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    actual pvp videos alot of you can learn from, watch mouse placement, when they go in, switching NL's to lock people down, etc these are some friends of mine who filmed like everything good luck on your adventures in the moor, and im in 2 of them lol
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    I looked out of my window and saw a group of people gathering around a bloke who came off his motorbike, so I frantically rushed over. "Out of the way!" I shouted, as I pushed through the crowd. "Are you a doctor?" one woman screamed. "No" I replied, "The bastards got my pizza."
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    Added ya to da list 👍
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    Well Ray, I would be glad to partner with you on promoting other games of interest. Let me know what kind of plans you have and we can bounce some ideas off one another.
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    Welcome to OD! Glad D2 has another active member!
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    Welcome to OD! Also bok choy is delicious 😄
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