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    Guild Picture BDO! From left to right: Barbaric, @Dave(OD), @Terra, Rippentoo, @iGitrDunn(OD), Aerineth, @Trysts(OD), CeMaTaRieN, @Remsen
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    Hope all has been good. Took some personal time off . moved . Ready to meet all the new faces and hopefully see some old ones . ill be main gaming D2 Us East . if anyone needs any help with lvls rush and gear don"t be afraid to ask !
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    Look what the duck dragged in, hai Donald.
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    Haha yeah he had his settings still on like Medium ^^ but cool to see anyhow. I'll post mine when I get home tonight :) Ray we'd love to have ya:) Game is pretty amazing tbh.
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    Hmmm that Korean game looks better than I thought...
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    Happy 132nd birthday! I can't believe @Sassy's 10 times older than you...
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