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    Unitaro(OD) Here just wanted to say hello to all and thank you for accepting me in the trial period hope to play with lots of you in game!!!!
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    A flat-chested young lady goes to Dr. Smith for advice about enlarging her breasts. He tells her, "Every day when you get out of the shower, rub the tip of your breasts and say, "Scooby dooby doobies. I want bigger boobies." She did this every day faithfully and after several months, it worked! She grew great boobs! One morning she was running late and she was on the bus when she realized she had forgotten her morning ritual. At this point she loved her new boobs and didn't want to lose them, so right in the middle of the bus--"Scooby dooby doobies. I want bigger boobies." A guy sitting nearby asked her, "Do you go to Dr. Smith by any chance?" "Why, yes, I do. How did you know?" "Hickory dickory dock." Morning all ❤️❤️
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    Goin' back to class in three days. Because of my timetable, I may not have as much time to game. I will, however, compensate with admin duties and constructive forum discussions.
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    So a guy walks in to a bar.
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    Whether you choose to grind for financial reason or for personal, in this guide I will take the step to minimize the cost of producing these gems as well as recommend different methods for each step in the process... Step 1 - The Ancient Magic Crystal Viper You may either create these gems through either Alchemy or just purchasing them for an average price of 140,000 on the marketplace... Step 2 - Upgrading to a Black Magic Viper This step may either require a bit of AFK time or if you have a bit of silver and some in-game patience, you might just be able to pull this one off... For this step, you need to acquire 12 Imperial Training Seals, like the following and trade them to Breeman in Calpheon's northern stable keeper for a Black Magic Essense Viper crystal. There are two ways to acquire these 12 seals per attempt.. You can either raise the and level the horses yourself or be patient and hope to find the appropriate horse for imperial trading off the horse market.... When you Imperial Trade in your horses, you automatically receive 50% of its market value and the amount of imperial token equal to the horse tier. If the horse was a tier 5 horse, you would get 5 token plus half its market value. Keep in mind, in order to do this, the horse has to be at least level 15. To raise your own horses, I would recommend to have a 4 slot wagon for this. Then you you place the 4 horses in the appropriate slots of the wagon using the connect wagon feature in the stable keeper one by one, and when you are ready to train your horses, you do so. Adding better equipment to your wagon that either enhanced, increasing the speed of the wagon, increases the distance, and thus increases the rate at which the horses may level faster as well... If you prefer to purchase the horses, you will have to pay attention at the cost vs tier. Refer to the below example for more information on how to do this. As shown above, if you were to purchase the Tier 8 horse, you would then be able to use the Imperial trade feature after selecting the horse in your stable, and receiving 8 tokens of imperial trade and half of this horses value which would be over 77 mil. But, if you were to choose one of the Tier 5 horses, you get 3 tokens less I do understand, but please keep in mind the cost versus tier here... Lets look at the bottom one.... The bottom Tier 5 horse would grant you 5 tokens when turned into the imperial trader as well as 7.5mil in return value.... The difference here is the cost versus tier... With the Tier 8 it is approx 9 mil per token where as with the Tier 5 horse it is about a little over 1.2 mil per token.... Once you trade them into the Stable Keeper Breeman, you then open your processing tab, and go to the fire looking icon to top right corner area, and right click the essence and the ancient magic crystal viper into the panel, and press heat... The result of the two of these should end up looking like the following.... Step 3 - Preparing for the final Step Now you have to gather the final ingredients, to attempt to get the last crystal you want, that best suits your class and play style... There are three Viper Crystals.. Jin. Bon. Won. Shown below.... The ingredients in this step are a bit trickier to get, but are more worth the wait if you get the result you are seeking. You should already have your Black Magic Crystal from the previous step so that is the easy part of this... The other pieces require a bit more..... 1 Forest Fury 10 Magical Shards To get the Forest Fury, You can either buy it off the marketplace for a easy 3.6 mil, alot of the Kamasylvia Zone creatures have a chance to drop this as a loot drop, and obtained from a few quests in Kamasylvia as a reward as well... To obtain Magical Shards, however, the current best way to get these is to Heat Yellow Grade Black Magic Crystals.... The best place that has the highest drop chance for these is Centaurs... And if you want alot of them, use a 60 minute Scroll item Drop. It is like Christmas! Once you have the three items, you then place them by right clicking them into your processing tab under Simple Alchemy... You do not need any alchemy skill to make these... Good luck on your attempts at making your crystals.. May RNGesus guide your ways...
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    The tables aren't meant to be a method. Those are for showing what your chance is at each failstack as these are the true enhancement chances as revealed on the global test server. The patch exposing these rates will eventually make its way to the live builds of the game and it'll be then that people will begin analyzing and min-maxing failstack building. As of right now, however, they are not meant to serve as a guide for how many failstacks you should have when enhancing but instead are a reference to show you what your current chance is to succeed. It should also be noted that those tables are for specifically boss (yellow-grade) armors and weapons.
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    At some point, it requires a certain level of common sense when determining the cost vs. reward.... Diminishing returns is a thing 😉
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    I strictly SAID NO capers .... I told you all they are not the same as Me a mainlander god damn it theres gonna be oland cans everywhere now
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    Hi and welcome to the Clan! You're right, in that it is a friendly, gaming group. I haven't been able to get Black Desert work on my old computer, but it looks fun. I am strictly D2 at the moment. If you ever find yourself on D2, just give me a whisper on Purplez(OD). I'd be happy to help.
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