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    Today I received a card from a member in OD with words that brought happy tears to my face not just words for myself but words for my daughter lauren And I’m going to share these words I will forever treasure this card and hold it close to my heart we definitely are friends for life even if we are miles apart and the card was beautiful thank you and the words were out this world and every word was from the heart ❤️❤️I will be forever grateful that we became great friends. @SeeD(OD) I remember the day you joined od @SuNSeT said I really like this guy he’s a good guy well he was damnright you are one the good guys that’s for sure I’m glad our paths crossed SeeD I will hold you close too I wish you all the best of luck in the world you will be a GREAT DOCTOR I have faith in you and I’m glad I was there when you wasn’t doing to good that what friends are for and I must say the only one other person that ask how you was that was sunset ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Thank you ❤️❤️❤️❤️
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    Happy Father’s Day to all you daddy’s in OD hope you have a great day , happy Heavenly Father’s Day to all that’s fathers are no longer with us including mine 💙💙
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    so im going to do an update every 2 days. yesturday. went to animal kingdom. was over all good day. saw a lady that was burnt soo bad i wanted to cry for her.. if ur a light skinner... jesus use sun screen.. (being a roofer.. i dont use it.. drives the wife n son nuttz) didnt get to do avatar flight cuz of a 2.5hr wait (eff that ) or the river rapids cuz it was broke... on the way out got poured on.. meh got back to the resort n went n got a pair of drinks then went out for indian food. the Indian restaurant food was great, but the service really sucked. (slow nvr seen the same person 2x; had to inquire about the bill 3x).. wife loves indian food, i find it ok (allergic to the peanut oil they cook with [i get awlful pains in my belly] but i just deal with it) went back to resort.. bar was closed 2hours early.. i cried a bit... today.. went to magic kingdom. boy n wife were tired n edgey... had to threaten timeout for both of them many times... went on its a small world ride.. took this pic for u @BayButcher(OD) waited for an hour for a parade that nvr came.. rain delayed 2x then canceled.. lame imo.. last ride we did was car raceway.. 1/2 way thru the sky openned up n dropped buckets on us... guy 3 cars ahead of us gets out n traps us and a few other families in the middle of the track... thx assh*le... there was about a foot of water on the sidewalks when we left. now eating dinner at midnight... ps: @Sassy yes i can understand the Scottish.. its like backwoods southern ohio..
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    13 1/2 in long 13in across. 21lbs. this sucker ripped 4 milk jugs off a 150lb main line. this time it bit through 50lb mono line and got hung in my 80lb braided line in its neck.. i assume from prev experiences that it had the hook in its mouth and tried to remove it with its foot, then when it swam down it got hooked.. snapping turtle. not aligator snapper
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    This was Ray(OD), We found this through his connection information on the site. As a result he has been rebanned.
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    Fishing is one of my very favorite things...so I couldn't let this event go by. My story is a true story and because I was only 23 at the time (brain was still developing, plus alcohol) it almost won't sound like it. I was fishing off the coast of Mississippi for one of my first ever deep sea salt water excursions. We were fishing in about 50 or so foot of water with red snapper in mind. For those of you that know salt water fish you would know that they range anywhere from 2 - 20 lbs. Most of my salt water rigs had 50 or 60 lb test because...well, in salt water you never know what you might catch. We were getting little nibbles but not good enough for the big rods. Being I love fresh water fishing also, I had brought a small zebco 33 combo with 10lb test. Not really designed for salt water fishing but I figured I was just missing out on some smaller red snapper. Being originally from the mid-west I thought this was a good ideal. In less than 5 minutes I hit pay-dirt. It was a really good bite so I set the hook. Excited to be catching my first red snapper I am reeling my line in thinking how easy it was. Little did I know, this fish was indeed headed for the surface, but also heading away from the boat. When it surfaced about 40 feet from the boat I about pissed myself because it was at least 3 feet long...and not a red snapper. I would learn later that is was a lemonfish or more commonly known as cobia. Don't forget I am using a zebco 33 with 10lb test. I have lost many fish in the Gulf of Mexico to 50lb and 60lb test line snapping without ever seeing what kind of monster caused it. I knew for certain I would never get this fish in the boat. But my friend (another mid-westerner) and I were pretty persistent and excited at the prospect of hauling it in. You hear stories of people catching monsters on small tackle all the time, but hardly believe it. I would start reeling him towards me and halfway to the boat he would high tale it in the other direction. I adjusted the drag and let him zip away and wait until he stopped. Luckily he never got my line to the end of the spool. This went on for what seemed like forever. At one point I was so frustrated I pulled a .22 pistol from my tackle box and took shots at it. Neither hitting nor scaring this fish the fight went on. after about two hours he finally got tired of running. I reeled him up next to the boat and my buddy took the gaffe and hauled him up into the boat. We didn't go hungry that night. From that point on there were many other fishing trips and a few more crazy stories along the line. Thanks Froggie for inspiring this event. Fish stories never get old...just better. I have attached that pic and a couple of my favorite redfish catches.
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    Hey Everyone! So I've come to the realization that the PoE division was lacking some crazy race content with clan camaraderie! Starting on Good Friday at 7pm EST ( Friday April 19 ), we will be running a Private league for OD members with a set of challenges with FG as prizes. ( Can also choose in game currency over FG if you do not use D2JSP ). The League will run for 10 days and prizes will be awarded throughout the league as well as at the end for some of the final challenges. All are welcome to the challenge and it even serves as a good opportunity for some D2 players with some downtime to win some FG for the Season reset coming up! You are welcome to Stream or Document any progress throughout the private league. Rules: #1: Character must be tagged with ODC_ODNAMEHERE #2: All OD clan rules are still in effect. This one is self explanatory. #3: League will have 10% increased monster life and a slight increase to elemental damage for extra challenge. #4: Must provide Screen Shot evidence of any "First's" challenges. This includes your party if you all achieved the challenge together. Challenges completed as a group will split the prize evenly between the members of that group. #5: Remember not to mention JSP or forum gold in the in-game chat. You may be banned from PoE for RWT. 2500fg Prize Pool: Prize pool donated by Triny, Hari, and Oot! CHALLENGES / PRIZES Highest level at the end = 500fg (750c) First to complete A5 = 100fg (150c) First to complete A10 = 200fg (300c) First to farm Oni-Goroshi = 300fg (450c) First to 80 = 400fg (600c) Most map completion = 300fg (450c) Deepest depth in mines = 300fg (450c) First to 6L a Unique ( not a tabula ) = 200fg (300c) First to farm 9 humility = 200fg (300c) For any questions or interest in helping crowdfund the private league PM me or respond on this thread! Congrats to our winners! Highest level at the end = 500fg (750c) Catchyy First to complete A5 = 100fg (150c) collin & Catchyy First to complete A10 = 200fg (300c) Catchyy & collin First to farm Oni-Goroshi = 300fg (450c) triny First to 80 = 400fg (600c) criaric Most map completion = 300fg (450c) Catchyy Deepest depth in mines = 300fg (450c) Beer First to 6L a Unique ( not a tabula ) = 200fg (300c) catchyy First to farm 9 humility = 200fg (300c) criaric Please let me know JSP's to send prizes, or if you prefer chaos orbs please also let me know.
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    The difference between this and your work is that we are volunteers who does this AFTER managing at work while it would be fantastic to meet every member ( ive met most on ts ) its not practical to expect us with the average of a few hours a day to spend hours talking to strangers who wont approach us to begin with. This is a gaming clan we game admin duties are something we diced to do to improve the clan. You named a few higher ranks and while you may not remember me ive played a few hours with you myself. In fact i see commanders and generals playing with new people on a daily basis maybe your time online conflicts or you just arnt paying attention but there's time even i get put on the back burner when one of our higher ranks is playing with someone new. Award wise yes they are a popularity contest its for fun if you would like to win hop on Ts and socialize more often and you will have a bigger chance to win most of the people who vote are on ts as well. We dont push people to be in community unfortunately community is a grey area and yes they may be overlooked from time to time but anyone can nominate people for these award and as for ranks no one is bound by division from putting someone up they just need to show that they meet the requirements or be active once again on TS or DISCORD or ingame with people and they generally will be promoted as well For me and some you ruined 7 days with the use of the Admin controls and extra mods. We played vanilla mostly with minimal mods thats what we liked its never been a game with division potential its basically minecraft. We played it to dodge bordom its a fun game for most until they complete a base. 7 days isnt exactly the greatest game to begin with the bugs alone make it infuriating which is why again majority of us in divisions would never commit to it. I think its shallow thinking to say people are stuck on those games. I play many games with people from d2 and they willingly try new games so.... Overall if you want to game i would suggest being on Ts and find people that want to play a game with you. No one regardless of rank is going to just decide "i want to play with that attrayas guy" Effort is required thats how friendships are made and thats how you create a group of people to play with no one is obligated to play with someone but putting effort in and finding the right people will provide a good experience.
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    I think that posts like this (which has become a trend of yours lately) is why your support continues to fall. On top of that, as Hari mentioned, you attack too often which means that you don't always take the time needed to understand various situations or what is trying to be said (point being a member msg'ing leadership with an issue and your reaction not being very officer-like in ts - can elaborate more via pm if interested). I've seen it multiple times since joining the clan among various individuals, but it seems as you have progressed, you've become obsessed with being flashy for others to get to the next rank instead of looking through the eyes of others and evaluating how you might look to different members. Do you have promise as an officer? Absolutely. You have done a lot for the community that can back that up. However, your shortcomings (don't take this word the wrong way, we all have them) are just a thick fog to your sights set on General. The community is not about progressing in rank as fast as possible, it is about helping others (lower ranks especially), being around people that allow you to enjoy your time spent here, and of course enjoying the games that brought you here in the first place. If that leads to promotions, Great! If not, it's not the end of the world and your time will come eventually. Taking shots at other members and leadership won't help anything. If there are issues you see that really should be addressed, then take proper routes to bring it up. Contact members above you and they will bring it up or address it themselves, or save it for community / admin meetings and discuss it there. Additionally, you have to know when to play officer and when to play friend. You have to know where to draw the line and be able to partake in both sides. One last thing. As a member above enlisted, you should remember that we are not here to please anybody above us, but to instead be there for the ones below us. We have a certain responsibility to set an example for them and demonstrate how a member of a long lasting good mannered clan should act. If you see something wrong then you should without a doubt bring up your concerns. I hope that you can learn from all of these comments (there's a lot.. o.o) and grow from this whole ordeal. If you decide to stay the input could be invaluable, if not then I hope that you still learn from it and best of luck to you in your future endeavors. fin 🤐
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    Had best family and friends day at my daughter Perrie baby shower ( no the little moo is not here ) but the best thing ever my lauren is home after being away in Germany that really made my day good I’ve missed that girl glad she back home now feeling very well in her self she has a way to go yet but all looks good and she wearing glasses now looks so much like her mumma now lol ❤️❤️❤️
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    My daughter in labour woo hoo my new granddaughter should be here soon ( I hope )
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    There is a bleak and dismal future that awaits you, if you keep calling me that. -_-
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    Dear OD Community, Starting this off I have to say: I have made a series of bad decisions. I'm sorry to the Apex Squad and especially to BadBoi. Early on in Apex's lifespan, I made a video of my exploiting the game with malicious hacks (Aimbot and ESP) and ever since then I haven't exploited on the game since. I got paid to make that video by a cheat provider, and I got selfish and took the money and not thinking about, you guys the community and the game's community. I find the game fun now and that someone in the clan found out about the video and my YouTube through my Twitch when I was streaming Apex Legends. I ended up getting demoted to Staff Sergeant on the website and removed off of the squad. My apologies to everyone in the clan. I later removed my YouTube channel based of off exploiting games not associated with OD in any way off of my Twitch channel and completely removed the Apex Legends video because we are now a squad in that game. From now on I won't exploit in games ever again. Again, sorry to the whole community and BadBoi. With Regards, FUZION
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    Apology accepted. In OD, we pride ourselves on being “legit” no matter which game we are playing. This is how our D2 division has been so successful, in a game where botting/hacks ruins the enjoyment of the game for others. I know it doesn’t feel good to be held accountable and demoted. I’ve been through this before. But you’ve made your first step to becoming a better member and staying on the right track. In time, you will prove to be a valuable member and earn the ranks back and even more. There are leaders in the community where you can learn leadership skills and grow, not only you OD career but learn some valuable life skills.
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    It is concerning to see quite a few members in this topic agree with the feeling that favoritism is a problem, and I would certainly be interested in hearing more about how they came to feel that way if some were willing to fill me in through a private conversation. Favoritism can be a tricky issue to nail down. The reality is those who associate closely with people in rank or positions are always going to be more likely to be promoted, not necessarily because they are friends but because those giving promotions will be more familiar with what those people do, making it easier to assess them. In this case being friends with someone and being aware of their actions and performance more tends to go hand-in-hand, which can easily give the impression of favoritism even though that's not really the case. However instances of favoritism can still exist. The reasons for promotions matter, and all members of the same rank should be held to the same standard, friends or otherwise. If promotions are being given out without the effort being made to earn them, then that would be an issue worth hearing about and a bad habit worth breaking. If you have a concern, don't be afraid to share it. Those of us in leadership are not omniscient, we cannot fix problems we are not aware of. At the same time, however, it is important to keep in mind that earning promotions, whether in OD or in real life, will often involve not just working hard but taking steps to ensure you are noticed and stand out from your peers. Ideally the Division Leaders should make their best effort to acknowledge the work and actions of all their members, to the best of their ability, but those members interested in advancing should also make their best effort to approach leadership and let them know that they *are* interested in working their way up and ask what they can do to help out or earn their place. We are the progenitors of our own worlds, the protagonists to our own story. Just as a story could never progress without the actions of its characters, it is only through our own actions do we shape our world. To do nothing or say nothing is to accept the world for the way it is. In other words if your plan is simply to wait for leadership to notice you, or to notice the problems you see, then things are unlikely to change. You must take it upon yourself to take the steps needed to achieve the things you feel are important.
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    Red October is the final decision.
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    id like Ray(OD) to interview Ray(OD) as a puppet and make it a video plz
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    •Event to see who can get the largest massacre bonus •Event to see who can get the largest gold streak •Season long event to see who can get the most conquest achievments •Event to see who can get to the highest greater rift with no legendarys or set pieces •Event to see who can get the highest greater rift with no set pieces and no ancient legendary gear (normal legendary) Thats just off the top of my head. Can probably think of more but D3 is pretty limited on group type events, more of an achievement hunt but there are a few things that people can be competitive with.
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    im in the arctic at work...be home on the 13th...fuckin stoked lol
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    Snap chat fun with josie-Mae
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    So, there's been a bit of an indication lately that some people have had some questions about the Clan, or the activities of people helping to run the Clan, and for a short while some of these questions surfaced a bit in some of the more passionate circumstances lately. Unfortunately the topics they were brought up in were a bit too embroiled in tension that it made productive discussion a little difficult. But I still want people to have that opportunity to ask us things if there is genuinely some stuff they want to know, and I'd rather people didn't feel like they had to wait until their resignation topics before finally asking about them. As the administrators of the community we do actually try to be open about our actions and our reasons, and I want people to feel like they can come to us and ask us anything if there are things they want to know. And I think that kind of open communication is also very important so that things don't lead to awful misunderstandings or misconceptions, which I think has led to some of the recent misgivings that have been expressed. So this topic is your chance to clear the air. Anyone and everyone, doesn't matter your rank. If you want to know what kind of changes have taken place in the Clan the last while, you can ask. If you want to know what kinds of things I've been doing lately, you can ask. I'll answer all questions as best I can, and I've no doubt all of our other Generals will add in the answers they can provide as well for any questions they can relate to. And as long as the questions are asked honestly and with appropriate civility then no one will ever be reprimanded for asking a question, in fact I would applaud anyone who took the initiative to ask and learn about the things they have doubts about. Hopefully this topic can provide that chance, and can continue to be available for people to ask whatever they want, whenever they want.
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    Just for clarification, there are 2 words that have been banned from use in the OD community: the "N" word, and "F" word that means bundle of sticks. After reviewing this topic, I have come to the conclusion that the word "midget" in @SuNSeT's post was not referring to any OD member, but an actor. This was not, in my opinion, intended as a derogatory term in the sentence, but an impression that in the medieval times differently abled people were treated like trash, as opposed to today's world. This is NOT bad Mannerism. What IS BM, however, is name calling, which both @SuNSeT , @GhostDog(OD), and @TypeReaL(OD) are guilty of here. Consider all of you warned. If you guys want to gave a debate, then that's fine, but focus on the topic instead of attacking each other. If the bm starts happening again, bans shall start being issued.
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    Hey guys, I have been monitoring this thread for a couple of days now and reading into what everyone is saying and one thing that really bothers me that I would to talk about is the lack of communication, especially for us who do not have a main game so to speak. To give some context on how I feel the way I do, I need you to understand that in real life I am a supervisor with 62 employees currently that I directly manage on a daily basis. I make an effort to meet and get to know each and every employee as they are hired on to ensure I create that relationship early on and to ensure that they know that I am approachable for any of there needs. For me the burden of responsibility lays at my feet for the initial meet and greet, not theirs. As the boss I see it is my duty to engage them first. By doing this I have discovered talent I would have never known about if I had just walked past these folks versus being an engaging supervisor. I have been in this clan for over a year now and have not had one real conversation with a commander, briefly spoken with sassy and pops on a few occasions and gamed with DBZ in 7 days to die for abit. Other than those 3 leaders I have no clue what the others do, who they are, what they are into game wise, etc etc...I feel it is vital that leadership take the time to get to know there members and not say it works both ways, because lots of folks feel intimidated speaking with leadership, no matter the platform. My interest in this clan has been waning for awhile now and seeing recent events unfold has not helped my current stance. I would very much love to see a culture shift in this clan for the better but it has to start at the top. Another thing that bugs me is the popularity contest. The recent clan awards to me are useless for someone like myself as no one plays the game that I main so ofc I have no chance in hell of winning. Not a big deal for me but there are folks out there that would like to be recognized for there contributions. I have been hosting a 7 days to die server for months and as far as i know not a single member has ever joined. I would argue not a sole in this clan has more knowledge than myself not only in the main game that I play but other games as well. My knowledge goes beyond the game play and into the guts of the code itself. I also develop for eqemulator.net, which is an open source everquest emulation project. Another popularity contest are ranks. People who have been in the clan less time than myself and quite frankly, have contributed less are given ranks left and right. But since i don't play d2 or poe or BDO I am overlooked. Again, its not just about myself but I assure you, if you dig into the folks tagged as community members they are being overlooked as well. I feel like I speak for a small minority who are probably in the same place I am and just do there own thing at this point. So yea I am a little bitter as of now. It seems no matter what I do to try to draw interest in 7d2d it doesn't matter. Seems everyone is still stuck on a 20 year old game and not wiling to branch out and try something fresh. It is beginning to feel pointless to even be here as the entire point was to have people to game with and now even that is gone. I don't post much here as it seems to not really matter, so I am hoping someone reads this and really looks into ways for this clan to be more involved with the community as a whole and not just focused on a couple of branches of the clan. If the clan continues as it is and no real effort for some change is realized than I will most likely resign in the near future. I just feel it is pointless to be in a community of gamers and never have a chance to game with them.
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    Whats going to bring back REAL activity in D2 is ladder reset. This is nothing new. Towards the end of every season this happens. People tend to get burned out and start to play other games in the community (there is nothing wrong with that and is actually encouraged sometimes) We have all seen this before over the years. Like @PoPs(OD) said we still have people running this month with good numbers. I have been trying out other games while I wait on reset but I still get on D2 and I am available on team speak daily. I am positive things will start picking up once they finally announce the date for reset.
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    Just gonna say this, you need to re-check who you are and what you're about. I read up on what happened, and for an adult to act like this is concerning to say the least. There is a time and place for fun, and there's a time to be serious. Also, I know this is the internet but this is a community like any other. OD has rules, you broke them, suffer the consequences. Maybe you wouldn't have gotten in so much trouble if you ever learned when to keep your mouth shut. I'm astounded you turned out like this, before I left you were an officer who was praised highly and was being looked at for higher rankings. But your actions confirm what your eval said, you need to grow and mature more before you handle that much power. When I was 16 I handled situations with more maturity than you, maybe that's why I actually became a general. Or maybe it was because it was necessary for the new division I helped create, either way, GET THE CHIP OFF YOUR SHOULDER! You legit have one life, so either stop wasting yours and everyone else's time and move on, or go away. I know some things can be hard to move on from, and if that's the case, then your resignation is a start on your road to bettering yourself, but a resignation means nothing if you keep coming back... (especially just to troll and create drama - then you're no better than an immature and spiteful teenager)
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    I'm gonna be honest here, GhostDog. I can tell that you have a very real interest in bettering the clan. I can further tell that you see issues in the way the clan is run. However, I think you have fallen in to confirmation bias. You have already decided how the clan works and what problems it has. When presented with evidence of how the clan is run, you attempt to align it with your view instead of align your view with the evidence. You accuse the administration of providing poor answers and this thread of seeking validation. However, based on your reactions to the answers you have received it is clear that your questions weren't asked to find the truth but to find affirmation that your current view of administration is correct. The answers you have received were not in line with your view. Presented with this, you either attempt to find an interpretation that brings it in line or just drop it altogether saying that it was pointless to ask because we'll never change. None of this is how discovery is done. You don't seek the truth to affirm a view, you seek the truth to find the truth and only the truth. If you are unwilling to see administration in any other way than the way you have unilaterally decided it is, then yes this thread is pointless for you. If you refuse to earnestly and charitably take our answers to your questions to heart and use it to reevaluate your view of administration, then both of our times are being wasted.
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    friend has a farm the beavers like to dam up the irrigation well the solution is a 12 guage @JR(OD)
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    OD Saturday Fight Night is Back: Chess Edition! The Overdosed Gaming Chess Club would like to formally invite you to our event: ODCC Rapid 1. I will be hosting our first ever chess tournament this Friday night. I will be using LiChess (LiChess.org) and you will need to make an account. More details to come. It will start from 8-10pm EST. Anyone is invited to participate. I will be streaming the event at www.twitch.tv/miamibadboi Format: 10 Minute + 5 Second Increment Round Robin #ODSocialMedia Participants Badboi Triny Aerineth Hari
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    Would like you all to meet MACIE my new rescued bulldog I was due to get a baby bulldog come May but macie had come into a rescue center for bully’s I just fell in love with her so I started the adoption process and we was excepted.. we go to pick her up on Saturday I’m so excited to get her and give her that loving forever home she deserves and it’s a play mate for our Haze she is such a cutie
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    Happy Easter to one and all! Don't eat too much chocolate... personally, I think the ears on the chocolate bunny are the best LMAO
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    Going to spend the day with 3 my children for mother’s day sad that lauren not with us 😞
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    Howdy everyone! After many moons, I've finally gotten to a point in my life where I can finally fit OD back into my life beyond the occasional stop by. Friday my manager asked my if I wanted to change to the day shift. This is a mind blowing life event for me. It means I get to leave work at a respectable hour and I can eat earlier, Go to bed if I need to. ALL OF THE THINGS! For those of you who know me. I'm so happy to be back and playing games with everyone again. For those of you who don't know me. You should stop by and say hi! Send me a message, drop by the BDO channels where I'll probably be or my channel the half star hotel. I love anime and I've done a lot around and for the community during my time here. I'm not going to go into all the things I've done in details. Some of my greatest hits are. Starting the Rules Committee with @Badboi(OD), starting the Community News Letter the "overdosed review" back up, starting and successfully running the destiny 2 division for a decent amount of time alongside @Melrak(OD) until the game forced us to kill it. Who knew the THIRD DLC would save the game. If only we knew. lol I look forward to doing so much more and just simply gaming with y'all again. Xayj
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    You are required to log in to the www.overdosed.net main website every so many days or you are automatically disabled. Our website scripts do this to help push activity in the clan and to maintain our member roster. For lower ranked members you are demoted one rank after the 14th day and on the 15th day you are disabled. At higher ranks the same thing happens, but with less time. For example, if I don't log in to the website for a week I believe I am disabled. Someone should have explained this to you when you were recruited, though. No worries! This happens from time to time. I'm glad you want to stay. I have re-enabled you on the website. If you have more issues or if you have any questions please post them here. @Knite
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    Yeah I'm positive I'll be back but for now I'm going to be on a break for a few months
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    Been like that for a long time now.
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    your madness pales in comparison to ours I mean we have me and @Ray(OD) and to a lesser extent @Terra 😄
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    This brought tears to my eyes it was a txt back to seed from my lauren Mummy can you forward this for me plz x I don’t know you but what you wrote just for myself was rather overwhelming brought a lot tears to my eyes and I am a true fighter just like my mummy she taught us 4 kids don’t ever give up if there’s a fight to fight we watched mummy fight and she did put up the biggest fight her life she ok now with my mothers strength we can fight anything we WILL NOT give up without that fight thank you again Lauren 💕💕
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    I now have a SCL chanter and will be hosting chant games! They will advertise in channel and be available to everybody. It's very fun to chant level and do your own quests. The chantress gives 3000 K damage! Some of you may ask, what is "chant leveling"? Chant is slang for "enchant" which is a sorceress fire tree skill. Simple explanation, is you use any bow no matter what class of character you choose to play, (preferably a ravenclaw bow after level 15). Once the chantress chants you, your low levels get increased damage and are able to kill monsters all throughout normal all by yourself and your chanted merc. By using the bow, you shoot from a distance and it doesn't require any mana. It's a fun way to level low characters and/or make bumpers.
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    Really liked your behind the mic Damian @Townkill(OD) well done again @Ray(OD)for doing it 🙂
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    I’m back in work seems weird being off so long with my bad arm but glad to see everyone 🙂 here goes my first early night shift 6-10 🙂
  49. 3 points
    Roses are ray Violets are ray Hi, im gay
  50. 3 points
    er.. how did things that are not Divisions become part of the options for Most Promising New Division?
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