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    If JR wins this, I'm going to be soooooooooo mad at myself rofl
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    haha my wife will be like "who the eff is this!". glad there are some people to help motivate and light your day up though.
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    Il send you my address on Facebook Kaitlyn @MelodicRose(OD) I love to get letters il send pretty cards To you ❤️❤️ You know what we should do il send a card. To someone they add there name then send it on see just where it goes around the world who up for that I can start it off then every time someone gets it we can post to see who is playing thoughts guys I guess loads won’t do it because they don’t there address out there but it’s just a thought
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    After fearing to sleep Wednesday (was using my rescue inhaler often, fear of being unable to breathe), it's nice to be able to wake up today and be able to breathe out of my nostrils and not cough up my lungs. It's amazing how much you cherish oxygen when you've spent the last few days struggling to get enough of it. P.S., my ribs hurt like a bitch.
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