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Admin Meeting Oct 25th, 6pm cst ×


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    She is pit bull / german shepard / malamute / border collie :)
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    Cheapest Build Contest This will put your d2 knowledge to the test The goal is to build the cheapest, yet most effective character for PvM & PvP (Not two seperate builds) No gear swaps No Hdins/Infinity Sorcs Winner Judged by your peers will win 200fg What we need is exact gear setup, estimated price Top Build will be added to Pinned Builds!
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    I guess I assumed it was just a bot that only you had control of. Thanks for the clarification on this! It's good to know!
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    Just for the record, I do not have a "Bot" to handle meeting recordings. In order to record a channel (including the recording of my voice in the channel), I run a 2nd discord account & application simultaneously, utilizing a virtual audio device installed on my computer as it's input/output, when wanting to record our admin / generals / community meetings. Yes, there are bots that can record channels in discord, but for the security and privacy of our members, we don't allow them the admin permissions they require to run on our server. What these companies do, is sell information about our server and our members to the highest bidder to make their money. They advertise to people as "free" to use their bot, but In actuality, by giving these bots admin permissions, we allow the company who created the bot access to our members' names, ip addresses, the actual recording itself, etc. as payment for using their bot. This is what people are really paying for the use of these "free recording bots", either knowingly or unknowingly - and we (the Generals & Commanders of OD) collectively decided not to use them on our server in order to protect our members. If anyone would like some help in setting up a system to make recordings like I have, feel free to reach out to me 😉. @HDK(OD): I will make it a point to attend the meeting this friday, and will record the meeting for you/share a link in this thread if you'd like, so others can listen to it (that couldn't attend).
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    @CompFreak(OD) has a bot to handle our recording for the meetings. Might check with him to see about having this meeting recorded.
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    No I mean for gaming Intel is still king but the multi-thread usage on that 3900x is insane. The chips are so good that I don't even care about the OC capabilities anymore and for the price, can't beat it. Been an Intel guy forever so should be an interesting/fun change of pace.
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    I will try to be there as well. I have also put it on our Channel announcement so that all the members in D2 that come to the channel can see what you are trying to do HDK.
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