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    Wow...I am still filled with excitement about how our first League of Legends squad night went last night so we decided to do another one this evening!!! If your interested in joining us for some ARAMS, Norms, or Nexus Blitz games connect to the Lobby Voice Ch. in the League of Legends section of our discord. I am currently in the voice ch. now, but was hoping to start squad night in about an hour or so...Hope to see you there!!! Sincerely, League of Legends Squad Leader WO1 Redops(OD)
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    Nice pics nick but that fish sure looks ugly 🤣🤣🤣 It’s fishing season here to my boy bradley been night fishing this weekend not seen any pics of his fish yet when I do il post them here
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    Find beauty in the purple things. A garden of purple is always in bloom! Wishing you smiles, hugs and lots of purple. Don’t worry, be purple.
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    My abs r killing me... Super workout...
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