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    I do that on planes to avoid having a conversation with the person next to me
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    Things that make me question my own sanity includes wearing earphones despite not listening to anything
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    You gotta take the good with the bad, smile with the sad, love what u got, remember what you had, learn to forgive but Never forget , learn from Youre mistakes but Never regret ....
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    Had best family and friends day at my daughter Perrie baby shower ( no the little moo is not here ) but the best thing ever my lauren is home after being away in Germany that really made my day good I’ve missed that girl glad she back home now feeling very well in her self she has a way to go yet but all looks good and she wearing glasses now looks so much like her mumma now lol ❤️❤️❤️
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    Ok I saw the druid bowling video and was shocked and awed Anyways I wanna try to do it again If interested lemme know Thanks for the upvote purplez! You inspired this post! PS trying for tonight at 11pm central American time
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    i buy stars for ppl.. much better turnnover then from jsp.
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    I should be around and I totally agree that druid bowling is fun. That darn @MooMoo(OD) is a beast at this!
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    gonna have fucking nightmares over your sig just letting you know
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    some of this stuff here is funny! how come im just finding this! haha
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    D2 jsp is good for D2, D3 and PoE here the link how use d2jsp if u not familiar
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    Don't look for a reward for completing work, instead look at it as an opportunity to do more That's my go to for the guys at work...they definitely don't love it
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    @Sassy im sorry what the indians doing in the leicestershir city https://twitter.com/EmpoweringGoa/status/1116607765206593537/photo/1
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    use it its my fishing shirt.. ppl ask all the time bout it.
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    The cathedral was built in the 12th century, a piece of history crumbling just watched video of it burning horrendous 😞
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