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    It’s just the greatest thread ever ha ha ha I just like to post little quotes now and again 🙂
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    Hello Beautiful People! I hope y'all all have a blessed day!! ❤️ ❤️❤️❤️
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    For the record....after i spoke to him...hes decided only to take a leave....so ive approved an IA for him.. we will still see him on ts i think maybe but he will return to game with us when he can
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    Over the pass 2 evenings in the uk we have had this documentary about Michael Jackson called leaving neverland .. i watched it and found it rather shocking now my question is has anyone watched it and if so what do you think about it do you think he was a pedo or not all over the world every radio station has stopped playing his records I’d love to know others apinions on this heard many mixed feelings on it
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    They are doing it now because the victims are ready to come forward and accept the non stop ridicule from those who refuse to accept their story as reality. Their lives are now effectively no longer private and will never be again. I can't accept that it is for money because that lawsuit isn't even filed. They are taking their stand and telling their story. If we listen to the story and put that story with the other pieces we have seen as we grow up and the previous trial we can see overarching story begin to come forward and it looks rather fucked up. The same thing can be said for rape victims who do not come forward directly after the assault. So many thoughts are going through their minds while they try and normalize the act because we,as humans, want the world around us to make logical sense. This is in the same world as that thought process, and the alleged rapist has tons of people who will not stop at anything to ruin the current lives of the victims. Money, fame and lack of responsibility make people do a lot of things they would never do if they had to answer for it directly. Sadly the world has become a place where hurting others is a money mistake rather than a mistake that leads learning.
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    julie i havent seen the doc. but from what ive gathered (some of my family is in love with mj) he should have been guilty
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    Snakes don’t hiss anymore They call you babe bro or friend ...
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    I agree with you Nick it’s not about the music it’s about the person .. the thing I can’t get my head around is why now they doing this documentary 10 years after his death.. when he was at court for these allegations got found not guilty my question is after watching this documentary how was he found not guilty it’s shocking what these guys are saying he should been found guilty without a doubt
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    Download Stealthbot Check out the "Downloads" section of the club. Starting up the launcher and creating a profile Start up the launcher. Here you'll create your profile and a desktop shortcut (seen below) for it. Upon clicking "Create Profile", a new window will appear (seen above); enter your OD account name (ex.: Ray(OD)), then hit Ok. Getting used to the SB interface In the image below, you'll see that the interface is separated in three main sections: the message window (on the left), channel users (on the right. You won't see any users until you've joined a channel), and a text box where you can enter messages and commands (just under the message window). There is also a menu just above the message window. Here you'll find the following: Bot: Connect/Disconnect, Database Manager (where you can add users to your bot), Command Manager, and check for updates. Settings: Configure your bot's connection, interface, and general settings, add chat filters, catch phrases, view your bot's folder, and view message and whisper logs. Connect: Connect bot. Disconnect: Disconnect bot. Scripting: Add/remove scripts that're in your bot's folder. (Check out http://www.stealthbot.net/wiki/Script_system to learn about scripts.) Help: Bot version/model, links to the Stealthbot homepage, and the EULA. Configuring your bot's settings By clicking "Settings" on the menu bar (seen below), a window will appear, on the bottom right, you'll find a "step by step configuration". This will help you setup your bot. When asking for your account name, enter *ODD2(name) (*ODD2(Ray) in my case). It will also ask for the password-simply enter a password you want to use for your SB. You will need either a Warcraft II, Warcraft III, or an extra Diablo II (LoD isn't required) CD-Key for your bot. Feel free to ask any questions!
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    pedo or no pedo his music has nothing to do with it.. y hurt millions of music fans b/c the artist is an idiot? if they pulled the music from every artist that did something bad; how much music would really b out there?
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    @Sassy Yeah I'll watch it eventually
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    Very true ray but do me a favour try and watch the documentary then tell me your thoughts I’ve seen it and I think it’s absolutely shocking I’ve just seen an article from his sister Latoya saying he was a pedo ... some are saying let him Rest In Peace now nothing can be done and why are they bribing it up after 10 years .. but others are saying let the truth be known what he was really like the documentary really opens your eyes to a lot of things
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    People who play Apex Legends eat pizza without the crust
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    Though I have yet to watch Leaving Neverland, I can't say if it happened or not; the rumors have been around for quite some time. The influence that comes with stardom is highly underestimated. You can get away with anything most of the time if not all of the time. People need to be skeptical about celebrities just as much as the average guy. Being famous doesn't automatically make you a good person. These documentaries/stories do revolve around old stories, but the age of a story doesn't necessarily affect the validity of said story. Sexual assault is difficult to discuss, especially when you were the victim of it.
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    It’s better to be alone then in bad company ❤️
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    The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched they must be felt with you’re heart
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