD) account... there could be an exception to shared accounts for those designated specifically for that. That would mean that as long as that account is the one that they are on, there would be no standard access given for any of the bots (a.k.a. 0 access) or punishment for sharing the account. So if any admin actions were needed from them at all, they would still be required to log back into their main account with whatever respective access they had been granted. For example, instead of MooMoo(OD) I could make a MooMoo(OD)PVP or MooMoo(OD)PVP2. This would keep the standard naming convention for D2 members and also indicate that the account is strictly for pvp which means that it is likely shared. That would also allow the OD name to get out there more while still sharing tagged accounts. Thoughts?
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    Since the main goal is to get more people in the blood moor with us I do have an idea. We can make a tagged account named PvP(OD) of something of the sort. This account will have no access in the ops bot so it cannot control the ingame channel at all. PVP squad leaders can discuss a way for squad members to earn access. It could help PVP squad grow and get more people dueling with tagd chars. For some of us the true endgame in Diablo 2 is PVP. Unless you spend some real CASH on items one person can't really equip more then one character. People that like to PVP dont make half geared characters. If we had the squad account we can have group of people help with gearing and leveling which is much easier on everyone. Anyone that decided to help out would have to understand the risks of sharing etc. Any thoughts on this?
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    Fuck off Ray get a life or do us all a favor...
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    Sorry this is a little late in response. Brother, We are grateful to have you...... Our higher power shall never give us more then we can bear and that what does not kill us make us stronger and wiser! For me I try my damnest to stick to the maxim of "Always working on the next right decision and/or plan, action" and practice being mindful, I feel it improves my quality of life and the relationships of the ones around me that I care about, Family or Friend. There will be struggles but remember if your going through hell don`t slow down and the devil will never even know your there! I am also grateful for this great community we call Clan OD. @SeeD(OD) Congratulations my Friend! ~Sled
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    Thanks for your vote @R.agnarok(OD)! As far as your question, I don't really have an endgame.. nor did I expect to make it this far when I joined. I joined to have fun and play with a tight knit community and looking forward that still clouds the entirety of my sights. I also wouldn't consider myself as a "gaming General". I try to explore all facets of the Clan and don't think that primarily gaming would label me a gaming General when there is so much more I can offer. Games brought us all here and keep us all around. As far as the leadership I think that overall it is good. Could it improve? Absolutely... but I think to this point they have done a great job considering the size of the clan, the various divisions within it, and everything that it encompasses.
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    any chance i get to praise Hari...i take it. There's a lot of people in this clan, currently and previously, who would not be who they are and where they are today without Hari. TOP notch role model...and deserves Medal of Honor and Overdosed Award over and over again. you the man Hari
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    I play it. F list full atm but I can always drop somebody since they r just random ppl in game. I'm lvl 43 on stage 6-39 at the time of writing this. Username - Aar318 ID - 28834227 @Aerineth(OD)
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    Moving along with our classic wow discussion, this is the 3 best options for our community, as we are spread out this will offer the better ping among a wider demo-graph. Keep your eyes peeled for the next questions!
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    By far it was my personal favorite but I am sure that will change as they continue. Also I am really looking forward to Season 18 not that I left my old shitty job and will have time to play lol
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    So this morning was Round 1 and turned out better than i expected πŸ˜› Although the contest/event went by quick, it was fun and hilarious! @Purplez(OD) and @ATHG(OD) only lasted like 5-10secs hahaha 🀣 Thanks for those that participated πŸ™‚ Now lets do it again! Round 2 of JR's Red Portal Survivor! When: Friday, August 16, 2019 at 10:30PM Est Where: Meet in channel Clan OD Sign-up: Please sign up here on this thread Have a lvl 1 Sorc HCL toon ready in channel by 10:30PM Est with format OD-JRname or OD-nameJR (ex: OD-JRPurplez, OD-MoomooJR, etc.) Prizes: (1) 1st: 100fg (1) 2nd: Unmade Eth Bugged Fort SCL (1) 3rd: SCL Runes Game/Rules: -With everyone being in the same party, I will make a normal Red Portal (Cows) and once everyone is ready i will say start and everyone will go in to the portal and begin to play survivor -The point of this game is to be the last one standing(last one to die). So try to kill others by pulling cows to each other πŸ™‚ -You cannot go to NPC to purchase anything (cannot buy stam pots). Join game and stay around Stash -You are allowed to use ONLY the 4 minor hp pots we are equipped with as you may survive a hit from Cows, but cannot buy any from NPCs -Last one standing wins! Easy right? Once the game begins. You cannot come back into town until u are the last survivor. -Anyone that disconnects/drops/ or comes back into town before 1 remaining survivor(last one to die), you will be disqualified xP ***If we have more than 8 ppl then i will split it up to 2 games and top 2 players of each game will play again for the top 3 prize!*** Participants: 1.) @JR(OD) 2.) @MooMoo(OD) 3.) @ATHG(OD) 4.) @CotDaniel(OD) 5.) @Purplez(OD) 6.) @Mytho(OD) 7.) @Rocket(OD) 8.) @RadarRick(OD) 9.) @rettig(OD)
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    Season 17 was the first time I finished the full season journey which was nice. I started Crusader but ended up playing a lot of DH and Monk. Spent the last bit of the season working towards doing all the set dungeons but didn't complete that so something to do next season potentially
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    I'm so sorry for your lost, Julie. We here at OD are here for you. I'm deeply sorry and if you need someone to talk to i'm here.
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    you should not have to explain yourself....fuck them. we love you girl
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    I’m so sorry Julie. If you need to talk anytime, I’m here for you. Praying for the kids.
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    Oh no. So Sorry for your loss Julie.
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    my heart breaks for you julie! Im So sorry! Prayers girl! You are in my thoughts
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    No fucking way!!! I am so very sorry for your loss Julie that is awful news. My heart is with you..... I am at a loss for words.
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    ill hop on when i get home today if your available.
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    Change doesn't happen over night! Be patient Drew. πŸ™‚
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    @Drewg(OD) @MooMoo(OD) @DBZ(OD) @Purplez(OD) @Rich(OD)@MineNotYour(OD) Im down for what ever solution we came up with and like to get approved and passed. but all I'd like to view and add to this discussion is the following: Is someone is on your account, its like your car, you are liable for it and will be held accountable for it. I really like the idea and dont mind the idea of sharing accounts, but note. it has your name, your brand, your capital, your investment, your time inside of that account. If you give Person 'X' your account info and Person 'X' gives your account info to person 'Y' without you knowing and person 'Y' steals all your capital and ruins your brand\image\reputation of your name you are 100% held accountable for the repercussions of that as you gave out your account information
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    i opose sharing main clan accounts period! but i also see ur arguement @Drewg(OD) --> i like @MooMoo(OD)s suggestion of marked shared accounts. any od account with pvp attached could b shared if you wish. <-- ^^ i could see this working. but that risk of d-bagery is always there.. ppl sneak in n rip u off reguarless how much u think u know them.. this would b the only problem.. my 2cents e/ maybe make pvp(OD)1-10,etc and designate that to be the shared accounts?
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    Hi Pilly and welcome back. Unfortunately, there weren't enough players so the squad was disbanded. If you can get enough interest back up, then it can become a squad again!
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    It was a pleasure meeting you in the channel! If I can help with anything, just give me a whisper on Purplez(OD). Here's a guide that will help you learn about the Clan.
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    Well we sure did, So nice to get away, All that fresh air and and the fishing was just Spectacular ~ Made some memories forsure! ....We are a little rough around the edges but softies for the ones we love and hard when we need to be, And didnt know I could still blush, You bring out the best in people dear Cindy, I am grateful for you! @Purplez(OD)
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    Its great to see and hear from You Julie!! @Sassy
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    oh shit. dr seed good for you bud. i know it has been a long time coming
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    This is really helpful for new comers good job bro!
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    Glad to see you got a section, look forward to chatting more on Thursday πŸ™‚
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    Hey.. Had some struggles trying to find this thread in squads.. And then realized yall dont have an official squad section on forums. Are yall looking to be an own entity outside of d2? Was curious about this game and how to find/get it to try it out. I never enjoyed d2.. But am a lover of d3 (graphics are a big deal to me but i am always willing to try new things with some od peeps). I will try to lurk into your meeting πŸ˜„
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    Hey all, Toy (Ryan) here. Been baaling since S3. Few 99's. Ready to get started πŸ™‚
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    Thank you all! That "Guide to Everything" is a lot to digest for a first time reader. Going to read it again xD
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    Sounds like a good idea @Redvaine(OD) πŸ˜„ Let's see if we can get some new people in here. Hope to see the numbers go up!
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    Hi Ryan, I'm Cindy or Purplez(OD). Welcome to a fun gaming community. If I can help on D2, just give me a whisper or a pm. Here is a good guide on how the Clan works.
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    Aaron, to start you're an amazing asset to OD. You play every aspect of D2 from dueling to hardcore classic, you do runs, you recruit, you do rushes, you help in just about every way. You're here just about every day, which i think is one of the most important things for a leader. Nothing is worse than absent leadership, passing judgment and opinions without being here daily to see for yourself. You're not afraid to speak your mind when you feel you need to, and you're very level headed. Not quick to anger or judgment, I don't think I have ever seen you mad to be honest. You play multiple games and still have a big effect on them both which speaks highly of your dedication I believe. I could go on but its pretty clear you are deserving of a rank boost. I do have two questions for you.. - Will you ever get a mic damnit?! (sorry had to, honestly its not that big of a deal in my opinion) -My only real question is this.. Will you continue to split your time between games or try to focus on the D3 division more, and how will you help the D3 division stay active and alive this time around? You will easily get this promo so congrats, and keep doing what you do you cow
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