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    Hello Diablo 2 Members! I've come to provide an explanation and detailed summary of the events that transpired that led to the disablement of MikeU1 and the subsequent appeal to be re-enabled. Original Accusation: There were reports that MikeU1 was botting because he was playing Starcraft 2 and cbaal games in Diablo 2 at the same time. In the process, there were some who attempted to contact MikeU1 but never received a response. After a few days of no response, and running daily in cbaal games, it was concluded that he was botting in Diablo 2 while he played Starcraft 2. Further evidence was provided that MikeU1 was actively playing in Starcraft 2. Original Judgement: After receiving the accusation, PoPs reviewed the evidence before him and ultimately concluded on all of D2 administration, that the evidence did indeed point towards the fact that MikeU1 was botting. Due to other issues in Starcraft 2, the disablement for botting was also backed up by overall BM in Starcraft 2. Appeal to PoPs: PoPs received an appeal to the disablement from MikeU1 stating that he was never botting. MikeU1 submitted footage recorded from his phone behind him while he played Diablo 2 and Starcraft 2 to depict playing both games at the same time. It was at this time that PoPs came to me to take a look at the evidence to see what I thought. PoPs brought me up to speed on what led to his initial disablement and we both agreed that since we couldn't directly see his screens (they were very blurry) and that they were so far away, we couldn't determine one way or another that he was playing both characters. Mike also stated that the reason he couldn't respond to people in D2 was because it's very hard to read the screen his Diablo 2 is running on. Based on what we could see in the video provided, we could see that was a possibility. He backed this up further, with the other possible reason for not responding to those who poked him in D2, was because he was focused on his game play in Starcraft 2 during his 4v4 matches. We ultimately decided that the disablement would stand at this time. Appeal to Aerineth: Firstly, I want to make sure that this is very clear. Anytime there's an issue, appeals are a legitimate avenue to pursue if you feel you've been wronged. You can continue the process until it reaches a Commander. At which time if the Commander upholds the ban/disablement, it stands end of story. Appeals are always taken to those of equal rank or higher rank of the one who disabled the petitioner of the appeal. Mike then came to me to appeal the ban. He said he didn't think his side was being heard clear enough and formally requested I take a look at all the evidence. He reshared the recording with me and I re-watched all 3 videos presented to me. I spoke with a people of the community to get different sides of what was actually going on. I spoke with some in D2 and some in SC2 alike. These individuals are all anonymous and will never be revealed publicly, so do not ask for any of them as they won't be given. I then returned to Mike and requested a new video recording of him playing Diablo 2 and Starcraft 2 at the same time. I specifically requested that they be through OBS so that I can see the screens clearly to see what was going on in the game to bolster what information I had gathered, whether through talking to people in the community or through the previous videos submitted to PoPs then to me. I received this video shortly after I requested them and I sat down and watched them all again. There is roughly 2.5 hours of video to review. I also provided this video to PoPs to also evaluate to hear his opinion as he was the original person to disable him for botting. We both concluded in unison that with all the evidence provided that it was more than plausible that he is in fact capable of playing both games at the same time. This in turn led to the original accusation of him botting having not enough evidence to support botting. Possible, but not proven. This leaves us with only one option, and that was to make it right, until at which point it is proven without a doubt that botting is involved. Outcome of the Appeal: Due to the original accusation no longer holding as much water as initially thought, there was only one course of action. Reverse the disablement. Due to the instances of BM in Starcraft 2, whether intentional or not, they still happened. And as punishment, there is a 1 rank demotion for that. MikeU1 has agreed to this being publicly posted and has agreed to working to become a better person. He understands that he gets heated and can become over passionate, to the point of becoming rude with others. He acknowledged this, and under the stipulation to improve his attitude, I have agreed to re-enable him based on both of these statements. Final Overview and Comments from myself: We in administration take the accusations of botting, cheating, BM, and any form of harassment VERY seriously. And it's what led to the swift disablement of MikeU1. However, we will not punish someone unless there is enough proof. Unfortunately, this was one of those cases where more information was needed before the disablement, but I can't stress how hard it is to make that kind of decision on the drop of a hat. At the time we decided that the evidence of botting, a capital punishment in ODD2, was sufficient and took swift action. But, we will not punish the innocent. And that is the reason for overturning the disablement for botting. The disablement came coupled with the reason of BM in Starcraft 2. This is not always a capital offence, so I only saw fit to induce a 1 rank demotion. BM is not tolerated by anyone and will be dealt with as best fits the situation. If anyone has any questions or comments, please either post here or send me a PM here on the Forums and I'll be happy to talk about these actions taken. I have full confidence in the abilities of all of our Generals and Commanders equally so if any of them can answer any questions, please ask them too, if you're more comfortable discussing it with them.
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    If I may make a suggestion. It might not be a bad idea to record this training with OBS or another software. After recording you can upload it for later review. This will allow anyone to go back at a later date and review what's already been trained on. The only thing I'll make absolutely known with this suggestion, do not show PM's in a training session. It could potentially cause issues with privacy or reporting. But it should be fine for much of the other requests you'll likely receive. (Voting on promotions, voting on trials, posting news, accessing forums or other things (but do not show anyone forums in the Restricted section at the bottom)). Just a couple of suggestions for future 'Trainings'. Feel free to get with me if you want some advice on this.
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