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    your madness pales in comparison to ours I mean we have me and @Ray(OD) and to a lesser extent @Terra 😄
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    Gday from the land down under!
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    Ray plz can you record the meeting tonight for me I’m up at 6 in morning for work there no way can be there hope all goes well 💙
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    Ben busy this weekend tony birthday but il msg you ray and Kaitlyn tomorrow:) ❤️💙
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    Gimme your address too pls for some lovely Ray cards
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    we repatriate terrorists, and have all that too plus moose which I know the UK doesnt have PLUS weeds legal here ... I will never enter a country that doesnt have legal weed ever again EVER! @Ray(OD) shattered king in the flesh
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    Lol your funny Thomas was trying cheer you up lol 🙂
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    Il send you my address on Facebook Kaitlyn @MelodicRose(OD) I love to get letters il send pretty cards To you ❤️❤️ You know what we should do il send a card. To someone they add there name then send it on see just where it goes around the world who up for that I can start it off then every time someone gets it we can post to see who is playing thoughts guys I guess loads won’t do it because they don’t there address out there but it’s just a thought
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    Thomas send me your address il send you a card if you want lol
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    It sure touched my heart that seed took the time to send me a card with such beautiful words to myself and Lauren at a real hard time but on side note getting just little things like that card gives you such big boost ❤️❤️
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    This brought tears to my eyes it was a txt back to seed from my lauren Mummy can you forward this for me plz x I don’t know you but what you wrote just for myself was rather overwhelming brought a lot tears to my eyes and I am a true fighter just like my mummy she taught us 4 kids don’t ever give up if there’s a fight to fight we watched mummy fight and she did put up the biggest fight her life she ok now with my mothers strength we can fight anything we WILL NOT give up without that fight thank you again Lauren 💕💕
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    Should set a date to meet up clanwide...like one of those WSG or whatever the fuck it's called. Big gaming function...write it off as a buisness expense haha
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