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    Plans for 2019 in Black Desert Online announced by the Executive Producer of Black Desert Online. https://www.blackdesertonline.com/news/view/2221?lang=en
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    MAN who woulda thought making tea was so dangerous @Sassy makes it seem sooooo easy noo the tea bag explodes tea goes everywhere the cat laughs and im left to clean up
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    We've had many generous clanmates donate items to the clanodmule account. Nothing uber, no rune words except for spirits and insights and some armours, but there's lots of gear available to those that need it. Most officers and warrant officers2 and above have access! Just hit one of us up and we'll see what is available.
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    should be enuf boots for the entire clan after that pack i bought a bit ago LOL
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    Schooner to get yah there sooner when I used to drink 😄
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    Welcome to the forum, Xiou. I'm glad to see you took an interest in the forum and community enough to introduce yourself. There's a lot about OD I don't tell in-game recruits right away to avoid overwhelming them, but our main gaming community is pretty elaborate and participating can be quite the enlightening experience. We go to great lengths to provide the kind of gaming environment people might enjoy.
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