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    Dear OD Community, Starting this off I have to say: I have made a series of bad decisions. I'm sorry to the Apex Squad and especially to BadBoi. Early on in Apex's lifespan, I made a video of my exploiting the game with malicious hacks (Aimbot and ESP) and ever since then I haven't exploited on the game since. I got paid to make that video by a cheat provider, and I got selfish and took the money and not thinking about, you guys the community and the game's community. I find the game fun now and that someone in the clan found out about the video and my YouTube through my Twitch when I was streaming Apex Legends. I ended up getting demoted to Staff Sergeant on the website and removed off of the squad. My apologies to everyone in the clan. I later removed my YouTube channel based of off exploiting games not associated with OD in any way off of my Twitch channel and completely removed the Apex Legends video because we are now a squad in that game. From now on I won't exploit in games ever again. Again, sorry to the whole community and BadBoi. With Regards, FUZION
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    Apology accepted. In OD, we pride ourselves on being “legit” no matter which game we are playing. This is how our D2 division has been so successful, in a game where botting/hacks ruins the enjoyment of the game for others. I know it doesn’t feel good to be held accountable and demoted. I’ve been through this before. But you’ve made your first step to becoming a better member and staying on the right track. In time, you will prove to be a valuable member and earn the ranks back and even more. There are leaders in the community where you can learn leadership skills and grow, not only you OD career but learn some valuable life skills.
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    Most you may or may not know, my background is in criminal defense. Therefore, being an American, and knowing how the justice system works, I tend to have a different view than most. Once a person is found not guilty by a jury of their peers, the same charge(s) cannot be brought against them in a criminal court or double jeopardy attaches. Just as OJ Simpson was acquitted, Michael Jackson was acquitted, so in the eyes of the law, and the American system, he was judged already. Plus, as he is dead, there is no way for him to now confront his accusers. No matter the documentary, it is all supposition and theory and "he said, she said" type of a situation. However, that being said, if in fact, abuse did occur I emphathize with the victims and hope that they are receiving the therapy they need to help them live their lives without being traumatized. Public figures are treated by the public and media differently than us regular folks. False accusations are made all the time by people looking for the big pay check in civil court. I don't know if that is the situation here and I'm not saying it is. Nothing will change his heirs or the people with rights to his music from making money off of what he did. To now stop playing or listening to his music is a matter of personal choice. Do I respect the man I knew as Michael Jackson, no. I've always thought he was probably abused himself as a child. Will I stop listening to his music, no. But that's the great thing about freedom of choice. There is no easy answer.
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    Yeah, thats a good point, Cindy. I made that video before I knew about the squad and even before I joined it, still a mistake ruining the experience for other playing the game.
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    Way to own up to it. Good on ya
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    got me. I could really get into this but I'm not gonna. Long story short, the world is a fucked up place, and if this is where our society decides to invest boatloads of money/time into, through our judicial systems, news, films, etc...then I say we've already lost the big picture.
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    I hated Michael Jackson as a kid, he always wanted to play this "no hands trick" . Anyways I think he had some major psychological issues, and a heavy drug addiction thanks to the worlds biggest drug dealers (doctors). However; over time, I've come to realise how insane he was as an artist...not my favorite music, but there hasn't been someone as talented with hitting those notes, or putting together timeless tracks, in Pop before or since. I'm more or less just tired of this #metoo movement, whether its true or not, I'm over it. Between corrupt politics, and Kevin Spacey blowing boys, I cant even listen to the news long enough to hear the weather updates.
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    Great documentary! Changes absolutely nothing in the way of how I feel about Michael Jackson both as an artist and as a person, just one of those things for me. I don't know that there will ever be a clear cut argument one way or the other but the things that he's done that are not disputable have changed music and the world around it for the better imo.
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