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    WHAT the fuck are you doing to my status Box ....... this is for me and me alone to express thoughts of harming you and what I ate for breakfast
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    You should send me yours so I can send you lovely letters ❤️ all i do is write to people when i am thinking, ill send you what i have written to you 😛
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    Don't these two work? http://forum.overdosed.net/topic/62311-teamspeak-3-serverrules/ http://forum.overdosed.net/topic/61825-teamspeak-tutorial/
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    Very awesome and definitely touches your heart. ❤️
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    i wish people gave me cards.
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    Still pretty new here but so cool to see such a stand out guy send something like that to a fellow clan member, sometimes words are more important than anything else you could possibly do.
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    @SeeD(OD) super cool of you dude 👍. Wish you and your daughter Lauren well Julie. She's a real fighter we know where she gets it from and its nice to hear those words from her brought tears to my eyes to finally hear something from her. Wish her well from me and all the best 💜
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    Dunnskii is the Guild Combat Trainer now, and Archie has taken over as Guild taskmaster.
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