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    I now have a SCL chanter and will be hosting chant games! They will advertise in channel and be available to everybody. It's very fun to chant level and do your own quests. The chantress gives 3000 K damage! Some of you may ask, what is "chant leveling"? Chant is slang for "enchant" which is a sorceress fire tree skill. Simple explanation, is you use any bow no matter what class of character you choose to play, (preferably a ravenclaw bow after level 15). Once the chantress chants you, your low levels get increased damage and are able to kill monsters all throughout normal all by yourself and your chanted merc. By using the bow, you shoot from a distance and it doesn't require any mana. It's a fun way to level low characters and/or make bumpers.
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    Enjoy both spoonfuls of that nutella!
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    Nice background 😁
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    It totally ruins the moment when someone plays music that's too loud while I'm pooping.
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    Hi Lusius, I'm Cindy. Welcome to a fun gaming community. We do have some gear donated by clan members on a clan mule account. Nothing uber, but it all helps. Just ask any officer or whisper me on Purplez(OD) and we'll see what we have that might work. Here's a link to a good guide that helps you understand how how Clan OD works.
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    If my lungs could function that would be great. Been up every other hour hacking up my lungs until I need my inhaler.. The plague needs to leave.
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