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    Any interest out there on starting an Overdosed Youtube?
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    I too have been interested in making videos/podcasts under the umbrella of Clan OD. Lemme know if there's something I can do to help
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    I believe MelodicRose is in charge of the Clan's media sites and would probably love some fresh ideas or help. @MelodicRose(OD) I always make a point of including whose streaming and their info on the main post in the streaming part of this forum.
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    Any type of social media work is always a good idea. For a clan as successful as OD, it's surprising how weak it's social media presence is. I think for it to be successful you really have to be motivated to create content and preferably have a team that uses it every day and is adding content regularly. Lindsey and I stream 4 days a week but our social media outside of streaming is also week.
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    I think if it is managed properly then for sure. Its a great idea, just gotta put some foundation into it. What games are we broadcasting? Who's speaking on behalf of the clan? And of course approval of current leadership. Could even broaden it with weekly newsletters @Purplez(OD) , and include streamers @Tris(OD) , @MooMoo(OD) It's a really good idea. Be interesting to see if it takes off
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    I too use teamviewer to empty bank accounts help others! But, serious, I use it to do simple stuff in BDO while in class from my phone.
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    That's fine. I was planning on keeping you in the garage anyway. 😉
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