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    Thanks Xayj, Overwatch was a fun time! It doesn't feel like it's been as long as it has since then. Time goes by so fast lol. Thanks Zachery! I'll remember that for the future. πŸ™‚ Thanks Julie! I'm glad you've come back as well. πŸ™‚ Yes no one will ever come close to beating you as top recruiter of all time haha. Thanks SK! Glad to see you back around! -Raged(OD):D
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    hahaa! it was all good!! thanks for coming!!
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    Hello everyone! For those who don't know me my name is Billy or as most of you know me as Raged. I'm an OD lifer, and have been in OD on and off since 2004. I always get drawn back because it just feels like home to me. I've made so many friends over the years in this clan, and it's just a great place to be. I'm currently starting to dabble into PoE so that's going to be my main game for now. Thank you for reading! -Raged(OD)😁
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    Only D3 boy @Sil3NtKilL(OD) working hard he need you and me marry xmas and happy new year
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    B I L L Y welcomeeeee back I’ve just got back also πŸ™‚ I did find that funny jd one of our best recruiters ha ha I think I smashed that out the window 300 recruits still top 10 billy he always tried to catch up with me πŸ’™
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    Welcome back! I am sure the POE peeps would love to have someone else to play with πŸ˜„. If you ever wanna play some D2 hit me up!
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    Hey Raged! Welcome back to OD. It's always nice when the lifers come back. Especially one of our best recruiters. The last time we directly worked together was overwatch and it was a good time to work with you indeed. I hope you have fun in the PoE division. I'm in it myself currently but I don't really play atm. There's an amazing group of members there that will be happy to do runs and level with you though. πŸ™‚ Your friendly neighborhood Xayj
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    Thankss to Everyone Who Came And Hung Out Last Night It Was A Ball!! I Will Be Hosting More OF These Once A Month, Maybe Change the Title of The Event! But Thanks Everyone For One Hell Of a Night ❀️
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    Yes. That's how I earned my Commander rank, I dazzled everyone with my amazing motorcycle tricks. "damn that girl can ride yo +1" ~A vote on Terra's promotion to Commander
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    It Definitely was I apologize trying to fix my rig with Compfreak we left to another channel thought we would be done by then but unfortunately it was longer then we expected! Either way, it was a wonderful turn-out and it was fun singing Backstreet Boys with you guys LOL, classic! Looking for many other nights together again, and this time I won’t be interrupted by my rig! Thanks Redvaine! πŸ˜‰
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    ty for playing guys... 1st place overall went to the MooMoo πŸ™‚ 1st prize - @MotoMetal(OD) infinity along with 50 fg for first kill in his game 2nd prize - @DuffSoBeer(OD) tal set 50 fg for first kill in my game @taketolong Thanks for everybody who showed up and thanks to @Purplez(OD) for moderating the second game --- lots of fun as always πŸ˜„
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    HAHAH i gotcha now lol 1 hour LEFT!
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    I'll take a shot if you can name who made my current sig
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